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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Prime is one of the ones I can still solo...and have done so a few times. Once or twice by choice....once in a situation similar to yours where a few just got stuck in the top bubble.

    Gotta kill the adds though. Not sure I could do it without closing the spawners. It gets a bit overwhelming when 10+ adds are up.
  2. Multiverse Creator League

    How many of those people play content with random players??
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  3. TwilightsInferno1701 Level 30

    That's really kind of you! I added you too! Hope to see you in game!
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  4. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Lol, on Xbox there's only like 24 players (that's lenient) that fit the category of "elitist players", so idk how that qualifies as "most people", but go on.
  5. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    I wanna add kitty :( not fair
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  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    League runs are only 'better' for one reason. Communication. Most league runs I've been in where I'm odd man out, the rest are all in a league or side chat (discord maybe), so unless you know whats going on, chances are if anyone screws will be you. I guess that leans towards the other problem with non league runs....your chances of being booted are higher. Maybe cause you screwed up...maybe because some other league member signed in and wants the feat...or maybe cause the lead's name is Cyclonic;) .
  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Hold you.....? Underwater? Sure...5 or 6 min should do the trick. I guess then we'll see how powerful your 'lord' the clamp is.....Lazarus....or glug glug?

    I'll agree on some leagues being sources of noise and nonsense, but if there is a 7 man league run and you are the 8th random, your days can be numbered in that run for many reasons or no reason at all. I'd rather see a LFG run with 6 or 7 different leagues, but if your league name matches the majority of the other members in the's never a bad thing, especially if you are a green player and might be on the low end of the learning curve.
  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Hence why it would be more important to run with your league in that case. Hey...I'm not saying that someone who can't get out of 'green' status won't be removed from the league or shunned in feat runs, but it won't be on the first run...first mistake. Most leagues are willing to carry for a few runs...especially if the player themselves are good 'people'. That will buy some goodwill for a while. Your first reaction might be to 'hate you with every essence of their being' but for some it's least for a bit. Most LFG runs, it's one and done....see ya charlie.
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  9. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    Tbh. I know some people who hate the clamp because they have little skill to be able to do the feats in the first place. Some people are heavily carried by it and imo, that shouldn't be the case as it doesn't show "skill" for more "Skill" points.

    I've seen many people on EU (not naming names) who look for feat runs but don't know how basic fundamentals of the game work I.e. blocking, dodging, moving out of a red zone, picking people up.

    The stat clamp may reduce people looking for feats, that's true, I'm currently at the stage now where my only feats to complete are either long grindy openworld feats (Wonderverse bounties etc.) or alert/raid feats that i cant find decent, like minded feat hunters for because I'm 20 episodes too late to that content. it sucks, truly.

    I don't wish for the clamp to be gone. I like the clamp. I just wish that the clamped stats were more at ease and instead of making us all have say 1k prec for t1s, make it so you can have a maximum of 4-5k prec (if you are over that in the first place)

    I also do not agree with BUFFING people to a minimum as soon as they unlock a new tier because at that point, what is the point of even unlocking the new tier if you are just gonna use stats you don't even have? it makes no sense for progression until you hit a certain point where the only new better gear is in the new content, even then, omnibus gear goes right up to the entry requirement of the newest dlc so its just like "Why?"

    Why even have tiers if:
    A: you are always buffed to the minimum regardless if you are actually 20 cr under
    B: The clamp is just to slow people down
    C: Most new players will just see "oh bigger number, I must be doing good" and not feel any impact because everything is at scale in the content anyways

    In that case, just make everything the same level and have the newest content have better gear than omnibus. at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what level omnibus is if you are "end game" players, its all the same anyways.

    Relieve the strict clamp and give players more stats because at the end of the day, we have literally sat here and paid for the damn stats in 1 way or another.

    Also please remove the clamp in t1-4 open worlds, there is no need for it, its all dead content anyways that the only purpose for them is to get feats, in which we have to wait days or weeks to get anyways. Or better yet, remove the rewards from the missions in t1-4 and make them repeatable so players can get used to how missions operate in open world parts of a dlc so by the time they reach t5-6 they know what to do.

    Like why am i having to wait 14 weeks to kill raven every week for a feat in literal 10 year old content that gives 1 piece of armour per time that takes way to long to solo and no one else will do? What about the openworld ace chemicals dailies? Those are perfect as they are. No clamp, kill a boss, few adds, done. 11 year old content done right.
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  10. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    You could add Captn Sparklefingers on XBox, but since my XBOne is broken, I don't think you'll ever see me there. :(
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  11. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    This has been needed for a long time
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm actually quite a fan of the 'throw them in the pool' method of teaching a kid to swim....However, if they are actually drowning, I don't just go 'welp....guess he didn't get gud' and walk away. The boot method is indeed needed at times, although I'd guess that's more a 'I don't feel like being frustrated' thing...more than a 'this guy will learn something from these hard consequences' thing.

    No one really learns much from a cold boot, especially if they have no idea why they were booted. But you keep telling yourself that.
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