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  1. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Sorry about my last thread devs, didn't think it would spiral out of control like that, but I've decided to sub for a month and see what's up :)
    Can anybody write up a list with the specific things I should be doing to gear up? I know it sounds tedious but I would really appreciate it since all this new content is kind of overwhelming lol. I have full tier 5 gear and the gold rings and necklaces that we got promethium lockboxes during the Origin Crisis DLC. Thanks in advance.
  2. Gam3r4Lif3 Dedicated Player

    Well if you are at 100 cr, you should start with themyscira divided and the iconic solos given in Amazon fury part 1 and well after that just go in order with the dlcs, War of the light part 2 is not really necessary but i ran it for more marks and experience
  3. Gucciana Committed Player

    honestly with the way the game changes direction all the time......take your time get your feats and just enjoy what you can
    sure skill points dont mean much at the moment but who knows the devs may change everything yet again and make sp viable again

    basically what im saying is dont rush to get geared your just gonna end up bored and take another break take your time
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  4. mightybugthe1st New Player

    Respectfully, there is no need for you to apologize. You asked a simple question and got honest replies from both players and dev's (as is everyones right to respond honestly on a forum). You really did nothing wrong, it's just a sensitive time in game atm for many players. ;)

    Good advice has been given about not rushing to get to end game. Enjoy levelling up and make sure you run content you enjoy. if you're digging certain content and want to continue playing it and still feel like you're getting a payout from it, don't be in a rush to run new content that unlocks with the gear you get from the current stuff you're running, because the gear it drops will put your CR up and lock you out of getting marks from lower content.

    Also, I highly recommend visiting the Arboretum area of WT or Pit area of HoD and check out the new vendors 00 and 22. They both sell either rare or iconic vendor gear styles you may be missing (the T1 and up stuff), so if you're looking for styles for feats without purchasing the actual lower or higher gear with marks, it's a great option the devs added a few updates ago.

    Since you've decided to stick around and give it a shot, I say good luck and have fun. I hope you find your time back enjoyable. :)
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  5. Sbel Devoted Player

    So, I'm not quite sure what you mean by full T5 gear. Do you mean the 85 set from the OC vendor? Or the gear from the OC raids, or the from the WotL1 vendor or raid? I tried to look you up, but if this is you, you seem to be wearing PvP gear atm.

    Anyway, if that is you, it says your CR is 97. (Of course, it also says you have 0 Skill Points, so take that with a grain of salt.)

    If your CR is under 100, then you're still in T5. Some of the T5 missions maybe broken difficulty wise, so play at your own risk. If you are still in T5, here's what missions are available to you. 2 Iconic solos that you can queue to, 3 daily openworld solos + one weekly bounty in the gotham wasteland, 2 weekly openworld solo missions + one weekly bounty in the Metropolis battlezone. 3 duos, imo Ruined Cathedral is the easiest. 5 "alerts" easiest to hardest: Trigon's Prison, Family Reunion and Brothers in Arms, Mist Recovery, Strike Team. 3 "raids" easiest to hardest: Nexus, A&B, Paradox Wave.

    The OC raids have been nerfed a couple of times since they were new, if you remember them. If you're under 100 and you have enough marks to buy something, make sure you buy the level 90 gear from the vendor in Mogo/Ranx. The T5 missions drop marks through 104, so you can do them even if you are over 100. Mods no longer affect CR, btw. And you can get recovery kits to recover exobytes from mods. The vault drops one mark of victory each time you do it, so do the vault every day.

    If you CR is 99, you can start doing the T6 Iconic solos, which drop level 90 gear or level 89 weapons. If your CR is 100 or higher, you can do all of the Amazon Fury 1 and Halls of Power 1 missions. That's 2 Iconic Solos, 3 openworld solos in Gotham Under Siege, 2 duos, 3 Alerts (TD, ICW, SB), and 3 raids. Stay out of the Leaguehall: Lockdown raid. Everything else is basically ok. If you get enough marks to buy anything, buy it from the level 94 vendor in the main hall of the Watchtower/HoD, not the 92 vendor in Gotham Under Siege. Once you reach cr 105 you should be able to do the rest of the T6 missions, but you'll no longer get marks from any T5 missions you do.

    And I probably missed a bunch of important stuff, but I'm bored now.
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  6. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Yeah that's me, and by T5 I meant the Atlantean Monarch stuff. I'm not sure why it's saying I have only 0 sp though I have over 120
  7. Rekn Well-Known Player

    Cant you just take off some gear etc to lower your CR now to be able to still get the marks from lower tier missions?

    I am pretty sure that is what I did last night with a t1 solo mission and I am pretty sure I got the mark from it.

    Ofcourse I only run a CR around 60 atm because before I only worried with pvp, but now will have to look into getting new pve gear just to run the latest n greatest.
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  8. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    I agree with Sbel to get to 100, run whatever T5 stuff you can and use marks to buy enough to get to CR 99. Use a CR calculator to measure what you need. Probably just 1 or 2 items.

    AT 99 run the AF1 dailies (in Gotham Under Siege), AF1 Iconic Solos, and AF1 duos. These will get you to full IL 90 gear quickly in case you have some lower T5 pieces on (88 and lower). You don't need to be full 90 to start running the HoP1 raids, but it helps now that people over 116 can't get marks from them any more. I kept my tank hero at 116 for about a month after AF2 came out, and even Necro and Art could be a struggle with lots of people just around CR 100.

    As Sbel said, make sure you buy the IL 94 gear in the Watchtower, not the 92 gear from the Amazon outpost. That will get you to 106 faster. Run the HoP1 alerts, ICW and Security Breach for 93 gear. That will get you to 106 quickly with the 94 pieces.

    At 106 start the Gotham Under Siege AF2 solo Patrol Catastrophe. That gives you IL 98 gear of your choice. I think maybe they lowered it to CR 105, but I'm not sure. It used to be a challenge at CR 106 before GU47, but I'm not sure how it is now. You can also run the WotL2 alerts for marks, and the AF2 alerts for marks and a chance at 98 gear. Because T7 people can still run the AF2 raids, you can run those also for 100 gear. Lab is the easiest, then HoH, and last Throne. If you have a group that knows what they are doing Throne is actually the fastest of the 3. You can finish in about 20 minutes because you don't have as much running around as Lab and HoH.

    I would suggest you stay at 116 for as long as possible to earn lots of marks. You will have 7 raids available to you, for 70 marks a week. Plus lots of duos, solos, alerts, etc. CR 116 is the best to stay at because you still have 3 raids with T7 people, and 4 other raids where you can learn your role and power set well.

    Don't buy any gear after you hit 106 except for the CR 108 T7 gear on New Genesis. If you have full 98 gear, you can buy 4 pieces of 108 gear and stay at 116. Buy the 4 lowest pieces (hands, feet, waist, back) for both roles. That way you can stay at 116 longer and practice both roles on the 7 T6 raids. After 117+, you will be stuck with AF2 and T7 content.
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  9. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Seriously, I appreciate all of you guys taking some time to help me. It feels nice learning again because for a while I was always the one guiding players on playing the game, you guys aren't half bad :)
  10. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Look for my post on 7 day of getting a toon from level 1 to CR 112. it explains all you need to know about fast leveling a toon in this game and best of luck.
  11. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    you could get a character to 112 in 5 days :p

    this is / was all before GU47 of course.