Getting a Daybreak Employee to look at issues in the player run issue tracker

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Discussion)' started by dresserball, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Name says it all. How to we get this escalated up so someone actually looks at it. Here is the item I want resolved

    It is for Overcharged matter not dropping properly.

    It was created over a year ago and moderator confirmed but not Daybreak confirmed. How can we get this moving to the next step?
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  2. Perdition Haze Well-Known Player

    Indeed, this needs to be resolved. the only other way u can get overcharged matter is in The Flashback Duo. On the first set of adds. the thing is, this is very unconvenient since u need another person to get in aswell.
  3. dresserball Dedicated Player

    I tend to just leave people hanging after that part just so I can redo the tunnel again. So it isn't nice, but it happens because of this bug.
  4. dresserball Dedicated Player

    I really want them to not only drop that item but the rest of the items they use to drop.
  5. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Does it take more votes?
  6. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Still hasn't been looked at.
  7. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Still not tested. Any dev want to explain what we have to do to get things resolved?
  8. Warped Dimensions New Player

    This particular issue is marked as being tracked internally meaning it was reviewed by both a moderator and Daybreak. A lot of these issues take time to look at and resolve by the QA team especially if the issue isn't entirely game breaking. LadyLightning probably told you to come here to the forums to post the issue since the post on the issue tracker is quite old (well over a year as you stated). The developers are quite proactive on the forums, specifically in bug tracking and there's a good chance someone from the development team will see this thread. The issue tracker should always be your go to when reporting bugs as the QA team uses the issue tracker to be able to track bugs internally but it doesn't hurt to post here as well.

    Good luck and hopefully this issue gets resolved!

  9. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Yeah still not Daybreak Confirmed. I will just continue to bump this thread until I give up or they fix it.

    If they tracked it internally then they didn't do anything about it means either they don't know how to fix it or the money wasn't in it.

    Just put it back as a drop in Central City again so tanks can run with Chrono Emitters all the time.
  10. dresserball Dedicated Player

  11. Yes We Can Active Player

    They may see what is wrong with it but, is it worth the attention?
    Is it game breaking?
    Does it make money?
    Instance Stopper?
    If 'no' then it ain't priority. I dont speak for them but always ask yourself that. They only go back and fix things "IF" they know how to because they go thru different codes/mechanics/systems that one dev created and is now gone. Like league hall dev is gone and all the bugs are still there. CC area is years ago and pretty sure that dev is gone too. Dc does not have unified coding so its like trying to find the dead lightbulb in a 300ft Christmas tree light cord tangled while being pepper sprayed.
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  12. dresserball Dedicated Player

    The point is to get the word out so that they might fix it
  13. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    It is a very annoying bug. If fixing it will make money shouldn't matter at all.
  14. dresserball Dedicated Player

    I agree
  15. Nicolas1603 New Player

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  16. TheLorax Loyal Player

    Once it's confirmed, they have to find the cause of the bug and then figure out a fix that doesn't break something else. If there was a simple switch they could flip to fix the drops, they would have flipped it shortly after Mepps commented they were looking into it.
  17. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Well looking it great and since do Dev has commented I think that perhaps they stopped.

    Once again not game crushing, but it is a QoL issue. I'll keep at it order to have a voice on something that I want resolved.
  18. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Anyone got any news on how we can get this done?
  19. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Still not tested by Daybreak staff
  20. BrianJonesRollingStone New Player

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