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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Accept, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Accept New Player

    Okay! I know people have submitted this request tons of times but I want a response. I want inactive DC names to be deleted because I have friends and I'm positive others what their favorite DC character names like "Buddy" or "Comic" they want their character name like that. I just want a clear response on why this hasn't happen again. Is it because people may return to DC without their name. If so just delete the level 10 inactives. - Sincerly Accept
  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player


    They said they were not going to another name reclaim and quite frankly all of these "name reclaims" serve no purpose outside of people wanting to make in-game profits.

    People are just going to add these new names to the list of the ones that they are already holding for ransom, no thanks. We don't need more of that.
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  3. Nyx· Issue Tracker Volunteer

    We'll just have to accept It's not going to happen. :p
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  4. Drake_DuCaine Well-Known Player

    I was away for around 5 years. Account inactive. I would have been very angry if I came back to find my account deactivated because I was "Inactive." Or do you just want the name removed and a temporary name be given?

    Either way I doubt it happens. Companies generally don't do this.
  5. Accept New Player

    What about if it gets to the point they is more barcode names instead of names like "Comic" and etc. New players will barely have any name of choice. If this happens. I would want a random name generator on DC

    Plus if they do servers with Xbox. How will they have any names because they would have the same names as USPS or USPC. What put a "trademark" symbol over your name and the other person that has the exact same with it will it be changed?
  6. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    1) If they do servers with Xbox, they'll likely treat it as they did with Playstation and PC.

    Whoever had the original name first will keep their original name.

    Whoever had the same name will either get a free respec token or their name will be set to "XXXsupermanXXX_Xbox" or something along those lines.

    2) If you're really worried about "The Lack of Name Options" Then you should be requesting the developers to tell the people in trade chat to stop selling names and allow other players to use them without being charged. The first name reclaim we had ended up... No.. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it..

    The First Name reclaim was a scam, pure and simple. Sure there were some folks who geuninely used their brand new usernames that they got, but for the most part... Everyone else started selling them via trade chat.

    You want another name reclaim? Make it so that these people actually use these names for their in-game toons, not for profit.
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  7. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    I agree that the last name reclaim was FUBAR but it should have been handled differently. Also there needs to be a couple more spaces added to the name generator and more space given to accommodate longer names.

    TBH, DCUO should purge old inactive names monthly and without notice based on 6 months inactivity unless given written notice. Telephone companies do not save your number if you do not keep up. Why would someone expect to keep something that they are not paying to keep or keeping active? All saving inactive names does is turn away possible new players because they have to make up some 124Toneloc345 name or cannot find a name that they like or want. Whether we realize it or not. If some people cannot find a decent name in a reasonable amount of time they will give up and go to another game.
  8. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    While I agree the name reclaim will mostly be utilized for profit making, I have to say that:

    1.) I want the name Brice. It's been on a Level 3 toon for years and is obviously not being used unfortunately. So a name reclaim for me would be helpful there.

    2.) What the developers say they will and will not do holds no water in all honesty. How many times did Mepps come on the forums and claim they would support the PS3 until DCUO shut down? For the record, I am not throwing Mepps under the bus as I am sure he was told to say that on more than one occasion. However, the point stands, they have went back on what they have said numerous times in the past so it is possible to see a name reclaim if the game continues to survive. Especially if X-Box merges with PC and PS one day.
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  9. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    The devs could keep the name selling down to a minimum if they do a few adjustments that red flags people trying to sell names. I'm sure they can pull up lists of all newly created characters and keep track of inactive toons.
  10. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I honestly don't see an issue with name selling. Hell, I wish the guy who had the name Brice was active so I could buy it from him. lol.
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  11. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Do not blame year-long inactive name-hoarders for the 'barcode-number' characters, right from the start you had "XxBatmanxX" and "W0nder W0m4n" etc. People have been complaining about someone already having their name and their complete inability to think up a new one, even after being giving numerous examples (ie use a foreign language) from the start

    As for DCUO going back on their word regarding support for PS3: that is completely niassne because it was Sony itself that dropped support, there was very little DCUO could do about it, they are not in charge of Sony (not even when it was run by SOE) and had no input on upgrades or maintenance to the PS3
    Probably when Mepps said that, he believed PS3 would still be around and updated (which it was, to the PS4)
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  12. >>>KIra<<< Committed Player

    I have been waiting for years for a name that someone has that have not been active for years as well. I do not know what any solution would be but i at least would like the one name for myself.
  13. >>>KIra<<< Committed Player

    Me too, but the name i need
  14. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    I do. It's like getting in line and trying to save a spot for your buddy when they did not wait in line.

    Would you have an issue if you waited for hours in line to buy the last Porsche 911 and the guy in front of you sold spaces in front of you until that 911 was sold?

    here is another scenario.
    You're at an amusement park that is closing for good and this is the last day the park will ever be open.
    How would you like it if you waited in line all day to ride the best roller coaster ever and the guy in front of you took a couple hundred dollars and let others that just got to the park take the last seats right before closing time?

    You could also compare it to scalping tickets. DCUO should not let it happen.
  15. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    Offer to pay more. Welcome to capitalism.
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  16. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Get in line earlier
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  17. Reinheld Dedicated Player

    I'm not sure why people care that someone makes a profit off a name sale. So let's say the name 'GreenArrow' was on a toon that has not signed in for 5 years AND would not be blocked by policy as a prohibited name. Then they did a round of name reclaim and the inactive person now has 'GreenArrow_inactive' or 'GreenArrow1234' or whatever....toon still exists and the 'GreenArrow' name is up for grabs. Well if I were a person who really cared or really wanted to be 'GreenArrow' right now I'd have 0% chance of getting that name....if a reclaim goes maybe I get it ....maybe some seller does, I'd have at least a chance to get the name as it frees up. Even if a seller gets it, if I'm willing and able to pay for it I can now have the name I really wanted. Why is some seller getting rich in the process a problem? A player who wants some particular name gets to have it...and some inactive player loses something he/she does not even use. Now...if you want to argue from the point of "It's not fair to the inactive player who MIGHT come back some day", sure there is an argument to be had there...but to take the point against it because someone might snatch it up for resale....again, who cares?

    BTW, before I'm accused of having some personal interest in this, I only have 1 'iconic' named toon and it's very misspelled and i'm fine with it. I have never sold a name and have never changed a name on my toons. I have no dog in the fight and would not benefit from a reclaim, I just don't see the point of arguing against it because the name might end up on the resale market vs used by the first person who gets it.

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  18. JackUSPS Well-Known Player

    The name reclaim was a ruse. It was just a server merge and until there won't be more this kind of actions are out of question.

    In consequence it has shown the worst of the community and don't need another just to have a new low, however they gonna be forced to do another merge (be it xbox or the EU with US thing, something has to happen for one of the low pop servers) and then you'll see it turning out as bad as last time.

    Will be funny to have a merge and people losing their names who traded and bought them all the time over those from the other server who kept them since the merge with "name reclaim" and held them "active".
  19. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    There NEEDS to be a sticky thread that shows FAQ's, or Frequently Posted Threads that will show information like this, so questions like these don't constantly pop up from new players. Something that new people to the forums should review, to have their questions answered WITHOUT having to post a thread on it, that has already been posted numerous times, and answered NUMEROUS times.
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  20. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    The reclaim wasn't a ruse, it was simply a flawed act of idiocy because very little actually happened: the same ones who had been clamouring for it came right back within days demanding a second Reclaim because they didn't get the name they wanted
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