Get Ready for the DCUO Name Reclaim 2023

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Apr 12, 2023.

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  1. Gravedigger Active Player

    Really randoms dont matter what they think of you, if a friend adds u, & u change your name, your new name appears in their friends list, if someone takes the old name, it will not appear on their friends list. So no confusion at all. If i add Bobby Joe, & i see him online & it isnt on my friends list, that means the original changed his name
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  2. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    Sooperman and Flaash Toons here I come! Also I have my eye on The ReelzBatman
  3. Volthoom New Player

    Honestly I think this is bogus and seems pretty disloyal on DCUO's part. You have people invest in your game and if they "god forbid" havn't logged in for a year, for whatever circumstance... now people can pay money to DCUO to change their names while someone gets shafted. I'm lifetime account since the very beginning and bought the limited edition...these business practices on DCUO's part all started with f2p and snowballed since. Every aspect in this game revolves around it starting with buying replays with your money just so you can actually repeat missions and grind your gear...sureeeee I could do those couple missions then wait till the next day to do those couple missions again. Oh speaking of replays remember how many replays DCUO used to give lifetime accounts know the people who invested hundreds of dollars into this game right out of the gate? Welp them replays trickled away didn't they but I have a cool Batman statue collecting dust in a box and a Batman Drone/Joker Blimp pet ingame. I dunno maybe DCUO just wanted me to spend the monthly per diem they give for lifetime on ...more replays? I'm sure someone will be disgruntled about what I've said, my apologies but I've held my tongue about this for years. I know also someone will give the token "but the company has to make money to keep the ball rolling yadda yadda". I get that and why I invested heavily in this game from the start. Just seems a tad ugly to be doing something like this.
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  4. Apple iPanda New Player

    Bots are going to make more money then DC doing this. They will spam all the names in seconds and sell them on websites. I like the idea of maybe getting a good name, but I see the bots taking alot and selling them. I won't be around when it come out May 11th , but congratulations to the crooked Robots. They will have over 250 attempts in the good names before we can type 1 name. Good job making them richer DC. This is a bad idea. Bots took over the broker and now they will with names. SMH I'm considering retirement after 11 years of loyalty to the game. My OG name collection took 6 years to find good names. Names was the only thing the Bots didn't run. Now they will own all the money and names. Great Job DC.
  5. the solowing Steadfast Player

    May i ask, what's the criteria of a "good" name? Just so i know people have a solid definition of it rather then a flimsy definition that changes depending on who you ask.

    Because pulling a random word out the dictionary doesnt innately make a good name
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  6. Nightcrawler Legionnaire

    As someone who has a lifetime membership with a limited edition statue, OG Batman Legend, Batman drone/Joker blimp, etc., I applaud DCUO's decision to finally begin freeing up the names of inactive players/accounts. Personally, I think this should be going on with daily restarts everyday. Having played the game since the beginning in 2011, I've experienced 2 separate name reclaims and lost names in the process. First when the various PC servers (Zero Hour, Brave New World, etc.) were merged into one and the second time when PC merged with PlayStation. But this time will be different in that no active player's names will be affected. So, if you log into the game at all this past year, nothing will happen to you.

    Here's how this will play out:

    If you are currently playing, but have no desire to change your character's name or create a new character with a new name, then only the downtime for the game on May 11th will have affect you. Chances are they'll be updating stuff as well, so hopefully it'll have some worth to you regardless.

    If you are currently playing and have a desire to change your character's name or create a new character with a new name, then you're in luck! After May 11th, there's a chance that a name you like may be available. It may not be your first choice, but it could be your third or fifth one. It might have been a name that was freed up in an old, unused account or it might not have been used at all. But after May 11th the pool for names will be greater than the ones available on May 10th.

    If you aren't currently playing, but want to save your name, then all you have to do is log into the game once before May 11th. Names are saved. Maybe you'll take the time to check the game out again and start playing.

    If you aren't currently playing and don't want to save your name, then do absolutely nothing. Your characters will exist but now have the underscore roman numeral added to the name. Since you don't care enough to play or save your character names, you no longer need to preserve those names.

    Basically, a player named JOHN SMlTH with a lower case L instead of an I in their name, now has a chance to get John Smith spelled correctly IF the account that currently has the name is inactive. Before the reclaim, that name was 100% not available to the player due to someone else logging into the game before them and snagging it. But, after May 11th, the player has a better chance of getting the real spelling of the name they desire than they did before. If the player with John Smith (spelled correctly) is an active player, then they won't get the name. But there's now an opportunity that wasn't present before.

    And true, most people won't get the name they want, but chances are it won't be because some "bot" is out to get you like the boogie man or something, it's cause someone else snagged it. Either from the reclaim or the name exists on an active player's account.

    Also, although not ideal, IF a desired name is snagged by an opportunist before you get it, then if the in-game price is reasonable, you still have a chance to get it, where before the name reclaim it wasn't available at all. If they are trying to get real world cash for it, then report them. They'll get banned and the name will be there waiting for the next reclaim. Silver lining.
  7. Zero303 Well-Known Player

    finnally some decent names. so tired of seeing xxxSupermAnxxx and so forth.
    come up with your own creations or something!
  8. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Tell that to the knuckleheads trying to sell "Bathtub" and "Kitchen Sink" proclaiming they are "OG"
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  9. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Probably names that are likely two words and require no special ways of spelling or using numbers to fill in. They likely have common words are meant to sound like classic super hero/villain names.
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  10. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    My only issue with a name reclaim is that it doesn't happen often. This should be a automatic thing that happens every 6 months to a year and it should target any character not logged in after 18 months
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  11. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    I would like to add this to the mix. This is not a move that a game preparing to wrap things up would do.
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  12. Crowman Active Player

    thats the real problem. gladdly this game dont use "enchant" system like others MMORPG where if u use a enchant scroll with a special description where after enchant the equip turning to exclusive item and who knows if you dont play more this game and u use a enchanting exclusive equip with u original name maybe this "release inactive names" event turning a most terrible idea and the chaos started...
  13. Crowman Active Player

    what are u mean? context, please... and be clear
  14. Crowman Active Player

    It seems very good to me, even so it is horrible that someone bears your name and uses or does something bad to your name and creates a bad reputation.
    Even more so if you are one of those people who use the same IGN in all existing MMORPG games and keep a record of good behavior and after a few days the server bans you without prior notice and without you having done anything wrong.
  15. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    The constant cry of DCUO is dying! Periodically you get threads with people talking about the game is obviously getting ready to shut down. Something like this throws cold water on that. Why free up names if you're shutting down in a year?
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  16. Whoru New Player

    So if I dont play for a Year from now on u´ll take my Name away? or is it just that one time? bcs 1year is not a long time for a MMO Break i mean if u do this how i understand it 3Years would be Fine. After that time u can take it away.
  17. Whoru New Player

    Why playing if u think it will shut down?
  18. Furious Vee Active Player

    To be fair, they’ve given people a month’s notice. Not everybody will see it, but if they’re not keeping up with the game, are they really coming back to play it in the first place?
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  19. Zoe· YouTuber

    It's honestly a rare event. Like it's literally the second name reclaim event AFTER Years. So I wouldn't hold my breath for another one next year.
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  20. Triumph or Die Well-Known Player

    Yeah, the last time they did a name reclaim, I was still playing on Playstation. I've been on Xbox since launch. So yeah, it's been a minute since the last one.
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