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  1. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Can we just have a red mod for both Prec or Might with a tab to choose preference instead of having to switch or choose one or the other to use. Might/Prec or split for each Super Powered/Hybrid/Weapons. That would allow more beneficial flexibility in loadouts and a little less hassle.
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  3. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Sure if troll/heals can have a vit/power and resto/power.

    Can be like the old days where mixed mods give less of each stat then if it were 1 stat like in my examples if it was just resto or just vit.

    For example the mixed mods could give

    2500 power / 500 bit
    2500 power / 700 resto

    And the straight mods would give

    Vit - 750
    Resto - 1250
    Power - 3740
  4. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Couldn't you just use some mods of one type and some of the other?
  5. MrPlumberman Active Player

    I was think the same thing for tank players who also like to dps with might. As a tank you want health gen mods but as a might dps you want power mods.

    I was wondering if we could separate them by our bases. For example have base 1 with might , power and whatever support with armories to use those mods. Then have base 2 with prec, health and support with those allocated armories. Not sure if this would be too complicated or if it would somehow confuse and break the game.
  6. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Not if I wanna go full might or full Prec. I'm saying just make a tab that I can use for different armories without having to stockpile gen Mods to go back and forth. I should be able to choose within a raid to go full might or full Prec instead of Prec with might gen Mods.
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  7. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Should you though? Should being able to make a change like that (completely changing from one mode of damage to another) be that easy? Or should it be that while you can have armories to switch gear and skillpoint allocations making a full swap like that should require swapping out generator mods? Because the idea of being able to switch generator mods on a whim sounds to me like the people who want to be able to switch artifacts on a whim. Sometimes if you want to be able to do multiple things you have to make decisions about what takes priority.
  8. I I I Level 30

    I always thought that if I have different bases, I should be able to load different base mods in them. Then I could choose which base I intend to use.