Gear Box Item Level Survey

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  1. raflt New Player

    Guys, I'm making this survey to get data about the Item Level from Gear Boxes, what I need are:
    • Your real CR (Not Equipped CR).
    • The Color of the Gear Box: Green, Blue, Purple, etc.
    • The Gear Part of the Gear Box: Weapon, Feet, Hand, etc.
    • The Min and Max of the Gear Box.
    • And the Item Level of the Gear Part after open the Gear Box.
  2. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Ummm why? Are you trying to see what cr you need to be to open new gear? If so green gear starts opening at max at 343, blue gear at 347, and purple at 350. l
  3. raflt New Player

    The survey is to help me understand how DCUO calculate the Item Level of a Gear Part when open a Gear Box, at the momment I'm getting the values 1 or 3 for Green Boxes, 3 or 6 for Blue Boxes and 9 or 10 Purple Boxes, but I don't know the reason and this survey is to help me know.
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