Gear Box Item Level Calculator

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  1. raflt New Player

    How to calculate the Item Level opened from a Gear Box?
  2. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Still the best tool for all players. Youll want to put the Item Level of your current gear to see your current CR or even expected if you change a few ILs in your gear. OR put your overall CR and it'll tell you what Item Level to expect from the Scaling gear items.
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  3. raflt New Player

    To calculate the CR it works very well, but to calculate the Item Level from a Gear Box don't, this is why I opened the thread. I've tested with 6 different boxes and on all was different in-game.
  4. Trexlight Devoted Player

    When you open the Gear box, its based on your CR. At the very bottom of the page, you put your Overall CR in, and it'll calculate the expected Gear box Item Level. Its been working for me for ages. Now the devs MAY have changed the calculations on their end for the new method of gear but it really shouldnt have changed much or any.


    Overall CR is 229 on my toon. Green Weapon Box is expected to give me Item Level 201. Funny enough, in game it gives me 203 so even better.

    Its certainly not perfect due to the Devs keeping the algorithm sekret but it at least gives you an "expected" rather than sitting in the known. I wonder now if it's closer to accurate when it comes to "end game" content since Omnibus stuff may have its own formula of increasing ILs/CRs. If anything, depending on the CR and making sure youre replacing the lowest IL item, your CR should increase slightly with every new piece of gear.
  5. raflt New Player

    Exactly, I stopped play the game at the last of 2019 and I'm backing to play now, in 2019 that calculation worked perfectly, but it don't work more, I search extensively for this calc, but I just find the old calc, but thanks for the info...
  6. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    I was using the Odyssey calculator up until about Flashpoint. It's hard to keep track of now because some of the newer drop types have a different formula. The old method was Average Item level +1 (green), +2 (blue), +3 (purple) or +5 (capsule). The new gear, which is the top unattuned as well as the one that's one episode below (aka "event) seems to go by +1, +3, +5 respectively. Then there's some "special gear," like Enhanced Multiversal or the daily rewards that seem to be higher than the +5 modifier. All of the types I just mentioned also have different caps despite the modifier amount.

    I have a headache!
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  7. Trexlight Devoted Player

  8. raflt New Player

    LOL! I'll test this method, +1, +3, +5 respectively, than I'll bring back the the results from these tests.
  9. raflt New Player

    I did some tests, I'm not sure about the results, but it's very near to the formula.

    The formula don't changed and continue being CR / 1.15 + Value of the Box, just the Value of the Box for each color of the box changed and at the moment the values are:
    • Green: +3
    • Blue: +6
    • Purple: +10
    Green I just had one box to test and the value was +3.
    Blue I had 3 boxes to test and get the +3 one time and +6 two times.
    Purple was the one I've tested more times, about 30 boxes, and the very most boxes was +10, but in about 4 or 5 times was +9.
    Well, I did some wrong tests along this work, than is possible these differences be some of my errors.
    If someone want send me the Item Level for each gear and the box, for the box I need it's color, min and max Item Level and the Gear in, you can send more than one box too.