Game Update 36 can't come fast enough!

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  1. winter13 New Player very wrong. It hurt just reading this.
  2. winter13 New Player

    JC needed to be addressed whether you like it or not
  3. La Shark Dedicated Player

    You offered no support to your point. Supporting your point would have me taking you serious.
  4. BigAl Devoted Player

    You must get massive headaches then, what with all that head shaking. I imagine there are special people in your life that also get to experience what you can do in one second.
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  5. CypherXone Committed Player

    Well actually in the announcement of Weapon Master, the developers stated that Weapon Master was created to allow players to make characters that can interchange weapons in combat and fix jump cancel, because it wasn't intended to be played like that... Whether other developers recognized the benefits of jump cancel, it's apparent that the game was not meant to be played the way people been using it. I keep hearing how people talk about how skilled they are based on their ability to jump cancel... Last I checked skill wasn't measured on how well you can get around the system or get away from doing something that was intended to be done, but by doing the same thing everyone else is supposed to do, but better. Just because you warmed up dinner from a five star restaurant doesn't make you a great cook, playing off of glitches and cheat codes doesn't make you a great gamer.
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  6. Lantern Neuro New Player

    MY one wish for the new DLC is that the developers actually READ a comic or two before scripting out the missions. My favorite example of this is in Brothers in Arms when you get to Metropolis and Lex has taken over in this alternate time line, the people are being oppressed, and heroes are going down left and right... but what's the FIRST thing you do?

    "Hey man, Let's just go fly around and trash Lex's parked vehicles! That'll show HIM not to mess with US... oh and hey, can you get me another beer if you're going to the kitchen man?"

    Yeah, I remember when the exact SAME THING happened in an issue of Justice League a few months ago. When did being a super hero or villain involve so much pointless busy work? As time goes on, these instances seem to crop up more and more with each release. Next thing you know, we'll be fetching Batman coffee and picking up Superman's dry cleaning. Perhaps in this instance we could break Green Arrow out of jail and he could give us all this intel we are supposed to be pointlessly gathering because how incompetent does a rioting public have to be to not be able to throw a few Molotov cocktails at parked vehicles? Give super heroes and super villains tasks only THEY can do, otherwise repeat plays just become more of a grind for marks and just straight up boring to play. You can read a good comic over and over, is it too much to ask that a game based on the same medium be somewhat the same way?
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  7. La Shark Dedicated Player

    Hmmm. On the weapon mastery video Tunso talks about jc, time frame 33:55-34:21, doesn't mention jc not being intended. Instead adding time to jc was for the animation pass which spytle talks about wanting to see animation effects, time frame 41:35. Thats it,"we wanted to do something that actually gave people that wanted to see the animations...look really good," spytle.

    I don't know where you came up with jc not meant to played like that, so your cheat codes and glitches analogy doesn't hold here.

    I suggest you give the WM video another pass to reaffirm what i said.
  8. La Shark Dedicated Player

    just scrub to 2:50 for the comic book curator part
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  9. Archangel Rafael New Player

    ... and the epic QQ continues - love it :cool:
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  10. Lantern Neuro New Player

    Now that was just funny. Looks like the guy from the Simpsons got another job minding 2 book cases of trade paperbacks and a LOT of empty shelving.... Did you notice how they stressed the importance of the coffee machines in that vid? I tell ya that mission where you have to return to the batcave with Batman's double mocha grande latte is right around the corner! 25 feat points if it's still hot, 10 more if the amount of foam is just right.
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  11. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    You are not a part of Justice League. You are not an iconic super-hero in a comic book. You are one of literally hundreds of thousands (millions?) super-powered heroes/villains created in this game's universe. In short - you are a minion for the most of this game. Someone has to do the "pointless busy work" and you better believe, that it's going to be you...

    Also - there are plenty of ways to make running the same content entertaining. I've run most of the instances 100+ times and still can find fun things to do - like soloing alerts and raids, running with unorthodox builds and group line-ups, attempting feats, speed-runs, themed raids, nostalgia runs, or just fooling around and exploring for the fun of it.

    On the other hand, I could not read a comic book (however good) over and over - it's boring, because the story (however gripping) is presented in exact same way each time, whatever I do (unless I read it backwards, I suppose...) and no other people are normally involved.

    So - basically - to each their own, but this is a licensed MMORPG game, not a DC comic book adaptation, so if you don't like the game-play/story and don't have enough imagination to keep it fun - play something else, maybe RPGs aren't your thing. Or just read a comic book. Over and over...
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  12. Lantern Neuro New Player

    Oh man lol... you just make it too easy.
    If you want to REALLY be technical, you are a part of the Justice League when you hit level 30 and Oracle sends you the JL emblem and tells you to "wear it with pride" I totally get the plot that there's a ton of you now... but "minions"? We all might as well go back to playing the Sims then. My point was that if you have super powers what's the point of doing things that don't really require them when alternate, more creative scenarios that do could be implemented instead just as easily into the missions? And yes, I too have run instances drastically different to spice things up, but let's face it, there's really no room for that anymore when everyone is quick to kick and playing the numbers/ego game like the original post that started this thread stated. While you say that this is a licensed MMORPG and not an adaption, either way it does tout the DC comics logo and there are a number of players who play for the story and the lore and actual fans of the genre have a certain level of expectation of content when they see that logo. If you don't think so, look at Marvel Comics attempt to enter the arena and what a flop it was. In no means am I saying that the mechanics of game play is not important but in interviews with developers where they talk about the "fantasy of being a super hero" and lets face it, that's all a video game really boils down to, fantasy and escapism on some level or another... the game has been falling short of it's creative potential lately. My contribution to the discussion was not meant to attack any player, their reason for playing, or take their enjoyment of the game away from them, but merely to point out that the universe in which this game takes place in is a very creative one, that is like it or not, based on comic books and what we have been getting as of late falls short in my opinion as far as engaging content and just straight up having FUN like the first post in this thread said because we as players have lost sight of that and care more about being more T5 and stat driven then the rest of the T5'ers... who are stat driven. (and before the lynch mob gathers chanting "Noob", I'm T5 with 103 CR)

    So I'll go read a comic over and over again, if you promise to keep smashing Lexcorp vehicles over and over again... deal?

    I really think there is room for all of us here and we can all get what we want out of this game, if we remember we do this for fun and stop taking everything so damn seriously.
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  13. winter13 New Player

    The devs already stated it was a loophole. You should never have been able to thrown an offensive power, jc, and then throw another offensive power. Hence the dovetail which will still allow you to move around, but you won't be able to attack again until the animation ends.

    Glad we cleared that up :cool:
  14. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Yeah - I kinda had to.

    Ever heard of paragraphs? I understand you're passionate about the subject, but if you're not going to make an effort editing your "stream of consciousness" I'm not going to read it.

    And did I see right - you're boasting about being CR103? lol
    I take it you haven't been playing long enough to realize, that means next to nothing nowadays. Also - I fail to see how it would support validity of your opinion, were it to be otherwise.

    Sure - smashing vehicles may be not the most exciting task, but it takes - literally - 30 seconds...
  15. SlipAncDC Active Player

    "LF roles for A&B, No CR 103s though"
  16. Lantern Neuro New Player

    Yes... I've heard of paragraphs, and if you didn't read it, than why respond?
    Dude you're nitpicking, and I wasn't boasting about my CR, just that I didn't start playing last week, and it was meant as a preemptive measure to those who would say that I did. People see the new member status and assume that of the poster automatically sometimes.
    I'm just surprised you had no retorts for my main points where I personally feel the game could be made better and more engaging, wouldn't we ALL benefit from that in the end?
    I really have no beef with you, my beef is that we as players and customers need to start letting the devs know that they have been given this wonderful existing universe to create in and that seems to have fallen by the wayside in their priorities as far as engaging plots and ideas in which we could explore all of our powers not only solo, but in concert with all the other people playing the game in various combinations. This game is marketed to comic fans as well as gamers, and if you're going to niche market something like this, there is a responsibility to them as well. Otherwise, just call it Sony Heroes or something of that nature and have nothing to do with the DC Universe all together.
    I was just merely expressing my support for the original post where he said...

    "As it stands, the game went more in a direction of obsessing about stats, about speed, scorecard and numbers and less about the art, creativity, uniqueness, lore and fun factor, an escape from reality."
  17. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Me: CR103 Tank here, 128 sp's
    Them: What's your power?
    Me: Rage
    Them: O, were looking for an Ice Tank, Sorry.

    LOL I've gotten that once but it was funny:D
  18. Ace Skull New Player

    I completly support GU36, it's a reminder that things change regardless of what certain people want and if you enjoy this game as I do then you should embrace change and adapt, make a new loadout.
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  19. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Yes.. you can no longer do JC the way u r used to so now noone will use power ?

    thats a long draw of the bow!
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  20. WorldsDown New Player

    Sounds like fun? lol
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