Game Update 118 - November 4, 2021

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • Purchases of any Ally from the Marketplace made before their transition to account-wide have been placed in the Redeem/Claim Marketplace menu, and can now be claimed on all characters on your account.
    • Purchases of the same Ally from the Marketplace on more than one character, made before their transition to account-wide, have been refunded to your wallets (in Daybreak Cash or Marketplace Cash).
    Daily Rewards
    • Daily Rewards Son of the Manta gearboxes can now be traded to other characters on the account.
    • When using Oracle Bot's support ability, item tooltips in the inventory screen should no longer appear if you're not currently hovering over an item.
    • New On Duty Menu will now show a Timer representing how long the player has been in-queue.
    • Players should be able to sort the Scorecard
    • Daily Rewards: The last couple of daily reward days that may have previously been inaccessible should now be viewable
    • Fixed the "Allow In-Progress Instances" settings option:
      • Fixed an issue where the setting was not working properly for Omnibus Instances.
      • Criteria for when an On Duty Menu match is considered “in-progress” changed to when the first boss is encountered instead of...never.
    • Omnibus bosses and Weekly Reward Boxes now add scaled gear instead of unattuned gear boxes. Players now choose from one for damage and one for their subclass.
    Early End Game Scaling and Buffs Updates

    • Raised the stat ceiling for all tiers so that down-scaled players have a Combat Rating that is 15 higher than enemy NPCs (up from 10)
    • Players who are being scaled down and use Omnibus will benefit more from the Early End Game Buff than those who Custom Play
      • Players who are being scaled down and use Custom Play will benefit fully from the Early End Game Buff IF at least half of the group is being scaled up
    • Players being scaled up in On Duty content will benefit from a damage buff in 2 player, 4 player, and 8 player content
    • Players being scaled up in On Duty content can block to heal if below 50% health
      • 1. This is similar to the benefit provided by the Roleless Buff (when the group didn't have a healer)
    • Players in elite versions of content have increased stat piercing when scaled down
    Amazon Fury III
    • A variant of the Zeus Lightning Bolt Back Style now drops at the Typhon encounter. This style has a Feat attached.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Known Issues
    • Players may not zone to the following areas:
      • Open World Areas
        • Central City Starro Deluge Zone
        • Chaos Gotham
        • Metal Gotham
        • BoP: Metropolis
        • Typhons Monster Invasion
      • Instances
        • Wastelands Wonderland
        • Necropolis: Relics of Urgrund
        • Operation: Love and War
        • Operation: Assault and Battery
        • Operation: Strike Team
        • Operation: Mist Recovery
    • Some players did not receive their fix-up for previously purchased marketplace allies.
    • Players are reporting mysteriously lowered stats.

    The zone and ally issues are likely to persist through the weekend. The stats issue is being investigated.
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