Game Stability as of late

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by KiLL ORDER, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. KiLL ORDER New Player

    2 thumbs down!!

    My league has experienced a TON of lag, freezing, and glitching over the last couple of days. Any reasons why SOE???

    More No COG glitches, Freezing has doubled, and between Vit registration bugs and loading screens of death this game has crept back into the miserable category of gameplay.
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  2. Flashhh New Player

    yep i get data corrupted like twice each day lately
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  3. Ch3wtobacco New Player

    Game Stability as of aint, it hasnt very much been, and when it is they announce another major update/dlc..and then it aint again and even more so... when is our "fix all the crap thats been around for the last year or two" DLC?
  4. KiLL ORDER New Player

    Thanks for the feedback. Continue to vote this up so they almighty green look into it.
  5. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    This always happens leading up to an update, combine that with a DLC coming and it's going to be Lagapalooza.
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  6. KiLL ORDER New Player

    Sure looks like your ready for the DLC "Quantum." lolol
  7. rooki3 New Player

    I get the loading screen issues constantly, game data corruption about 6 times now
    It all started after the EUPS3 maintenance last downtime.
  8. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    i thought stability has improved the last month or so.
    havent froze in a long time.
    ::knock on wood:::confused:
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  9. Ch3wtobacco New Player

    spend 3 minutes trying to go thru a door as people call your name thinking you have DCed?
    on the on duty screen how many times have you had to drop back and restart it because you couldnt move the cursor across?
    how many times have you had someone go back to WT to nudge the invisable doctor fate?
    "oh just log out and log back in or just warp to spawn and that will fix the glitch"

    yadda yadda yadda... try keeping a log and see just how many glitches you get in a week,,i bet it would surprise you..many that have been here since day 1
  10. HolyCrusader Active Player

    even on uspc there seems to be alot of lagging/freezing/crashing. Wonder if they are messing with the servers? maybe GU 25 has something to do with it/will have a fix
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  11. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    Mepps will vouch for me, I've had this name for over a year....I plan long term :)
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  12. Doc Holliday New Player

    Its not a bug report in Arkham, voting up doesn't matter unless your looking to add likes to your account..

    Only in Arkham for bug reports does up voting matter..

    As for the OP, it has been the same for me lately as it has been since DLC5, haven't noticed a difference.

    Yeah Im with TK on this one...
  13. KiLL ORDER New Player

    That's correct it's not a bug report. It's a "GENERAL GAMEPLAY" ISSUE/DISCUSSION. So discuss away
  14. KiLL ORDER New Player

    Well you would be in the minority then sir
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  15. ramoramo86 New Player

    i have only froze once in the last month or 2 however almost ALL my friends and ppl i run raids with whether its league or PUGs they always seem to freeze so yes the game has gotten worse in terms of freezing and the loading screens of death
  16. KiLL ORDER New Player

    So what do you do to improve your stability for the PS3? Since you seem to deflect all of the issues others incur.
  17. Delta795 New Player

    Gotta agree with TK and Doc on this as well. It's been pretty stable for me as well actually no freezing in quite a while.
    Sucks that it's giving you problems though
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  18. KiLL ORDER New Player

    So what are you guys doing that I am not. I reset assets every week, clear my cache, optimize my PS3 for performance, and I have a 30 MBPS download and a 4.6 MBPS Upload
  19. KiLL ORDER New Player

    I know that i am not the only one with this issue. I am also using the downloaded version of this game
  20. KiLL ORDER New Player

    Even the DCUO Friday Night Legends Crew and it's league is having freezing issues tonight if you are watching