Game Load Times Drastically Increased After Game Update 59

Discussion in 'Game Support' started by Terrible Theo, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Terrible Theo Well-Known Player

    After GU 58:

    • Massive lags when there are new adds - abilities lagging and not coming off CD.
    • very long loading screens
    • UI menus taking much longer to load
    My internet is otherwise fine in all other applications at the same time. Recent hot fixes up to April 9th have not fixed the issue.

    Ticket number Request #25264

    Is this the case for anyone else?
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  2. Terrible Theo Well-Known Player

    I should also mention I am on a

    25Mb/s download 10Mb/s upload fibre optic hard wire connection with no prior connection issues to DC.
  3. Terrible Theo Well-Known Player

    Still having the same issues even after the new episode was taken back... this all started after GU59 so whatever else you did to the server must have messed it up.....
  4. Terrible Theo Well-Known Player

    This is still happening. Everything including powers take forever to load. And it gets especially bad in raids with lots of enemies. Multiple support solutions have failed.

    Again this all started after GU59 and the server pull back of the episode did not help. This might help in your debugging.
  5. OVERWATCH Well-Known Player

  6. OVERWATCH Well-Known Player

    This is getting me crazy, it's impossible to play, got legendary and haven't played the game for more than 2 hours since
  7. OVERWATCH Well-Known Player

    Can someone else please confirm i'm not the only one?
  8. OVERWATCH Well-Known Player

    Keep getting link dead
  9. OVERWATCH Well-Known Player

    Great technical support this is! I got my membership yesterday! YESTERDAY! And this is been going on for ever
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  10. Terrible Theo Well-Known Player

    Can confirm problem still exists as of April 13th 12:00AM PST
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  11. Terrible Theo Well-Known Player

    The lag / load issues seem to be worst for the new raid btw... although all over the game
  12. Candy New Player

    Yes, the game is slow, extended load times or error 0x0034, in addition to the UI are taking too long ....
    Every day is worse, not only the bugs and problems, but also all mechanics and the way that the game is taking :(
  13. Terrible Theo Well-Known Player

    My problems seem to have subsided for now. (April 13th 10:30pm PST)