Game Freezes in Decoration Mode

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    Has anyone else had issues where the game will freeze consistently in decoration mode? I can't place more than one object before I will need to kill and restart the game.

    I have freezing issues in other places, but not nearly as common as when in decoration mode.

    So people know, I'm on Windows 10 (completely updated) I have 8GB ram, Nvidia GTX 760 (completely updated driver), plenty of hard drive space, and tested at 93Mbps download speed so I am well above the recommended settings. I had the game installed on my D drive (a storage drive) and figuring that might be the problem, I just completely reinstalled the game onto my C drive (primary) still same issues.

    My game always randomly would freeze up, but it has gotten siginificantly worse as of late, with the most obvious issues occuring in Decoration mode, where it freezes 100% of the time within 5 minutes, and typically just as I'm about to, or just after I place an object.
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    NVIDIA has poorly optimized drivers (AMD too, but usually not as bad - they at least give more settings options by default).

    I used the NVIDIA profile inspector to fix my severe driver performance and display issues (I not only had stutter, but menus and HUD elements were flickering so much it was unplayable).

    This is caused by the NVIDIA driver overriding the game engine's FPS cap of 63 FPS. The profile inspector allows to set a working FPS cap of 62 and this should fix the stuttering, white flashes and instability. Open GL Triple buffering makes the FPS even more stable, so I highly recommend to turn it on.

    Especially in bases I have seen FPS of 300... that's more than 400% of what it was designed for. If you had an even better graphiccard it would be worse ;)

    While you are at it, you can also enable the following settings for nicer graphics:
    Anti-Aliasing: override Application settings
    Anti-aliasing: 2x, 4x or 8x - just test what runs stable, but 4x should be better already without causing major FPS drop

    Texture filtering: override Application settings
    Texture filtering: 2x, 4x or 8x - just test what runs stable, but 4x should be better already without causing major FPS drop

    If all that is too complicated, find me on the official DCUO discord and I can send you two configuration files to set it up for you.
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