Game Crashes After Character Select

Discussion in 'Game Support' started by OdinZeusMrPace, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. OdinZeusMrPace Level 30

    I'm not entirely sure as to why this keeps happening. First after the recent windows 10 update, starting the game would lock my pc. I resolved that by uninstalling windows ten and then reinstalling it. But now when i start the game, it disconnects after i pick my character. I notice there was recent maintainence so i thought perhaps this was the issue. I've validated the game assets and nothing has happened. I would like to know what the issue is if anyone can tell me.
  2. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Allow DCUO in your firewall and security software.
  3. psychic ion New Player

    not just you me also, but mine doesn't get to character creation... lol, and i don't have windows 10, i have windows 7 which i have been using for ages. i'm telling u this game is a mess, each week a new problem
  4. psychic ion New Player

    i really love this game, it's a shame things like that happen and ruin ur entire day
  5. OdinZeusMrPace Level 30

    I enjoy this games, being playing for a few years, but I just spent a ton of money on this game only for this to happen. I am trying to reach 150 before my subscription ends. But I haven't been able to play much since I renewed my account October 28th.
  6. psychic ion New Player

    just as always say : we pay for a month and every week the game crashes for 2 days... so ..... do the math
    i mean this game is amazing, i've been here since it first launched, and now just gotten sick of it, every now and then there's a maintenance for god knows what, and when the maintenance is done crashes starts, then bugs... so ridiculous
  7. psychic ion New Player

    i've been trying for 5 hours now and nothing, i can't even reach the character screen without the game crashing on me displaying " lost connection"...
  8. OdinZeusMrPace Level 30

    Nothing I do is working. I've even run as administrator. This games takes forever to reinstall so I want to avoid that if I can. Any other suggestions.
  9. OdinZeusMrPace Level 30

    I wish the maintenance news feed told me what maintenance did. Maybe I could pin point a problem then.
  10. psychic ion New Player

    no suggestions sorry, i've just restarted my router and pc just to make sure but nothing works.... as far as maintenance, last week they had a sudden (surprise) maintenance because the whole US server was going nuts, and no one could log in to any mission, anyways they said in a post that they're doing the "scheduled maintenance " which they did not schedule for.... ugh... so i guess that's what they're gonna do now, if more people start having the same problem