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Discussion in 'Game Support' started by JohnDKX, Dec 12, 2017.

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    I updated my video drivers which worked before new update and went as far to uninstall updates as suggested by ultimus prime which may have worked for some people. Has not resolved the issue of white screen with no audio on game launch and then force closes. I even uninstalled and reinstalled and when I can play games like ark I doubt my video drivers have much to do with it. This is my only game in steam that has just stopped working out of no where I'm confused as what the issue is and hope that I can return to game soon. Keep up your good work enjoy your products and hope to again in the future till then I'm only going to try to log once a day till it fixes itself. Thanks for your help and any other ideas would be appreciated.
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    It is very likely a video problem.

    NVIDIA graphiccard drivers (the GTX Generation) are known to cause issues with older games and occasionally new games.

    Here are 2 additional things you can try (aside from sending that ticket to Daybreak Games of course!):
    1. Disable the Full Screen optimization on the DCgame.exe (This is a Windows compatibility setting you can select in the properties - not included in WIN10 if you don't have the creators update)
    2. Get the NVIDIA inspector, run the nvidiaprofileinspector and search for the DCUO entry. Then set the Frame Rate limiter to what your screen supports (e.g. ~59.7 FPS) and click apply.

    About the inspector (German):
    google can point you to various download sources, including an english version of the tool.
    And yes, it is a shame that NVIDIA seems to be unable to do what a single programmer did...