Game closing into small Prompt screen

Discussion in 'Game Support' started by Keatonleroux325, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Keatonleroux325 New Player

    The past 3 Days my Game has just out of the blue been Freezing then just closes the game into a small black Prompt screen then just closes the game .. but i checked it also some how (when its closes into the promt screen) uses my full 4gig Ram can someone please help me on why this is happeneing or if there is a way to fix it
  2. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    That sounds like it is failing to install the little update of the spring event.
    Start the launchpad with admin rights - also make sure it is allowed in your security software. Then do Vallidate Game Assets in the launchpad.
  3. Keatonleroux325 New Player

    Thank you i will try that now