Galvanise & Page of Destiny Artifact

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  1. Dene Devoted Player

    Hello All

    This came up on another thread and now i'm questioning my healer loadout/arts

    As part of my Elec healer loadout I run Galvanise & Group Transducer, because of this I do not run page but run cloak instead..

    Opinions? Thoughts?

    Can't delve right now but I'll log on later and read descriptions again - maybe im better off running Page ?
  2. GermanM Committed Player

    I guess you run EOG too, im not a friend of superchargers in healing builds, the reason is you use those only a few times in a fight, the rest of the time are dead buttons to me (guessing we are talking about a pure healing loadout) specially those who consume too much supercharge (5k and 10k if im not mistaken)

    But i understand that is trent right now. The problem with those setup is... some people are not too good as they believe.
    If a team lack of luster in some raids and alerts and dont do things right, well... a healer with EOG and Clock may would not be able to do his job and that´s a problem.
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  3. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I don't use Page because I don't use Recover (the group heal) - I don't use Recover because Arc Lightning is the same base heal amount for me (the first target) and still a comparable range (18-56K as opposed to the 25-75K) for all other targets. And it hits the caster twice assuming there is more than one other target.

    Arc Lightning also hits all other players in the group and not just four; it also damages things, and it sets Electrify. I run it with Galvanize because although Galvanize is not a very huge heal by itself, it does set a 3 tick HOT, and it Heals Allies and Pets; I'm running EOG Scrap and Trans at the moment, I might reconsider if I was using Purple Ray for a slot instead.
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  4. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Galvanize is a GREAT heal, I use it often. You don't "need" Page, but it heals 6 people with group heal. Galvanize hits everything.
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  5. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I run page purple and switch between clarion/trans/EoG based on what I wanna do.

    My loadouts are as follows:

    Priority, group heal, group shield, bio cap, galvanize, word of power

    Priority, group heal, group shield, bio cap, weapon buff, word of power

    Priority, group heal, group shied, bio cap, pheromone bloom, vacuum (I’m flight)

    I also have a battle heal set up using trans, clarion, strat with the following loadout:
    Priority, group heal, arc lightning, weapon buff, bio cap, word of power

    These days you can pretty much heal anything with just your group heal and priority while using purple and page. This leaves you room to do a lot depending on what you prefer. Trans would allow you to be a better pure healer since you can get crit heals more consistently. Surge when criting can pretty much fill most players health bars to near full. Group heal and page mixed with bio cap leaves you so much room for errors since if they go off they will normally be left at max health. Page at max also puts your group heal on 6 instead of 4 while bio cap leaves a safety net on all 8. This means extra safety. With so much room in your loadout you can pretty much do anything.
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  6. Henoshock Well-Known Player

    Page is a rarely necessary but generally useful, Transducer is rarely necessary and highly situational. They do different things too.

    Typically full healing with Transducer I'd run PHR, Page, Scrapap. Swap in EoG if I remember to when I need to use Transducer. The thing with Recover is that nothing beats it when you need to heal a lot and you have PHR + Page. The cooldown on Galvanize is usually short enough, but not in every situation. Galvanize and Arc Lightning also can have range probelms, whereas Recover can heal even in grey range.
  7. Dene Devoted Player

    Lots to think about - thank you all & I think I meant Bio Cap is same as Page, not Galv lol - but i'll test it all out

    Thanks again
  8. Tilz Loyal Player

    Page and Bio-Cap work still well together.

    Also the other effects of PoD are just strong.

    Ofc it depends on the loadout. Healers have quite some nice options to run as artifacts/builds.
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  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Something to keep in mind is that a lot of healing these days is more reactive healing than over time healing. What kills groups these days are spikes in damage. Page is strong because if this. Since the proc goes off when you reach a certain health it basically reacts for your. This is also why the cap page combo is so strong in todays game. If you look at the chain lightning attack in RoEe it brings you down to under 5% health were any other splash attack can finish you off if you don’t get instantly healed. Or the encasement in the elite alert. If you don’t block you get taken to near death. Because so many mechanics do these types of attacks it makes page that much more useful.
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  10. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    As electric myself I run a power build so you don’t handicap yourself on a troll. My art are Omegahedron, Page, Putple. Ally support is Cyborg.

    Weird, eh? I run stuff just fine and as always, can’t heal stupid (aka lazy blast idiots). Supercharge is a 100%’er so that’s very stupid, so that means no eog or scrap. No orb as that’s a dumb art. (That’s my opinion btw). Essentially you will survive without a troll and be able to have 2 safety nets and have no issues healing.

    Loadout: Galvanize, Priority, Bio Cap, Shield, Electrogenesis, Recover.
    You can heal ads/henchmen which helps activate Purple, pop that and bam +20% power. Double safety net group, provide shield, and pop purple again and bam +20% power. The more damage your group takes the more power you get back (from purple). A lot easier than spamming a 100%’er lazycharge.
    And maybe spec more into power vs resto (heresy!!!) as a lower resto stat means less heals to give out to pop purple as its 5x your resto to pop it eg 5x100k of 500,000 vs 5x90k of 450,000 to activate putple. At 200 it’s 4x so even better! With more into power you get better power regen and there’s no issue going superpowered as that is very helpful with power regen.

    To each their own. But as always, due diligence!
  11. Jcal Dedicated Player

    You gotta have Page of Destiny, all healers do. Electricity gets to have a double safety net which is just insane and certainly overkill for the majority of content. Still, DCUO is all about being OP, right? The tactic is too strong to not have in your back pocket.
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  12. Dene Devoted Player

    Reactive healing is my "thing" - it is how I heal.. that is why I love Elec so much..

    Definitely going to revisit page, take a look ast my other arts and go from there

    I stupidly read it more like they do not stack etc (Bio and page ) arrghh

    So now i'll run PHR, page, and will test out others i have

    Full Might/powerr then spare in resto is a hill i will die on.. every time i deviate from Might/Power 1st I start having power issues lol

    Only diff between our loadouts is I use SC instead of Electrogen but I see your point re: SC

    In general - Not that it matters, but for what it is worth I think I am actually a very good healer (DPS is another story LOL) - but we all learn by asking :) - can always impove - Thank you all - been super helpful and kind
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  13. Tilz Loyal Player

    You have many options as a healer with artifacts and builds. kind of.

    1. Full Heal Classic
    PHR, Page, Trans
    PHR, Page, Scrap

    Those are the 2 classic builds (not gonna talk about Orb because I have 0 experience with it)

    Loadout for elec would be (cookie cutter)
    Surge. Recover, Galv, Flux, Bio Cap, Transducer

    2. Classic EoG
    Scrap, EoG, PHR

    This is classic EoG with spamming 2 or 3 SCs

    Loadout would be: Surge, Recover, Glav/Flux, Galv/Flux/SC, SC, SC

    3. Classic Clarion
    PHR, Page, Clarion

    This is just a classic healing approach running weaponbuff with clarion. Kind of great for E+ content

    Surge, Recover, Galv, Flux, Bio-Cap, Weapon Buff. You can also ditch Glav/flux/Biocap for Weaponbuff and run GT aswell. Depends on content/group/mood

    4. Clarion EoG
    Scrap, EoG, Clarion
    Surge, Recover, WB, Galv/Flux, SC SC

    Neat little build for Alerts.

    Those are the 4 things I tend to use. Ofc there are more hybrid and battle builds possible. But that feels like the classics.
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  14. xenothelm Active Player

    Personally, I find GT less reliable unless you have a second healer spamming EOG to refill your SC bar. But the benefit of Scrap is you can us it in heal AND dps specs so if it’s working for you then carry on!

    In the current raids, Faust and Neron both have abilities that instantly hit the raid for a lot (not 1-shot). The biggest benefit for elec healers is being able to pop those bars back up to 80%+ in 1 or 2 clips. That’s why I almost always run PHR and Page together; your Recover not only hits 6 out of 8 people, you’re likely getting 2 immediate casts of it, on top of arc lightning and galvanize bouncing around to everyone. IMO, shielding for elec heals needs to be available when you need it, and while it feels good to properly catch that moment with the admittedly beautiful GT, Flux will be the more consistent power. It will give your team a few moments to adjust if something unexpected happens, more often. If you want shielding/mitigation to be a more prominent part of healing, Water is gonna do this better tbh.

    And of course I have to shout out Orb of Arion lol. It really does change your playstyle, but in a good way. Having to hold still while you spam your priority heal until the tank is at a safe threshold is dangerous. Orb shortens the amount of time you spend doing that, and there are more than enough resources available (Power efficiency mod, cyborg passive, House of Legends bot passive, Page of Destiny power refund, your troll) that the increased cost is unnoticeable (if you only use it when you need to).
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