Gadgets Vs Munitions

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  1. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    I am currently debating switching my power from munitions to gadgets. This toons CR is only 150, troll and DPS alike. I'm not worried about the control side, but for my CR I'm a beast DPS. I don't wanna lose that aspect lol.
  2. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    And don't get me wrong. I love munitions. The want to change is purely aesthetic. The toon is The Batzombie, so I'm thinking of using gadgets purely for the look of the battle display lol. It would fit an alternate Batman more than a Rambo headband. It's been a few years since I tinkered with gadgets and I don't recall it having that, I presume that's from a year or so ago when the power was revamped.
  3. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Gadgets is actually a stronger DPS power than Munitions. The only thing Munitions has over it is the cheezy BIGGUN
    And yes, the headband is Muni only
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  4. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    Awesome. Thank you. My only concern was spending an additional $10 to be back at munitions. I'll give it a try thanks.
  5. Roocck Committed Player

    For the first time since I've been Munitions I was in a pug group last night for OLYR. Unexpectedly everyone were jolly to have a Munitions with BIGGUN clearing out adds. Not a single comment about how cheezy BIGGUN is but infact appreciated it. In the right hands Gadget can/will dominate!!!
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  6. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    Well, big gun is not cheesy if you use it correctly, it's only cheesy that's it's the only supercharge that does 1 shots on 3 ads. Otherwise it wouldn't be. You have to look at the balances of supercharges and munitions went to the far corner for big gun while others are healing focused, shields, double damage, immunities, self heals, etc. it is what it is.
  7. Mazahs Loyal Player

    BIGGUN can / is amazing and I don't think there's really any wrong way to use it on adds. What drives me nuts are the DPS who talk S in a raid (SB chasers) Didn't mean to derail thread, and like I said to OP Gadgets is a great DPS power as well.
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  8. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    Well in a non sb sense, I just mean what it does.

    It can only be used on minion ranked ads. Otherwise it won't work. For oly, necromancers, strikers, won't work, oly solders it will as they are minions. Think of it like a war. All the field soldiers with knives are weak to where as snipers and big boy guys can take a beating.
  9. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    People don't care. They get butt hurt either way. Big gun has a way of rubbing people the wrong way. Who knew vaporizing three NPC could get people so upset, lol. I never get smack talk when I'm on my sorcery toon. The damage from that SC is crazy, but no one ever cries from that.
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  10. Ereez Well-Known Player

    Gadgets appeals to me more out of the two "Street level" powers. The thing that bothers me about munitions is its kinda immersion breaking when your toon just pulls a rocket launcher out thin air
  11. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Yeah, but the 35% move make me laugh every time.
  12. Xibo Loyal Player

    Munitions is currently the best DPS power, thanks to Biggun which takes 1.000.000 each hit.
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  13. gemii Dedicated Player

    Gadgets is a bit of a learning curve at first if you never been it before. Strong DPS when you get the hang of it

    I was thinking about switching to munitions but i rather see my real potential rather than being carried by big gun. Even though my power (mental) is pretty cheesey itself. I might still try it out i have an alt munitions and its fun to use the troll animations look dope.
  14. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    Yeah I'm doing good at the DPS side of gadgets. And it's fun. But I am missing the munitions trolling. My main focus was always trolling, gadgets doesn't have too much to offer for crowd controlling compared to munitions.
  15. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    I hate the flow of gadget. Who the hell would give up Muni mobility to begin with? Keep Batzombie and make a new Muni toon and never touch Batzombie again lol. Or change him back to muni and rename him Rambozombie lol.
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  16. TheDark Devoted Player

    Yes it does. 4 powers that are not supercharges control up to 8 targets. One of which actually stuns and tanks them for you. Munitions only has a power that prevents pulls on multiple targets compared to Gadgets.
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  17. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    Cool. I'll have to tinker around with a troller load out then. Thanks.
  18. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    Gadgets trump others on power out tho. People are so itchy to start on quantum trolling yet during power crunch time, they're just not there.

    Brawling to Shuriken storm WM, Battle Drone SC, extended supercharge mod, Battle Drone SC return mod = Virtually infinite power, well atleast with a good healer who doesn't panic-spam heals, but even so, with these you can keep up easily. Having this, you can easily keep debuffs up, or just spam the hell out of sticky bomb.

    Paralyzing dart is my go to CC, ranged and a decent aoe, they go night-night.

    And with the usual 2-1-1 alert, holo decoy is a good quick tank.
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  19. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    Awesome thanks. I'll try that out.