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Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by Jurandyr Ross, Feb 14, 2020.

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  1. Jurandyr Ross Active Player

    So it seems that trying to fix ice frost blast has caused side effects on another powerset?

    My personal suggestion, make the summoning of gadgets turret act like the iconic robot sidekick. You can't jump cancel, and if you want to use it to clip another power again you have to despawn your pet. Also, flurry shot should NOT be able to be jump cancelled.
  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Powers with channels should now start their cooldown right away when cancelled, based on the bug fix - instead of waiting the length of the ability and then beginning the cooldown. This is the same with this pet example.
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  3. ALB Committed Player

    Gadgets players are abusing the turret clip. Their upfront burst damage is higher than any burst in the game because of the turret clips. I just can't understand the logic why the devs would make something that was already op and broken, more op and broken. Just to put this in perspective, gadgets is a top power without an excellent SC.
  4. The Anxient Loyal Player

    So is what is happening with gadgets right now intended?
  5. Deus Ex Machina Well-Known Player

    It's in a grey area right now. Think of how lunging worked pre SM S1. Intended, but abusable to the point that is very advantageous.
  6. ALB Committed Player

    It's not a gray area. It's an exploit. The devs nerfed consumable clipping for doing the same thing turret is doing. Turret is worse, because you can place turret in any button position that is more comfortable, which make it worse than consumable clipping. Now, you might bring up variety or originality. You know what was the most orginal power for the longest time during AM? Nature and electric, but hardly any dps was any if those powers. An exploit, is an exploit, that is an exploit.
  7. Deus Ex Machina Well-Known Player

    Want to get technical but guess what its not confirmed to be. It's as Mepps stated above. They have fixed how channeled powers get the cooldowns right away instead of a few seconds later. From what he stated we can conclude its intended. And the lunge was confirmed not an exploit btw but intended.
  8. The Anxient Loyal Player

    And was changed after people abused it
  9. That1DarkKnight Active Player

    No one is abusing anything. All powers have certain extra clips and advantages that you people just haven't been paying attention to. Don't know what all the fuss is about, like seriously. A lot of people have been using gadgets turret to clip with mightbased loadouts for a while now already.
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  10. ALB Committed Player

    What advantages do sorcery have?
  11. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I have a gadget toon but I didn't know about it. I made a bug report how out of combat when turret disappears, it cause damage when no enemies are around. Wish devs treat it like the old days, it stays out the whole time. It gets real annoying resummoning it in every fight.
  12. Arkenra Active Player

    I’ll probably bump some toes with this comment but they could easily fix this “advantage” by letting the pet summon like any other pet and make it summon even if you try to jump cancel etc.

    Just seen that the OP suggested the same thing. My bad :D
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  13. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

    Although I don’t want this to be changed, your statement is not true, all powers don’t have the ability to clip the way gadgets does, some not at all. However, I still want it to stay the same because it gives gadgets a niche, therefore adding an additional play style to the game, rather than having everything resemble one another. It’s like Light before the dovetails were added and various ways to clip were taken away. I don’t even play the powerset, but I definitely want this to stay. Other powers need to be balanced (buffed) with the strength and distinctiveness of this power in mind, instead of having this ability nerfed. Every time balance with a certain power, (or powers) was a problem, the resolution has been to always nerf the power(s) in question, but never to buff other powers as compensation. The eventual nerfs have always left the ”resolved” powers in a state to were there excessively weaker. Let this stay, let there be an alternate playstyle within the game! It’s extremely old school and looks like a power pre gu36. The cries to have anything different nerfed is what brought us the am era, when every dps playstyle in the game was literally the exact same way, only with the exclusion of the combo power sets. I want this to stay because I want versatility to be reintroduced to the game, having each powerset to have a manner that is distinctive to it.
  14. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

    that’s the problem, and it always has been. People want every power to play the exact same way.
  15. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

    Powers shouldn’t need a good supercharge to be “top” anyway, and this is a general statement, with gadgets out of the equation
  16. August Moon Well-Known Player

    sorcerys pet instantly usess its best move the minute you give it power other than crystal who takes a bit of a delay. this makes it better than earth precsion dps by a long shot
  17. That1DarkKnight Active Player

    Pardon my phrasing I meant to say "All powers have certain extra clips and/or other advantages". Example would be Earth having the only clippable Supercharge Generator.
  18. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    Op and broken for precision Gadgets, sure. Although Dual Wield Bow Flurry w/ the jump cancel is broken with or without it, so that's a large part of it. If you want to fix "prec" Gadgets, make it so different weapon combos are meta, and not just Flurry shot that lines up perfectly w/ the Suppressor Turret because of jump cancels.

    Might Gadgets broken? Absolutely not. Any endgame DPS that runs Elite can tell you this. Suppressor Turret clip is a mechanic that has been around for years before revamp. This isn't anything new, so I don't understand this logic when clearly the devs had it as intended and still do. And to paint it as broken and being abused is quite asinine, as any Gadgets might player will tell you what the reality is. The turret clip is not spammable. It's nothing like Renown Clipping, and it takes up a space on your loadout bar. This is subjective although quite a lot of people would agree, but it's the reason Might Gadgets is a great power and fun at the same time. It's not out of line, it's not as good as Nature in any way, and it doesn't have the potential Rage does w/ Berserks, Elec does on adds w/ Circuit Breaker, and Earth does w/ Entomb. It's just flat good. There is nothing wrong w/ a power being good lol. I can do just as well with Celestial might as I can Gadgets might, and it doesn't even have a clip. People can argue Hard Light and Nature are better than Gadgets might at the thing it is best at, single target, and they don't even have a clip. It's not even top 3 for AOE. I don't understand why people have to go on a crusade and would want to take away one of the only things that has made Gadgets such an appealing power since revamp outside of precision. It's quick and fun, and the clip itself doesn't increase parses by as significant margin as so many people seem to think so. There are loadouts that do comparable damage w/o the clip, but unfortunately they are mindless and boring, which is the case with 90% of the DPS playstyles we have today. It's a top 3 single target power, and top 5 AOE power especially due to its initial burst, but in no way even remotely broken. It's where other might powers that are underperforming should be balanced towards. Not the other way around.

    I'll add this last bit because I've been a Gadgets might main for quite a while, and I would hate to see the one thing that I still enjoy on this game get removed because people make assumptions. I think people see things on YouTube and automatically make their assumptions on how impactful some things are w/o testing it for themselves, especially in content. In regards to Gadgets might, melee loadouts for AOE with suppressor out vs w/ suppressor clip are very comparable. Quick initial burst will always be there regardless because of Stealth EMP. Suppressor Turret also helps, but most people have realized by now that Whirling Dervish w/ Dashing Combos especially paired w/ Strategist Card nowadays accomplishes very similar results for burst damage... for every power. For single target, Solar Amp + Heat Vision + Photon Blast + Stealth -> Surprise Attack w/ no clip is just as good if not better than any loadout involving a clip. And none of this is even considering Suppressor Turret lag, which people that have actually tested the power would know makes an enormous difference in actual content.
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  19. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

    That’s a good point, and something I agree with, but also something that should be extended, said quirks should be buffed, just like turret
  20. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

    I agree completely, and I’m not even the powerset.

    And yes, we should balance powers around gadgets (more so the clip), and nature. That would be amazing, way better than nerfing a power and having it potentially destroyed. Every power needs a quirk like gadgets has, there own special nuance, it would add more variety
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