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  1. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    So I'm trying gadget dps... And through research on the forums I have found 2 loadouts.... I would like the help of the vet gadget dps out there... I do know gadgets back in the day... But I only trolled.. So here are the loadouts....

    First load out which I'm currently using... Seems very single target focused... But only did 1 raid...
    Napalm grenade
    Fear gas
    Photon cannon
    Cryo field
    Bunker buster

    2nd loadout used for about 2 hrs...
    Guase grenade
    Fear gas
    Empty slot
    Cryo field
    Bunker buster

    Overall I pve.... I am just looking for the best load out then I will play test and change based on my playstyle... I appreciate any help... Thanks brothers against brainiac!!!
  2. Madholm New Player

    Not sure how often it gets posted, but use the search function and you find a YouTube video link to the high end gadget dps load out. I'm typing this from my iPhone so it wold be too annoying to type it all out.
  3. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    Now is this video in a thread? Or this search should be done in YouTube? Cuz I did see one video in a thread.... It used the second loadout... But it focused on spin chop clip... Which was nerfed...

    Ps... Thanks for the help!!
  4. Wildfire New Player

    One of my friends uses gadgets and when it comes to the single target raids with lower amounts of adds like prime & fos3, its really really tough to keep up with him as HL. Its possible, but not easy. Havent had a chance to play him in the likes of gates and dawn yet though.

    But with a gadgets and HL in prime, its so easy to get no tag out with 3 DPS, anyway, id recommend searching YT along with the other guides on here for help with gadgets. Isnt there a dedicated gadgets guide much like Omars HL guide?
  5. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    That was the feelings I had... During my raid.. I was behind in damage due to ads... But when we got to the boss... I caught up...
  6. Flashhh New Player

    if you are superspeed

    Gauss grenade
    Cryo field
    Whirling dervish(if your not superspeed use photon, napalm or turret)
    Fear gas
    Bunker Buster

    it works wonders for me and a lot of good gadgets dps's use it
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  7. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    Can u tell me ur rotation and weapon choice? Thanks!!
  8. Madholm New Player

    Flash posted the loadout, but rotation is very important. I'm SS so ill post my rotation.

    Cryofield clipped with intimidation when it's down.
    Staff tap, tap, hold, hold, clip with whirling dervish, clipped with fear gas, jump clip into gauss grenade, repeat.

    When I need o range I keep within fear gas distance and use focus spin, tap ranged, clipped with fear gas, jumped clip into gauss grenade, clipped with intimidation when it's down.
  9. SlayingDaimon New Player

    This is the video he meant.
  10. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    Thanks... I saw that vid... I focused more on spin chop clipping... Is that what most gadgets are using now ( obviously minus the spin chop)? So what's the go too clipping weapon move?
  11. Potent New Player

    I use Staff's Downward Smash, clip the second hold.

    I don't really suggest getting used to clipping WD with anything other than Trinkets, Consumables, Support powers etc. as they are most likely going to fix its clippability at some point.
    I use:
    WD/Phase D/Cfield/Intim/Gauss/Bunker.
  12. Flashhh New Player

    madholm explained the rotation except im using 1 handed
  13. Madholm New Player

    I was doing more damage than a gadget using 1h, but it could be due to faster clipping. However I like that the staff combo matches the cool down on WD almost exactly.
  14. TensaZangetsu X New Player

    My toon is Might based & I use that same rotation but I don't put out big damage. Should I re-mod to Precision & Might / Precision & Health?
  15. Flash New Player

  16. Zim New Player

    Stay might based for now. And what is your might at now? You will hear some tell you to go precision because you are going to go mele. But if you are going to go with the 1h, clipping every second or so, then you will be using your powers quite a bit. I would stay might based and see how it goes. Especially since you are already there. Just keep at it you'll get it.
    Also if you are going to stay might, keep photon blast in your loadout.
  17. Zim New Player

  18. Zim New Player

  19. Duragon Committed Player

    I like Napalm over Gauss for the PI with Fear Gas and Cryo-field. I use Intimidate, then go in with one-handed, use flurry, clip that with Napalm, clip Napalm with Fear Gas, clip Fear Gas with jump... while in the air, clip the jump with Cryo-field, then start with flurry. I will use flurry and clip the animation always with Napalm. When Intimidation ends, I will clip flury with Intimidation to keep it up. When Cryo-field runs out, I will start the combo all over again as it puts the DOT from Fear Gas back on, and the Cryo-field DOT back on, with both PI's interaction with the burn of Napalm. Under 35% I will spam flurry and clip it with Photon Blast. If I need to stay away from the mob at this point, I will spam Napalm then Photon Blast... which is normally almost instant death to most bosses. I run with Bunker Buster for supercharge.... I can use it for bosses but tend to use it on trash when I want to clear out hallways or rooms before anyone is dumb and dies. I run with 2059 might and 537 precision with a 131 one-handed, full T4 with all IV mods but 2 (they are III might). I have 92 SP with all damage innates and the rest in defense since I melee up close. I'm normally first dps with equally equipped other powers, depends on the raid itself. Napalm/Fear Gas/Cryo-field/Intimidate/Photon Blast/Bunker Buster. It's a fast combo, fast clip, alot of finger mashing, but it's fun... alot of fun... which is the entire reason we play the game. Enjoy.
  20. JessTier New Player

    If I know I'm running with a fire tank I know my DPS will be higher as Cryo fear gas have awesome PIs with fire. I'm not great at DPS, but I get by. I still prefer to be roller, but if there is already 2 trolls, I'll stay in role until I know that they are good for power, if thats the case, I switch to my DPS kit and wail on stuff. I may be mostly specced for DPS but I can still get 2nd or third most raids I go to.