G.H.O.S.T Protocol Is Looking for New Talent

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  1. Srone Well-Known Player

    Hello and Greetings
    GHOST PROTOCOL is now recruiting team orientated players.
    · We rely on Communication & Skill to complete content
    · We believe Success comes from our members building relationships to team work is a no brainer
    · Skill Points minimum 110, minimum Cr 108
    · 18 years and older, we are a mature group that talks freely but also respectively
    · Mics are a bonus, they help getting communication across easily.
    · We do not need one role specific players, learning both roles helps you and us as a team.
    · Willingness to get more skills points and also help league mates along the way if needed

    We do not run lower content but if needed we will to help another league mate out.
    We are also a uniformed league but it isn’t mandatory, just for selected special runs and will be announced a head of time.
    We require Daily signups so that every member gets the runs they need completed and NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND.
    We are mostly a PVE league, but have some members who do PVP.
    We do theme runs twice a month, to keep the runs interesting and fun.

    Most importantly we ask that all our members new and old, keep it respectable, and always greet everyone when logging on. A simple hello goes a long way. A positive vibe is the best vibe.

    We have a Strong Structure and Leadership we prefer to keep in place. All of our Members are important and we do our best to accommodate their needs but if you don’t speak up we will not be help you progress like we would want to.

    Joining GP isnt just to have a league under your name but to actually grow as a player with friends that can grow with you also.

    Thank you for reading, if you are interested in GHOST PROTOCOL you can apply @
    And check us out @

    Contact People in game are :
    Srone – Leader
    Shatter- Deputy Director

    Or Message ME Via Forums or in-game email
  2. Srone Well-Known Player

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  3. Srone Well-Known Player

    We are a USPS Hero League
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  4. Srone Well-Known Player

    We are Still Recruiting Looking For Great Players
  5. Srone Well-Known Player

    Thank you to all the Inquiries have been speaking with some great talent.. To those That are still looking to be apart of Ghost Protocol we are still currently recruiting.
  6. Msstat1c Committed Player

    The patience and willingness to help that Srone and his crew exude is awesome. It's easy to just jump ship on a struggling player, but GP simply does not work that way. It's really a good group of people with a good model for an awesome DCUO experience. Make sure you at least take five minutes of your time to talk with Srone so he can fill you in on all the great things to come. Have an outstanding day all. See you in the universe.
  7. Srone Well-Known Player

    We do our best now the time to rebuild my team has come and i plan to do it even better.thank you for showing some love to this post.
  8. Srone Well-Known Player

    We are still recruiting and looking for new members and great players who want to progress with their team
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  10. Srone Well-Known Player

    Thank for the Support Bro.
  11. Msstat1c Committed Player

    Keep up the great work Srone ;). You get 1 mill in game if you can duplicate the dance in my sig. #donthurtyourself
  12. Msstat1c Committed Player

    G.H.O.S.T Protocol wants to help you go from that........


    To this........


    Check out Srone's opening message for details on how to get started Today!
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  14. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    Warning If you join GP you will be put on the Hit List to get these hands
  15. Captainn Chaos Well-Known Player

    Been little over 2 weeks since I joined. Honestly I wished I would have joined sooner!
  16. Srone Well-Known Player

    Time to get things back on track we are currently rebuilding and looking for select individuals to Add to ourteam
  17. CptKamikaze New Player

    Send me a tell 144 cr 132 sp hero CptKamikaze
  18. Srone Well-Known Player

    Will do I'll be online tomorrow while u wait check out our site ghostprotocol.shivtr.com