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  1. Magnificent Loyal Player

    One thing you might want to think about is instead of customizing just the whole piece, being able to customize specific sections (ie: the different sections of a given piece where you can independently change the color). As an example, I love the metallic trim on things like the flexsuits and Patriotic gloves but don't think I would care for it as something that completely skinned an entire piece.

    Another thing to look at could be using R&D to create these materials through common drops (to give people something else to do with vendor trash) or as a reward for salvaging specific things.
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  2. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    I'd love to have the Star Sapphire Corps' LATEX uniform material. (^_^)
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  3. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    That is what I was hoping for.

    That we could change the material of a specific section of gear.

    But they way it works is more like the Cosmic Styles we already have in the MP where it overwrite the material of the entire piece of gear. :(

    Not really what I expected/hoped for when we first heard of being able to change the material of our gear.

    Was looking forward to change some of the metal textures on certain pieces of gear.....
    or the off white texture of the New Genesis pants. :(

    Maybe sometime in the suture??
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  4. Pults Loyal Player

    It will overwrite emblems on the gear pieces. Rendering them useless.
    I'd like to see the glow lanterns have on their outfits.
  5. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    I was JUST about to type that!! LOL!

    Yes! The iconic Lantern glow is a MUST HAVE MATERIAL for me!!!

    Hopefully, it will cover the skin as well like the other Lantern NPCs.
  6. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    I really hope they fix the overwriting of certain emblems when it comes to materials. Like with the Star Sapphire Corps emblems on the Heart of the Predator style set.

    I'd also like the ability to place materials in certain parts of a gear piece. For example, what if I don't want the material to cover the entire chest style, but instead want the material only in certain places of the chest style?

    Kinda like what we can already do right now with colors.
  7. Pults Loyal Player

    There's nothing to fix, that's just how thing work. Now placing the material on on certain parts of gear (colours) that might seem interesting but again totally up to development team. We don't know if it is even possible.
  8. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    I'm sure they can find a way. (^_^)

    I'm positive they can. Until then, I'll just stay hopeful.

    ...and keep waiting for my Star Sapphire Corps Power Ring Accessory. - Patiently waiting since War of Light Part One
  9. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    Looking at the markeplace item, it's obvious that we will have to deal with cosmic and chrome. Doubt they'll have the manpower to add fur, leather, metallic etc. with tintable customization. I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less excited about announced additional features in character customization now.
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  10. Veritasum Loyal Player

    Come on Mepps. This has to be one of the biggest no brainers for DCUO ever. This is an underhanded pitch to a major league slugger.
    TBH, this should be a free added feature to the game and get materials as dropped pieces from content and tradeable. But we must all eat. A second option is to get these into the MP ASAP. Maybe start off with a couple free styles and then fill the MP. I'm sure this is no picnic of a job to make a bunch of these, but it must be done. Think lair themes where we got 2 for free and the rest came to the MP. I understand if lair themes were not a hit, but this is a can't miss.

    Of course I can offer no guarantees of my "can't miss" statements and will not be held responsible for any financial responsibilities DCUO or DBG or Nova companies determine from any such action I've suggested. But do it.

    While we're on topic, any plans to add variant auras to the MP any time soon? The ones that were released long ago in BBs far away? Like Plasmic variants?
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  11. Snowy OwI Loyal Player

    blue fire hair like hades would be cool :)
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  12. Chocolate Enforcer Committed Player

    DC swung and missed with this one. This type of stuff would be perfect for the MP since people have been asking for more MP items. Making something like this luck based is foolish and just turns people off more & more
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  13. Try Hard Well-Known Player

    edit: Removed,I meant to make this post in another thread (too many tabs open) :oops:
  14. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    My feedback on the materials in Booster Bundles is as follows.

    Whoever's idea it was to launch the Material Style Option in DCUO via the Booster Bundle made an extremely bad call. You guys have taken a cosmetic aspect of the game that many players would thoroughly enjoy seeing and put it behind a lottery. I personally hope that this Booster Bundle sales worst than any Booster Bundle ever. NOT because I want DCUO to fail and lose money etc... but because I don't want the Booster Bundle to sale well and you guys go, "Look that worked just fine.". However, if the Booster Bundle does not sale well, please do not take it as though, "Oh people don't want Material options." because I am willing to bet A LOT of players do want it. But to go about hoping to "get lucky" and get the option...no.

    If you guys go and make multiple Material Style Options at one time and throw them on the Marketplace for $3.50 a pop and put together bundles of 3 different Material Style Option Boxes that contain 3 Material Style Options per box and charge $10 per box I would be willing to bet they would sell much better than a $10 Booster Bundle option.
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  15. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Mepps: Mepps: About your comment I believe there is not a player who did not love this new customization!
    People may even be asked to improve here and there, but the idea is wonderful!
    What makes me very, very sad thing is that this new form of customization is not something I can buy in the market. But it is a rare item of something that is by lottery!
    Make materials of all styles and places on the market and see how everyone will be taking their money from the wallet!
    I myself am one who would buy all!:cool:
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  16. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Please, do explore and expand on this concept. More customization options are always welcome, and it's just too cool of an idea to be a "one and done" thing, in my opinion.
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  17. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Now you are more specific. Before it was very general.
  18. Backseid Devoted Player

    I'm honestly shocked at this response.

    Character customization is the single biggest feature that 99% of players take interest in.

    How is it even a question whether or not there's interest?

    Everyone's on point about this being handled wrong.

    You guys better get more textures out and on the MP pronto. I know they're simple to make.
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  19. Fearlantern77 Well-Known Player

    The customization feature desirable, but remove it from the booster bundle and add it to the Market place please.
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  20. GJGBlackDragon Dedicated Player

    Please take in consideration players that love the concept but the Cosmic Material won't fit their character.

    In my case I don't see my toon with Cosmic Material applied so I won't pursue its acquisition. But if you put Fire Material, you'll have my money on the spot. Specially Blue Flames!