Frostina Iciclette's Ice Palace Penthouse

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    I just about maxxed out my allottments putting this base together. Originally the walls were gonna be covered (as much as possible with Flash Museum Ice signs but that would prove impossibe as far as the entire apartment was concerned. fortunately, this year's winter seasonal provided a much needed solution to that dilemma and I'm really happy with the way it turned out! Enjoy!

    Alter Ego: Tina Ewaldsin
    Occupation: Comic Writer and Artist
    Known Relatives: Ewald (Father, deceased) Olaf (Grandfather, deceased)
    Tora Olafsdotter (Aunt) Queen Olaf (Grandmother) Sinthia (Mother)
    Group Affiliation: Justice League New Heroes
    Base of Operations: Metropolis
    First Appearance: DC Universe Online
    (January 2017)
    Height 5’8” Weight: 125lbs
    Eyes: Blue Hair: White

    Tora Olafsdotter the Justice League hero known as Ice had left her family to join the Global Guardians. Her brother Ewald, meanwhile indulged himself in a hedonistic lifestyle.
    Unknown to both of them was the fact that Ewald had passed the time of night with a young woman in the Frost kingdom who later gave birth to a baby girl. As the child grew up she was told almost nothing about her father.
    Her mother was content to let the child grow up happy and carefree without the burden of her royal heritage. The Child was named Frostina and as with most of the poorer family’s in the kingdom, she had no proper surname.
    Many years later, Tora Olafsdotter returned to the Frost kingdom to confront her brother who had become power-hungry and was seeking the throne. However, Ewald was killed in the battle and Tora elected to return to the outside world.
    Tina, who had heard countless tales of the heroic Princess known to the world as Ice, felt something strange when Ewald was killed. The feeling passed however and Tina continued to live her life with her aging mother.
    As Tina became a teenager, her mother grew ill. Tina begged for an audience with Queen Olaf knowing that the Royal family was kind hearted and hoped that the court physicians could either cure her mother or atlas ease her suffering.
    When Queen Olaf met the youngster she realized at once who the child was. Without any explanation the Queen took in both Frosting and her mother and made them wards of the crown. When Cynthia recovered her health she confirmed Queen loaf’s suspicions
    Frostina was the daughter of Prince Ewald. Sinthia had feared that being the mother of an illegitimate issue of the royal family would endanger both their lives. Worse than that, she was terrified of what Ewald might do if he had learned of the child himself.
    Queen Olaf understood only too well the danger her maddened son would have presented to the innocent child and welcomed them both into the Royal palace as family.
    Sadly, Ice had died in battle against the Overmaster and her remains were returned to the Frost kingdom. Tina felt another strange sensation at the time of death and approached her mother and the queen about the experiences.
    Queen Olaf recognized that Tina was becoming empowered by the family magic. She started training the girl in the use of the Ice Powers as well as their origins. The Royal family was descended from the ancient Frost Gods.
    Tina was gaining more of the power than her father or aunt had had originally.
    after only a year of training with the royal guard Tina had gained not only formidable powers in Cryokinesis, but also flight and strength as well. It was at this time that a team of mercenaries had infiltrated the Frost kingdom and stole the body of Tora Olafsdotter.
    Queen Olaf was out of the kingdom at the time, (Paying a visit to Guy Gardner) and did not learn of the theft until after Tora’s surprising resurrection. When Tora returned to the Frost kingdom to see her mother, the ancient Queen presented Tina and her mother to Tora and asked her to watch over them.
    Tora immediately took over Tina’s training and suggested she start learning about the outside world. Tina was eager but her mother was reluctant believing that the world outside was too dangerous but Tora assured her that it was time not just for Tina but for the whole Kingdom. to start being part of the world.
    Tora took Tina to a private school in Switzerland where the young woman enrolled under the name Tina Ewaldsin. Within only a year’s time Tina had caught up to most of her college aged peers.
    During a break between semesters Tina took a trip to Metropolis with some of her roommates. It was at this time that the Brainiac threat and the Exobyte surge occurred. Tina was already empowered but when she used her powers to help her friends who had been endowed with Exobytes, It was assumed that she was herself an Exo-Meta.
    Tora and Tina explained the truth to the Justice League’s Core membership and Tina was invited to join The Justice League’s New Heroes division.
    Tina took the heroic Moniker Frostina Iciclette. Tina Ewaldsin, a talented writer and artist took a job in the Metropolis based comic book company, Blaze Comics

    Like Her father and Aunt, Tina is a Cryokintetic of incredible power. She can create Ice and Snow in any form or variety. Frostina is also capable of flight and super-human strength. Tina has also discovered that she has a variation of Super-Breath not unlike Superman’s. In heavy combative instances, Frostina’s skin turns blue and her eyes glow. Since she was taken in by Queen olaf, Tina learned armed and unarmed combat under the supervision of the captain of the royal guard. Although her training in martial arts is equal to any Black-belt, Tina feels more at home using a knock-down drag-out old-west style street-fighter technique.

    As an artistic and creative person, Tina developed a heavy interest in comic books while in college. (Tina was introduced to the medium by a visiting american student who had a massive collection of comics based on the adventures of her Aunt and the Justice League)