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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Rainnifer, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Rainnifer Well-Known Player

    A recent concern has occurred to me, and I've become very paranoid while playing this game.

    Long story short I got on a really bad side of a friend and I'm afraid of anyone I meet now because I don't know who they are (they've stalked me before on another character while we were friends.)

    I realized that with the friends list, you can add a player to it but it wont add you to that players list. So we all basically have separate personal friend lists. At first glance this seems neat but.. I would love to at least be notified if a player adds me to their list if you aren't able to make it to where one player adding someone adds you both to each others lists. I get completely random people grouping me or inviting me to custom chat channels. Most recently I joined a person's group to see what they wanted after multiple chat channel invites, I figured it was a random person in the Hall of Doom near me, but they were level 1. Within the time I logged in I was only in the Hall of Doom and stabilizer mission, so most likely this person already knows who I am... all they said was "group chat" I asked who they were and they logged off. So I have this feeling that I'm being watched at all times (since they will know exactly when I log in or out thanks to being able to add me without me knowing.)

    I guess I need to start looking in to a name change :/
  2. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    You can add them to ignore. That helps a little. Other than that. Do not worry about it. You're in a game separated by miles and possibly thousands of miles. Some people are just weird and kinda Stanger Danger types but they are harmless. They cannot reach through the screen and get you.


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  3. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    actually I don't think a name change would necessarily help. You'd still be on their friend list with the new name, anyway.
    I don't think there is presently an option to resolve the situation, beyond ignoring them.
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  4. Rainnifer Well-Known Player

    One of my friends changed their name, his old name was still in my list and I had to unfriend it to friend him and update it.

    This person I'm worried about actually isn't That far away from me, I just hope they aren't as crazy as some others to try and find me although from what I know I wouldn't be surprised. aha idk why i get myself into these situations

    It would be a nice change though if we actually had the option to allow or not allow other people to friend us.
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  5. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I agree it would be a good idea to have some means for a player to be notified and possibly even permitted the option of accepting/ allowing that addition to another players "friends list".

    Now this obviously doesn't ha[[en every day... well at least not to me thankfully.. but a very good treason why is detailed below:

    I have had times while doing daily outside missions where I am surrounded by minions and mid battle when out of no where I get a blind invite. Now I get to deal with this pop-up so I can get back to battling to stay alive and complete the mission. Now there have been occasions where I figured the invite was from someone near by doing the exact same mission so figured two is better than one and accepted the invite. Then I discover that I'm being invited to some lower tier raid, alert or duo and when I check the map this person whose name I do not even recognize is not even in the same zone that I am in.

    Now its possible that player could have picked me of the LFG list and just sent an invite..EXCEPT if I am in mid combat I am NOT posting to the LFG. So another possible explanation is at some point I was on a team with this person who is now desperately trying to build a team and they put me on their "friends" list.

    WE should have the option to decide who lists us as a friend for just that reason.

    Now to the OP... Alyce is right as far as I know, unless they changed things and just changing your character's name won't help. I do know from personal experience that .. using the league members list as example.. I've changed a couple alts names and as soon as you do the game automatically changes that alt's name in the league.. So there is no need to reinvite a member just because they decided to pick a new name. Same thing was true with my other alts... Just because an alt had a new name I didn't need to log on my 2nd account and delete the old name and add the new.. it was automatic. Ignore is about your only option.. You'd still be on their list but nothing they tried to send via tell, shout, say, or email would be visible to you.
  6. Rainnifer Well-Known Player

    I've been randomly invited to instances that way too, I always just figure the person has seen me before in the past and yes added me and probably had no one else they can invite.

    I don't remember if I had re-logged when the friend changed their name, I just remember having to update it myself because it still showed their old name as online and when I tried to send a tell through it, it would attempt to send a tell to that name which didn't exist.

    Ignoring will help slightly but I'm going to have to start ignoring any kind of player that seems even a bit suspicious to me, which is a problem because I've always been against resorting to "extreme" measures such as blocking all contact with someone whom I don't even know deserves it. I'd still be suspicious though because they can always make just another character, or just another account. I'm sure I'm overthinking, but they have said murder threats before and I messed up and didn't report that and now it's too late. Don't worry though I'm deciding to cut back on my play time, my membership expired anyways.
  7. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    that's what I thought. maybe they changed it.
    I noticed there are two or three names on my friends list which I don't recognise at all. Perhaps I just randomly added them, but I figured they had probably changed their toons' name.
  8. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    Sooner or later this person will give you another reason to report them. Just make sure you do it promptly. Take screenshots of what they said, make a short video if possible. Getting your account banned is a big inconvenience.
  9. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    I don’t know if it still does it but I remember someone changing their name 2-3 yrs ago(honestly don’t remember when) but they were on my friends list and they changed their name to something else when I was on and it gave me a text notification that so-and-so changed their name to new-so-and-so

    However I don’t think I seen it recently thou, when a friend changed his name when we were in vc, it didn’t notify me then. Maybe a old thing that’s been stopped, or it doesn’t notify cross platform? He was ps and I’m pc
  10. Merlin2574 Well-Known Player

    LOVE the Eurotrip references! LMAO!!!
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  11. Merlin2574 Well-Known Player

    I've always had the same concern about other people being able to add you to their friends list without your consent. That is a very severe lack of privacy protection on the devs part. But as others pointed out, the only way to protect yourselves is to put them on ignore. I wondered what putting another player on ignore does, so I tried this out between my main and alt toons. I have them on friends lists so they can go into each other's bases. Logging into two of them that are in the same base at the moment, I tested this out. Putting the other person on ignore DOES NOT remove you from their friends list. (It should.) They can still see you, both on the list and in person if you are right in front of them. Note, that if you remove a person from your friends list, MAKE SURE that you also remove them from having access to your base, if they previously had access to it or them. I had my main remove my alt from my secondary account from his friends list, and put him on ignore. They were in the base belonging to my main toon, so the ignored alt was still in front of him. Then I went and removed him from base permissions, and he was instantly teleported outside.

    While still testing this, just for kicks and giggles, I had my alt remove my main from his friends list, then add him again. Even though my main had him on ignore, the alt was still able to add my main to his list. (Note to Devs, this shouldn't be allowed to happen. Just sayin) And even though the alt was on my main's ignore list, my main was still able to send him a tell. (Kinda one sided, ain't it?) Also bare in mind when you add a person on ignore, if they are in the same league with you, they will still be able to contact you, and you still see them, albeit only in League chat. And also a good general rule of thumb, don't give out your personal information to anyone you meet in the game (not just your social, financial info, or personal name) such as your location. Better safe than sorry. Keep those trust walls up. The one thing that I always shake my head at with this game, is the amount of "kids" that come onto this game looking for a hook up. Just because that other toon looks like a female, and has a female name, does not necessarily mean that it's a female playing it on the other side of that screen. Or vise versa. Just sayin.
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  12. Rainnifer Well-Known Player

    Testing out how ignore works was a good idea, I had a feeling they'd still have access to your base so I had fixed all that as well, but yeah they shouldn't be allowed to add you if they are on ignore because that still gives them the ability to know whenever you come on or not and if they're really "desperate" they'd use that chance to come at you on another toon. I didn't know if ignoring them also affected their league chats but thank god they left the league I made with them.
    I do trust too easily and I'm trying to work at that, I've always had this belief that just because someone in the past does you wrong doesn't mean others are the same but that's been to my downfall too many times now. I guess I never expected anything like this to happen in a game like DCUO but who am I kidding these kinds of people are everywhere and they never really leave me alone in my experience.
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  13. Merlin2574 Well-Known Player

    Sorry that you're having to go through that.

    One of my sayings or motto's that I go by talks about trust. "Trust is like glass. One lie or betrayal can make it shatter into a million pieces, impossible to rebuild again." Another way to look at trust is like the "access level" at S.H.I.E.L.D. If someone wants something from you on here, you can be like "Sorry, I don't know you that well. We may be friends in the game, but your clearance access is like....level 3. Maybe level 2. And only my close friends get access level 8. Which is the one below my family. So, sorry. That's below your pay grade. Give it a few years. If you earn it, your level may go up." :)

    Sorry if my expertise on SHIELD may be a little off. I haven't seen the first two seasons of A.o.S. since they aired.
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  14. Rainnifer Well-Known Player

    I never watched that show but it was a good example regardless. I don't go headfirst into being like "Sure you can have whatever you want from me" I'm not that dumb but it can be hard to tell with people. I never like to believe it but I do get told that often times the nicest can secretly be the worst..
  15. Merlin2574 Well-Known Player

    Sounds similar to the quote "Best friends stab you in the front."
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  16. GoldenDodge Committed Player

    To the OP, also if you are on PS and the player causing you trouble is also a PS player, if you have their PSN id from inspecting them, you can block them on your PSN account.
  17. Rainnifer Well-Known Player

    We're both PC so the equivalent would be Steam pretty much. We know each others, but it'd be much harder for them to continue bothering me through Steam.

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