Friday Night Legends should come back

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Xibo, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Xibo Loyal Player

  2. BƖack Committed Player

    FNL will never come back, because it was Spytle who organised such thing before, without him there is really nothing to talk about.
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  3. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    I absolutely loved FNL. And Spytle!! :D I watched it every week, and always looked forward to doing so.
    One of the great things about it was the feeling of connection with the Devs, and the sense of community, that it created. They weren't remote overseers, but funny, entertaining friends who shared our passion for the game. Spytle and Mepps were an awesome double act.
    With Jens no longer publicly involved with the game, perhaps FNL can never return, But, why not an alternative?
    Mepps used to do a Tuesday Play show, where he was levelling a toon through content, with a group of in-game players... what happened to that? Getting a chance to play alongside Mepps and other Devs again would be great. If Mepps won't do it, aren't there any other Devs who would?
    Let's get something organised!
    Who knows, maybe Spytle might be ready to return? :D
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  4. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    R.I.P. FNL
  5. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    Spytle left Daybreak sometime May and is currently in a new company. He's quite laying low. I'm currently a follower of his twitch but his last stream was over a month ago.
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  6. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    Ah, I thought he was still involved as CD. I was out of the game for awhile.
    But, perhaps he might come back?? lol
  7. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    As much as i got annoyed with spytle... the live streams were much more entertaining .. no offense to the rest of the gang they just dont have the energy spytle had
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  8. Xibo Loyal Player

    Well, i add this suggestion in the Survey to 2018. Let's see what will happen.
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  9. Frank Zarjaz Committed Player

    In memoriam.

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  10. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    I disagree. FNL was a nice thing, but it was primarily Spytle's idea to do stuff like that. This was also during the era of a Playable PVP, back when Legend Tournaments were hosted and Arena Tournaments were hosted as well.

    I'm not intending to come across as Disrespectful at all, but none of the developers these days interacted with the community; let alone showed as much love for PVP in this game as Spytle did. The spark of PVP entertainment and Playablity has long since passed, and with that being said; I'd rather have FNL remain as a good memory than be brought back up in some unentertaining and negative format.
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  11. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    I don't think bringing back FNL is the way to go. Spytle has a lot of personality and enthusiasm, and it was great watching him PVP. The programme also contained a lot of direct information on the then current content and player abilities. It was educational.
    But, with Spytle unavailable, we should consider a different programme.
    They used to have a PVE challenge during the show, some episodes, where a league would run some intense content in a combat scenario, a bit like a pre-SM thing. That was good.
    I personally enjoyed when Devs would group up and run alerts or raids with a few league members. That would still work.
    I liked watching Mepps on a Tuesday, but that fizzled out after Jens decided no longer to be public. That was a cool format though.
    So, a PVE show, hosted by Mepps, with NOP, featuring a combination of PVE stuff with Devs and players.
    It isn't true that none of the Devs have enough personality for it.
    Make it happen! It's good for everyone! :D ( c'mon Mepps, it doesn't need to be hard work :D )
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  12. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Thanks for the video, as this brings back great nostalgia. I remember being shocked by the dpsers burn back when dpsing use to be an art. And the pvp matches. Also these FNLs provided great insight to some of the major changes we've seen(despite their poor execution to live)
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  13. Here2Help Devoted Player

    FNL was awesome. I always wanted it come back and remember having a chat with Mepps about it. Apparently they feel that FNL was a Spytle thing and it wouldn't do justice without him there. I would have still loved to see it happen but yeah, it doesn't look like it ever will. It's a thing of the past.
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  14. Frank Zarjaz Committed Player

    Agreed, FNL is a big part of DCUO history. I liked how laid back and fun it got, plus getting to see a lot of good players and leagues that I'd never have heard of were it not for FNL.
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  15. lukelucky Devoted Player

    Contents to easy
    PvP is not up to par to be on display
    Player base talents lacking due to easy content
    Oh yea not really a large population. Pretty small I can't see having enough participants or things to do

    I like the idea but step one is help the community recover.
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  16. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    I loved FNL and miss it but maybe we could get a group together on the forums and come up with something that we can do to bring it back ourselves ?
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