Friday Night Legends: Episode 19

Discussion in 'Friday Night Legends' started by Mepps, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Sore Steadfast Player

    How's that...better?
  2. Ace1 Dedicated Player

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  3. Liongale Dedicated Player

    Thank you good sir :D

    Normally I see chatter in the forums as the show goes on, so I got a little worried. But now I'm hearing it was a good show, looking forward to watching!
  4. Sore Steadfast Player

    I get the two healer strategy. You can't just queue up PvP and expect the other team to have only one healer. It's a stronger composition. But it's also a boring snoozer with the timer running out at 2 kills to 3 kills. PvP should end with the score cap met and teams occasionally being wiped. Queue-up PvP should just be about earning gear.

    True competitive bragging PvP should be run through scrimmages and be structured for more interesting matches. 2 healers is a safety net. It covers up mistakes. It makes the competitive field complacent. That's why a scrimmage 4v4 in Temple of Isis or 5v5 WT with one healer is a much more compelling match. (and fix grounding)
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  5. Gods Disciple New Player

    Was a very nice show to be a part of. Thank you Mepps & Spytle and also thank you for watching!
  6. Sore Steadfast Player

    By the way, my comments above aren't meant to diminish the fantastic showing both leagues put on tonight. I love listening to the banter, engaging chat, and watching players get a chance to showcase themselves. +1
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  7. Gods Disciple New Player

    Of course, no offence taken. Everybody has their own views on setups, roles, maps etc and I think it's really what separates each server. Healthy banter is always enjoyable but it is a shame when it some times goes sour.
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  8. ObsidianChillSucks New Player

    We ran 1 healer and it still didn't come close to reaching the score cap ;)
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  9. Sore Steadfast Player

    I remember and I'm trying to imagine what even that would have been like with two healers. I'm guessing 0-0.
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  10. Pew New Player

    Was a great to watch FNL guys, gj!

    Setup wise i really love the 2 healer/2 dps setups with movement debuffs on teh dps.
    Havent had a single match since 2 weeks that did not end in 1000-x for either side.
  11. GalaxySoul1 New Player

    good job guys was a good show
  12. Ace1 Dedicated Player

    Very nice!
  13. MercPony Devoted Player

    This is What the Fox Says
  14. Brice Allen Loyal Player words can describe
    That was just, wow. The fact that someone spent money to make that video blows my mind. lol.
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  15. ENLIGHTEND1 New Player

    Spytle and Mepps taking a dig at FMH Leader MaSsMuRdEr during Friday Night Legends
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