Free players still stuck with locks on test?

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Aggro, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Aggro Well-Known Player

    Yes i can play test, but we are still locked from the month lock restriction test, i play on the ps live server and would love to test the new pvp, powers,etc etc.

    But come on the restrictions of last update thats on live now (open episodes month) is really making me not wanna test anything, 2k cap inventory space, moving back and forth to get small things done, equip gear, drop gear, delete stuff off my inventory space to create space, dancing around the watchtower, get all the materials i need delete the extra pve/pvp currency for more space run here run there restore, respec switch gear tell people to wait to respec, delete extra mods, run to the respec chamber, switch powers cause raid needs a tank run again, dont have space in bank for more gear, rebuy, resell, retake, regroup.

    Makes me want to not test anything right now.
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  2. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    Don't you have free resets for 0 RB on test?
    You should be able to reset content ther for free.

    But even if, I agree, that having to reset, when it shouldn't be necessary, is an unnecessary inconvenience.
  3. Aggro Well-Known Player

    it isnt about the resets, we dont have white mods, trinket belts, space in the inventory all the dlc powers, the space in the inventory/bank, no armories, 2k cap in game cash.

    Lets say someone wants to test something a raid? and needs a tank i cant switch on the fly, ill have to respec old school style run around the watchtower for a bit to recollect gear mods currency respec sp etc., delete items to make space, the PS player who decide to test cant especially the ones who pay legendary on PS.

    I am saying the live server received the update already, when is it going to be renewed back the way it was, so i can test again? (properly)
  4. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    Oh, I see.
    I somehow totally missed the part, that this is about more than just loot-locks, sorry.
    (posting before fully reading the thread fail on my side ;))

    If your Access to the test-Server is so severly limited, then I absolutelly agree, that this should be looked into.
    We should be happy about everyone, who is willing to hop onto test to try out stuff and help prevent bugs going live, so those limitations are totally pointless.

    Might also be something for the request-thread about test-Server Quality of life improvements. :)
  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    These lockouts are the primary thing that still could/should be tested on the server. We'll likely revert to automatic membership when the next major update hits the server.
  6. Aggro Well-Known Player

    Thx for the replay Mepps much appreciated.

    Havent tried pvp yet due to it, its just annoying.