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  1. AniMud New Player

    Hello DCUO Community!

    Today my app DCUO Maps was approved for distribution on the iOS App Store (Available in all countries).

    I'm still working on adding Metropolis. There is so much more in Metropolis than in Gotham, so it's taking a bit longer.

    I *don't* have the home turf briefings setup yet, but that will also be included in the next update.

    It's 100% free, but supported by ads. The map is already loaded into the app, and available for offline use. Offline will also disable the ads (Can't display ads if it can't call them).

    Please provide feedback :) This is my first app, and I have many updates planned, and will be updating the user interface to look really nice within the next month or two.

    There are pros and cons for this and the android/web versions developed by others. The major con is you only see the blue/green icons, and not what they stand for. I'll be addressing this in a future update. The major pro, however, is it tells you a brief description of where to find the briefing/investigation, and tells you what the reward will be for completing it.

    Special shout out to Lawrence Liberty who I pitched the idea to and was extremely enthusiastic in getting this done, even emailing me after I hadn't returned a status update in awhile, motivating me to work on it more!

    If you guys have any questions/concerns/feature requests, you can reach out to me here, or you can submit a ticket at or email support at and a ticket will automatically be assigned.
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  2. Radium Devoted Player

  3. AniMud New Player

    Hello Radium,

    There is an Android app (Not designed by me) that you can find at . As mentioned, there are pros and cons to the features currently included, and whats included in the webbased/android app.

    However, I am working on porting this over to Android ASAP. However, I do have a full time job, and finding time to get this setup as an android app will take time, though I have my eye on a few pieces of commercial utilities that will severely decrease the time for it to go live. I just need to get the funds together to purchase a license.
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  4. Ilunis New Player

    HappyCat did an Android app, if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, he'll probably assume that I'm attacking him by saying this, but it isn't a bad app. Very barebones, but more helpful than going back and forth between map and game.
  5. Sore Devoted Player

    I know I'll enjoy it more if it can support a horizontal orientation. I attach my iPad to a keyboard and almost permanently have it sideways.

    EDIT: Great start, BTW!
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  6. AniMud New Player

    Hello Sore:

    I'll test out if the current code supports landscape, and if not, i'll try to build it into the next release.

    Edit: Looks like it will support it without any additional code changes, though i'll need to modify the background image (Not large enough for landscape). I'll have this submitted in the next update.
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  7. Sore Devoted Player

    Oh wow! I didn't expect that response. Kudos!
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  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Awesome work!
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  9. FrontlineR New Player

    I'll be downloading the app later!

    Thank you for providing the community with this app. :D
  10. Ilunis New Player

    Left ya a review. Just helping out a fellow forumite.
  11. Bishop New Player

    Fantastic tool, I know it's still got work in the line but I love it already.

    The scaling is a nice touch, fully zoomed out has a slightly OTT scaled dot but that's just my opinion - it's your app!

    Keep it up, if anything can be done to help I, and I'm sure the community too, would be eager to.

  12. AniMud New Player

    The scaling was a little difficult to do, as I had to set the different zoom levels, export the map project (Takes 30 minutes each time), add it to the iOS project, and test it. So I probably cut a few corners, and gives me a great idea what needs to be fixed in future versions!
  13. Ny Batteri New Player

    Downloading app. Thumbs up!
  14. Soulburn32 New Player

    I went to the link on my phone and it would stay a white page, found it searching for dcuo in the app store tho
    [using chrome on my iphone4]
  15. Orca New Player

    great work! thank you.
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  16. WebScud New Player

    Are there still ads? The price is now $0.99, even though the description in the App Store says free.
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  17. Burning_Baron New Player

    Will there be a windows phone 8 release ?
  18. Clip New Player

    Still no update!!! Nothing has been added so far plus it costs money now! Do not download this crap!!! Right now there is only a map from gotham with briefings thats it. So no need to waste money for that.
  19. Foxe New Player

    Great idea, with the app costing though, ill hang on until its updated. No problem paying for it, just will hang fire until it had more info.
  20. Clip New Player

    It would be ok to pay for it but since launch nothing has been added, and right now its really not worth even 1cent. If all that was said above is available in the app a price above 2€ is still fine, but with not even a small update till now its a scam and not worth any support!

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