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  1. ORBIT New Player

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  2. Bishop New Player

    I don't normally reply to these videos but I have been watching yours with vested interest, you are really challenging yourself and this is skill and teamwork at its best. Best challenge I've seen to date.

    Super work guys, very impressed.

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  3. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Will watch soon. But congrats. That is indeed impressive:).
  4. Omnilegion New Player

    Good stuff guys!

    However , people started complaining once tanks become unneeded.
    Now healers are on the way out?
    Not sure this is going to rub well with the community or not.
  5. uXix Committed Player

    Very impressive.
  6. freeloaders101 New Player

    Um no, granted these players are over geared have t4 supply drops and have a lot of sp and experience playing together and they (and through a good effort) pulled it off. I see these challenges are far better then a 5-10m pb run.. and this raid isnt that hard. Not to take anything away from the effort of course and it was a good effort for the reasons I stated.

    Its this thinking where healers are no longer needed that will push the nubs into this thinking. DPS players rejoice.. trollers are your batteries and you dont need tanks and healers now. OK.
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  7. Clutch Committed Player

    Yeah those supply drops are underrated. I see everyone running around with orbitals but imo, the SD is the 2nd best thing after tac mods.
  8. Flashhh New Player

  9. EP Ice Loyal Player

    Tanks are still needed and Healers will ALWAYS be needed. This was a good run for these guys and it's worth recognition but it's not the norm. Try running Prime, Dawn or even the Obot/Mbot without a healer. Not saying it can't be done but it's few and far between. IMHO
  10. Sophittia Well-Known Player

    I'm not impressed nub!
    Show me a 2 man Tala battle featuring Ephany and then you'll have something worth sharing ;)
  11. ORBIT New Player

    ephanys not good enough tho xD
  12. Senshirou Committed Player

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  13. KemistiOMG Committed Player

  14. Epic Wins New Player

    Non of these raids are a challenge, the only problem i've seen with people is that they don;t want to be told what to do, or they think they can do what they want at the moment and then follow through with what was being said. If more players were willing to follow ORDERS in a raid then raids would be a lot smoother.

    I think every T4 raid except Gates should have a TEAM LEADER (Must be experienced)
  15. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    i can solo it.
  16. Kristyana New Player

    It has nothing to do with certain roles being less or more useful, and instead has to do with people vastly overgearing the content, regardless of role.
  17. Yui Loyal Player

    Awesome. Now try 2 manning it without a troller :3