FOS 2 Briefing locations

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  1. StrayWolf New Player

    I've got all but one and it's driving me nuts. Is there one super secret elusive one I'm just missing? Once again as per my last FOS related thread, I've looked everywhere online but with little to no info yielded.

    Ones I know I've gotten:

    1. in the first room not far from the vendor

    2. In the "Guantlet"

    3. in the trophy room

    4. Behind the phantom zone portal

    5. In the hallway where you first see Avatar of Meta through the window

    6 and 7. In the room just before the avatar of meta room, with the crystal bridge leading to the room in FOS3

    The 8th one, I can't seem to find after scouring every little nook and cranny I can fit my character through. Anyone know?
  2. Statman New Player

    Theres one just before the bridge, on the left side I'm pretty sure. Off the edge of the area you fight the 3 big guys guarding the crystal. I think it's blue!
  3. StrayWolf New Player

    Yeah I got the two by the crystal bridge, but I don't recall grabbing the one in the "Crystal Run" room. Thanks, I'll give it a shot tonight.
  4. StrayWolf New Player

    EDIT: Just tried looking for it by the three crystal guards, the one in plain sight was green, could not find blue :(. The Zod cowl... it taunts me lol.
  5. Statman New Player

    There's not one just off the edge of the platform (slightly out of sight). I could just be imagining it, haha.
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  6. StrayWolf New Player

    lol well I've never found it so I'll take any leads but as I'm posting this, I'm flying around that area in FOS2 to no avail. Nothing over the edge.

    EDIT: I FOUND IT! hilariously enough thanks to a post you made in a different thread about FOS2 briefings statman. It was the one in the Jor-el room up in the rafters on the way down to the split hallway. lol So thanks!
  7. tukuan Loyal Player

  8. Statman New Player

    Those are sooooo cool. I'm totally bookmarking this post to have all these links in the one place, haha.
  9. Statman New Player

    Just saw this, glad to help - even if indirectly! hehe.
  10. Therealgeneralzod New Player

    Guys I need help I found all except the first 1 , I've looked every where for it please reply
  11. Statman New Player

    Ahh... possibly the one behind where the vendor is? It hides behind a crystal. If you go to tukuan raid thread he posted earlier, it shows them all on a map of the instance.
  12. Therealgeneralzod New Player

    Thx . I checked with the guy , I put raids and I saw the map , the last one I need is we're the teams split up , around there but thx really helped
  13. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    You're not the real General Zod, I am. :confused:
  14. Therealgeneralzod New Player

    Iknow your my mentor :)
  15. WhiteW0lf Loyal Player

    Love your name.....opened this thread just to say that lol.

    Oh and as far as investigations and briefings go...check this out.

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