Forget water and put shadow instead

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    I see it like this if Shadow is a power it has ot be controller or healer no way I see shadow as a tank, a good example of how shadow can be used is Nightcrawler, or from Naruto that guy that controls shadows(don't remember his name). As for Water and Ice are they the same no. Here is why No some cases for someone to control Ice the manipulate the water particles in the and it freezes, but cannot control it until it freezes therefore they cannot control water. With water they can control water particles like the density and the form but not the temp itself in most cases. Well thats how I see it. But I would rather they did Atlentean Sorcery to not confues people who think Water and Ice are the same power. If Ice was the same power then how come (Inever seen or heard) Iceman have not been seen using water in his attacks?
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    Do me a favor and go to the second page of this thread and look at my last post.
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    3) Give Me Dark(Dark Arts/Shadow)=Controller
    • inspiration-shade,raven, obsiden and blue devil
    • color-black and dark purple
    • dark art tree-magical blood effects
    • shadow tree-dark and shaded effects
    Dark Arts-Infuse your dark energy with blood spells to create blood magic. This magic allow you to summon, transform and use forms of hell fire. This tree has strong crowd control abilities and pet abilities.
    1)Hell Imps-Two imps appear shooting out balls of hell fire. Once they disappear your lightning bolt will as well, so reapply pot and they will spread plasma ( p-o-t)(inflict plasma burn)
    2)Demonic Empowerment-restore power to 3 most fatigued group members grants +84 might and +90pre
    3)Blood Shield-(20 sec cool down) Surround you and 3 group members . This blood shield convert all damage back as power and decrease incoming damage.) enemies who strike the shield become plasma burned (inflict plasma burn).{PET}-provide a shield for your pet
    4)Hellish Stare- instantly stun enemies (Healing Debuff) (plasma inflicted enemies take additional damage)
    5) Pet Tamer – Drop a skull chain in the ground that emerges underneath their target attaching themselves to four targets neck causing them to kneel.(Defense debuff){PET}- skull chain appear around your pet and other pets which will heal over time.
    6)Demonic Arm-(knock-back)A demonic arm appears on your arm as you strike the ground splitting it sending out a wave of plasma energy. Inflict plasma burn
    7) Deadly Sins-100%Supercharge-Summon the seven deadly sins. Up to seven members in your raid gain their own pet that will personally give them power back until they die.
    8 )-Ritual alter-{360 push} Put hands on the ground summoning a mid -size bone alter (bigger than soul well). alter damages enemies with its essence by pushing enemies back with 3 pulse waves that 3 seconds apart and up to 3 can be placed on the field.(attack debuff) {PET}-Your pets gain a 10% attack buff (beast form gain small power back from alter)
    9} Cerberus/Minotaur-{TROLL-CERBERUS}Summon a Three-Headed canine to burn and terrorize the enemy. This canine gives back power to its master and increases critical power chances. {DPS-MINOTAUR}-summon this warrior beast to massacre the battlefield. Increase critical strike chances. (plasma burned and terrorized enemies take additional damage)
    10) Beast form- Transform depending on gender either into a SUCCUBUS or a INCUBUS. In this form you gain two unique abilities for each form. -{TROLL}-vit increase by 55-{DPS} -precision increase by 100 (This form grant you Flight movement and a transformation of a demon with ominous wings,claws,horns and a spiked tail)
    11) Demi God-50%Supercharge-Transform into a being with a new loadout that grants a new movement glide . You glide a cross the screen levitating dealing damage with these new godly powers.
    12) Blood Pact- Trigon eyes hover above you .Increasing you might and critical attack chance for yourself and up to 3 group members ( (plasma burned enemies take additional damage)

    Shadow-Ability to create, control or manipulate darkness, often by mentally accessing a dimension of dark energy and controlling and manipulating it in a variety of effective ways by binding and terrorizing your enemies.
    1) Intertwine- 3 shadows travel through the ground extending from you binding enemies(root 3 enemies)(p-o-t)(inflicts terror)
    2)Cloak- (one time cast) Produce a small-mid range AOE of shadows underneath your character. This cloak grants 10% addition precision,10% dom and all [PETS] within the cloak gets power back. This cloak dtays active and allow certain abilities to extend their powers by holding the melee button after casting that ability creating a SHADOW EFFECT. (Terrorized enemies who step within this cloak will flea in fear)
    3)Pandora box-{encasement}Open a small chest towards the enemy. Shadows flow from the box Encasing enemies in its path. Shadow effect-have all encasement explode . (d-o-t/ inflict crush)(Defense Debuff)
    4)Void-.Drain the light out of an area creating a void. These voids create a ball in front of you that consumes up to 3000 worth of damage..Shadow effect- Hold melee afterwards to have the void split into 4 pieces that circle you. These voids disappear when your hit so 4 chances of immunity.
    5)Dark push-a instant spiral of dark energy comes out your eyes forcing enemies and objects away from you (knock-back)Shadow effect-instead of ending the push with a knock-back, the dark energy wraps around the target head( Attack Debuff)
    6)Shroud link- cast a dark shroud on 1 enemy. This shroud connect to other shadows linking all inflicted nearby enemies. The more enemies pulled into the shroud the longer the pull between the two last. (slows movement)(crushed, electrified, terrorized enemies take on additional damage and risk the chances of being linked)
    7)Valley of shadows-75%SUPERCHARGE-A giant wave of shadow clouds crash the ground sweeping the entire field. It leaves a deadly mist that deal major damage. Shadow effect-hold melee afterwards to have crows appear out your cloak dealing crit damage within the mist.
    8 )Shadow fall-..A portal appears above your target, you emerge out the shadows fist first hitting the ground with burst damage sending out a (360)wave of shadow . Shadow effect- grants 5sec immunity ((crushed enemies take additional damage)
    9)Dark leech-50%SUPERCHARGE-(the wielder pull in large amount of dark energy from everywhere and releases it in an giant pulse which hit 8 victim shadows . These shadows become in instant agony, deform and start attacking its caster. (causes a hard stun and instant panic)
    10)Chaotic portal-a portal appears behind your target. You emerge out the portal shooting out a cone of dark electric energy. Shadow effect- grants 5 sec immunity to get away(inflict electric) (Heal Debuff)
    11)Tentacle Extension- multiple tentacles appear everywhere from the ground binding all targets. Shadow effect =hold melee for additional tentacles to emerge from your cloak damaging those enemies .(Inflict terror)
    12)Bump in the Night-casts a sea of shadows on the ground. This Deadly sea is similar to circle of protection but it will be a giant square of dark shadows creatures jumping in and out the ground((rooted, slowed, crushed and terrorized enemies take additional damage.)
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    9)Give me Water(Hydrokinesis&Water contruct)=Healer
    • inspiration good myra, tempest and Kaldur’ahm aka Aqualad
    • inspiration bad ocean master, hila aka siren
    • color- light blue with teal , bubble effects
    Water constructs: you have the unique ability to solidify water into a myriad of different weapons for physical attacks & protectiveness as well. For example, create a manta-shaped shield as well as a giant octopus whose tentacles were used for defensive & offensive purposes. Bind your enemies with an electric Eel, throw out water sharks and even create a water sprout to heal your allies.

    1) Water whip-{{encasement breaker}}hit your enemies with a whip made of water(heals over time)(crushed enemies take additional damage)
    2) Electric eye-create electric eels that wrap around 2 opponents, bind inflict electrified damage(single target bind, ,Electrifies enemies)
    3) Water fall- create a pillar of rock that create a waterfall,(this will be equivalent to sorcery's soul well) can create up to 2 waterfalls that deal damage to nearby enemies or heals nearby allies. Defense and critical attack chance increase by 8%
    4) aqua dome– cast a bubble shape dome on the ground that trap multiple enemies and cause them to drown (large dome encasement, damage-over-time ,crush enemies)
    5) Aquatic shield--create a manta shaped shield of water around you and up to 8 people that constantly heal and shoot out water every time its hit
    6) shark missiles-shoot out three shark that will follow its enemy until it hits dealing additional damage to enemies at 35% health or below
    7) piranha- causes damage over time to the target and others in the area(mutil-target(6) ,inflict poison)(basically like light chompers)
    8 )Sting ray-create a giant sting ray that strikes the ground with multiple bolts of electricity stunning enemies (Electrified and crushed enemies take additional damage)
    9) Poseidon trident-35%SUPERCHARGE-summon Poseidon golden trident and gain a new loadout (water pilliars, trident vortex-hold trident towards enemies and shoot a vortex of mystical water, ,trident arrow-throw trident pull back with water whip, hydra breath-blow over trident producing a waterous flame, hydroplane-slide on water toward enemy to knock back with trident. cleanse-grants instant heals(healer or dps) instant buff (this form last for 1 minute)
    10) kraken-75%SUPERCHARGE-Summon a Huge body of water on the ground. The kraken emerges out the water delivering devastating attacks with it tentacles stunning enemies.(aquafied and crushed enemies take on additional damage)
    11) Water dragons-60 percent move-create 3 powerful dragon. 1 dragon head hovers above your right shoulder shooting out a beam of water, while another 1 appear above your head shooting a beam of earth energy and last on you left side the other dragon shoot out a beam of flames.(burned, crushed and aquafied enemies take additional damage)
    12) Atlantean amour-this waterous armor protects four group members
    (EXCLUDING YOU) with the lowest health percentage. It
    increases critical healing intake. (healer-whom ever wears this armor gain increased heals by 10% from any healer within the group)
    (dps- armour only surrounds you. Adds +125 Precision, +8% Critical Attack chance, and increase your healing intake by 5%)

    Hydrokinesis: This tree introduce water pressure(increase the size or length or your move) Almost all forms of Water Manipulation involve moving and shaping a body of water to the user's desire: lifting, parting or otherwise manipulating its form and/or density.
    1) bubble beam-shoot out multiply bubbles toward a enemy (h-o-t,inflict aqua damage)
    2) acid rain-create a cloud that pours down toxic rain damaging all nearby enemies.(healer-rain will heal-over-time) (poison enemies become rooted and take additional damage)(root enemies)
    3) Toxic wave-Summon one small (purple)wave in a straight line that deal damage and pushes all enemies back (poison enemies take addition damage)(knock-back)
    4) Thermal bubble-Strikes an enemy with thermal bubbles that can stream to and damage more enemies or jump to and heal allies
    (inflict burning)
    • water pressure x unlimited -create additional bubbles by pressing the range button to deal more damage
    5) Whirlpool-summon a whirlpool that's pull targets toward the center spinning them across the board.
    (Area Stun, aquafied enemies take additional damage)
    • water pressure x3(press ranged button to increase the area of the whirlpool. 1st small as soul well, 2nd medium, 3rd big as circle of protection)
    6) Hydro pump-25%SUPERCHARGE-lightly float off the ground and shoot out a high pressure beam of water . Your able to move this constant beam of water across the field to hit multiply enemies.(knock-down)
    7) Rehydrate-50%SUPERCHARGE- water circulate around your making you immune while you stream water towards your alias restoring all power and health
    8 ) typhoon strike-engulf yourself in water and poison. Spiral towards your enemies(you jump then spiral towards the direction you choose)(aquafied and poison enemies take additional damage)
    9) Bubble crush- 2 medium bubbles of water encase enemies and drown them, these bubbles slighting float off the ground(medium bubble encasement, damage-over-time, inflict crush damage)
    10) Heal wave- heal the three most fatigued group members giving 70+resto and 70+might
    11) Tsunamis -summon multiple tidal waves to sweep your enemies away, the more enemies you hit the more
    (healers-heals you give) or (dps -deal more damage) (aquafied enemies take additional damage)
    • water pressure x4-press ranged button to create additional waves by swinging your weapon each additional wave is bigger than the last one
    12)geyser -Create a vortex of water that shoot from the ground hitting up to eight enemies (put hands on the ground & geysers spring up hitting enemies on the field (inflict aqua damage)(healers instant big heal)
  5. Aixon Junior New Player

    Does it matter if shadow has less support? The devs ate known for giving suprises. And they have been turning done water for ages. I think shadow has a shot here.

    And shadow does kinda sound like a combo between mental and celestial, but it's different enough to be called it's own power
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  6. sean04122009 Well-Known Player

    check out Lynx water power as well
    Control water in all its forms, from the rain in the air to the vast oceans, to wash away your enemies and rejuvenate your allies. Call forth creatures from the bottomless depths of the sea to aid you in combat, and wield the ancient magics of atlantis.
    Unique Power Mechanics:
    The Drowning Power Interaction, inflicted and utilized by abilities in the hydrokinesis tree, provides additional damage or healing for certain abilities.
    The Feeding Frenzy Power Interaction, inflicted and utilized by abilities in the aquamancy tree, increases damage dealt by some creature-based abilities.
    Tide Effects:
    High Tide and Low Tide function in a manner similar to earth's aftershocks system.
    To execute a High Tide effect, a left click (melee attack) is used after specific abilities.
    To execute a Low Tide effect, a right click (ranged attack) is used after specific abilities.
    For the Hydrokinesis tree, High Tide will pull enemies towards the caster and deal additional damage, while Low Tide will push enemies away from the caster and deal additional damage. For the Aquamancy tree, High Tide increases the area or number of enemies that an ability effects, while Low Tide consumes an ability's normal over-time effect to generate an instant effect.
    High Tide and Low Tide effects deal precision-based damage, where applicable.
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    Dark Energy Is what gives you control over someone elses shadow, boosting the use of their shadow . Dark matter, its not like you need a solid reason to power up the group anyway, how does quantum, mental, munitions etc. Give power.
  8. Aixon Junior New Player

    Yup that sounds about right
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    It matters when you are saying "Forget Water" as if it's either this or that.

    If you were to post "hey I know its not as popular, but can we also look at having Shadow as a power" then you would probably get a better response.

    The reason why the popular vote matter is because you want to shut down a power many people have been requesting for a long time.
    Whereas, no offense, this is my first time of hearing ANYONE talk about a "shadow" power.
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  11. Aixon Junior New Player

    This may have been your first time hearing about this, but this has been requested by many others just as much as water has.

    And I put this as the title because I believe that shadow is worth replacing water that's all.
  12. Magician Dedicated Player

    Please explain WHY Shadow is worth replacing as a power? Adding to the powersets is one thing, but replacing one altogether?
  13. TrueColors Well-Known Player

    Water is coming...accept it and move on. Put Shadow on the list of ones you would like them to do or work on, but Water is a done deal. Asking them to change it is NOT going to happen, so just stop ok.
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  14. Aixon Junior New Player

    1) Shadow has been a request for a very very long time
    2) it is very original and has potential to be very unique, and fun to make/play.
    3) Is it just me or has water been turned down by the devs for ages? (I know I'm exaggerating) did you see the last soe live? Spytle literally said something about not wanting water. Yes people can change their mind, but still...

    Shadow ftw :)
  15. YinChakra Dedicated Player

    Atomic Tank FTW
  16. Ghostof91 New Player

    Lol bullets for a Mental, quantum user.:rolleyes:
  17. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    I never liked gadgets and munitions. Both make no sense in the story line on how we got our. But the best case I can make for them giving power is they could have some sort of battery supply since they went to a weapons shop as their power anyway. Mental is easy Thoughts are energy. With shadow, it is technically an absence of power. That's what bugs me about the idea. And we are talking about shadows, not dark energy. And how would using someone's shadow boost their energy?
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  18. Ghostof91 New Player

    Shadow has unlimited power as other natural elements, it is only the absence of light, power is based on energy from any source whether its mind control inspired or altering reality itself were one appears revitalized, did you see what I just did.
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  19. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Ok... now you are just making things up. lol
  20. Ghostof91 New Player

    Oh well, Looks like no shadow troll from Carlynn.:p
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