For those who think the sky is falling

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by coldchilln88, Feb 15, 2020.

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  1. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Still looking forward to that Livestream.
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  3. SekretVillain Loyal Player

  4. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Jackster has hope that DCUO will live long enough to celebrate it's 20th year anniversary. Getting around to satisfying player requests now that the studio has some independence. They're currently working on a prototype for their new MMO. Can't reveal any detail other than it's a few years away from a finished product.
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  5. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I've been hearing people claiming that the game was dying, the sky is falling and that the entire DEV team sits up nights doing NOTHING but trying to cheat players out of their money since the game launched in 2011.

    All I caan say NINE years later is that the sky seems to be taking an awful LONG time falling. ;)
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  6. Solarbound Committed Player

    He said the game is as big today as it was when he first joined. Now, we all know that's not true. Yep, that's how you set our expectations lower. But, we'll see, Jack -_-
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  7. Solarbound Committed Player

    The population has depleted by a dangerous amount since 2011. The primary reason DCUO has survived this long is because of those whales who foolishly spend hundreds and thousands on such items that actually cheat players out of their money. Let's not be oblivious to what's really been going on.
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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    There wasn't anything particularly interesting in this interview, in fact I found most answers to be very particularly evasive, some questions he was obviously never going to answer, I dont honestly think you could read much in to this interview at all.

    In fact the part about DCUO having a stable population was particularly evasive as he suggested/alluded to the fact that revenue hasn't necessarily dropped despite population possibly having done so.

    Indicative to me that the only way you maintain a steady revenue stream, despite not having tweaked subscriptions for 9 years are the ever increasing pushing of RNG in loot boxes that at times seemingly gets worse or twisted based on sales.

    i.e. - if sales are down you put and ultra rare neon chroma in the box and attach a 25pt feat....
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  9. DC Urban Committed Player

    New game? DCUO 2? EQ? With this DC movie "Resurgence" maybe you cash in on that.

    DCUO was a failure from the start; WB may want that wrong to be "Righted" perhaps. Can't have such a colossal failure under that IP, when MMOs are more popular than ever.

    "Remember that crappy DCUO MMO?"

    "Nothing will compare to CoH"

    That is DCUO rep in a nutshell.

    If it is DCUO 2, hopefully Jack sees this "CUSTOMIZATION MATTERS." It is great that the NPC look amazing with all these new features, but how much more successful would DCUO be if the players had all the awesome customization options that NPC have?

    If you want everyone to look like Batman, just release a mmo with playable iconic heroes like Marvel Heroes Omega.

    Forbes seems to think it is indeed a superhero mmo.
  10. SekretVillain Loyal Player

  11. Proxystar #Perception

    Honestly, for anyone hoping this new project is DCUO 2 I really think you should temper that hope with a healthy degree of skepticism, this interview as well quite easily shows, based on Jacks answers, that this new MMO is in the very early days of "conceptual thought", the fact he's open (based on his answers again) to crowdfunding and the like shows to me, at least, that this project would seem to be barely off the ground.
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  12. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I keep hearing this as the game spreads out to new platforms and actually increases overall in population. If I was dissatisfied with the game, i'd stop playing. it is, after all, just a game. In this era of MMOS that actually ARE dying DCUO is doing a good job not only surviving but planning for the future.

    If you truly think that the game is a cheat and a money pit, why would you continue to play?
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  13. Solarbound Committed Player

    Really? We're going to bring up the point about how it's spread out to different platforms? Have you not seen the threads in here from Xbox and Switch players who have complained about how poor their population levels are that practically make the game almost unplayable? One of the biggest reasons why it has been requested to merge all of the platforms together. Such wouldn't be necessary if the populations were healthy. In this case, which they're not. Let's also bring up the point how we have a phase on our PC/PS server that's a complete ghost town. All of that, and you want to sit here and pretend that the respective populations throughout are thriving? Yeah, keep lying to yourself.

    My reasons for still being around is a whole other topic in itself. Yet, for you to question that is evasive from what the intentioned focus was here between us. I'll entertain it by saying this, though. At one point, I stepped away for 3 whole years from this game because I saw the direction it was heading with it's ill-practiced marketing schemes. As I'm back after that time away, it does not mean that I have to succumb to the nonsense that takes advantage of players money. Still, I acknowledge everything that has happened within this games timespan and I don't play pretend acting as if things are better than they really are. And, because of such is why there's such need to address those matters. So, again, stop being oblivious to what's really going on.
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  14. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Yeah i use to think like that too. But in reality. We dont know. There are people who spend a lot on every game. We base things on our personal experience. I go back and forth on this. Is the population at its peak. Eh. Probably not. Is it a dead game. Not even close. It all depends on your perspective. We can say this and that about my friends list is empty or well i can see because of the eye test. But we don't have access to these numbers. We just create ideas that we think might be true.

    Going back to the Queue problem. I don't think it's that the population is that bad. Its just there's too much content now and theres so many paywalls and not enough incentives for those instances to populate like they should. And alot of stuff is streamlined that content can be skipped which doesn't help. Anyways. No we dont have millions of players. But thats all relative. You compare any game to COD or fortnite and the game will pale in comparison. But compared a lot of 9 year old mmos. DC has stood the test and is still pumping out content whether you hate it or not. Whether we like the model or don't. Its still here. People still play it. And it still makes money. If it didnt. The servers wouldnt be up.

    So yeah. We can take our personal experience and make an estimated guess. Ive been here as long as many. But i think im just tired of the doom and gloom. There are always players who come here and are unhappy and declare for whatever reason the games not this or that or its dead yada yada yada. Wont be the last thread about it. But im just going to enjoy the game. We should always offer feedback to improve it. Not saying everything is perfect. But my days of speculating on its state are over. It is what it is. Enjoy it. Or dont.

    You can disagree with my view that's fine. But its how i see it. Some see it different. It is. What. It is.
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  15. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    I fail to see how this is a good read at all, because it simply doesn't address the overwhelming concern that's lurking in the background.

    Ahem for instance:
    He mentions there's a lot of things that players have requested that they haven't done that they would like to do... but the question is: what are you implementing and at what costs?

    Last I've checked people have wanted:
    • The Marketplace to be used more than what it is now.
    • PVP to get fixed.
    • NEW Cosmetics that aren't attached to crappy RNG time capsules.
    • Balance tweaks(but those have gotten sidetracked into Artifact updates instead of fixing said powersets.)
    The same question applies for the aforementioned "fan service" is a lot of this stuff going to be straight forward to acquire or is there going to be some knee jerk RNG gimmick attached like everything else?
    I would love to be optimistic, but everytime this community suggests something it's never done the way players ask for it.

    Also: That Article contains MORE questions about DI's Upcoming MMO than what's actually forthcoming to DCUO, fairly misleading if you ask me tbh.

    Edited to avoid unnecessary correction replies.
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  16. TestReporter Loyal Player

    Not really a good read, all he does is evade questions or give generic answers. So far so good all I got from that is DCUO population dropped in the last 3 years but TCs/artifact paid off for the player loss, their new MMO isn't even out the drawing table and people are supposed to support unreal engine 3 graphics till 2030.
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  17. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    First of all it is not up to you to instruct me how to think. I do not engage in telling others what they should and should not think. And if it ever comes off like that I apologize in advance.

    Now to the point. I am hardly oblivious to the monetary set up of the game. The FACT is that no player has to spend anything (other than a subscription or DLC fees) to advance to very high levels in game. All it takes is patience.

    Immediate gratification takes money and THAT is the Player's choice. If a player wants to spend on replays, TCS (which is gambling) , etc that is THEIR choice but none of that is necessary to compete. It is the business of the company to make money. No money, no game. But nobody twists anyone else's arm to spend that money.

    Ans YES the game HAS spread to other platforms which is also FACT. As a business they would not spread out without first doing their due diligence to gauge interest. So unless you have hard figures from the company database as to active players across platforms, you only have your opinion as to whether or not the game is shrinking. (Admittedly when it comes to this point it is only OPINION for me as well)
  18. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    This reminds me of the old lottery adage: You can't win if you don't play.

    Fun back story: If you watch a lot of 1970's television shows or movies about urban areas you'll hear talk about people playing 'the numbers'. The numbers were illegal lotteries. Here's the difference between the two back then...

    Lottery - Weekly drawings. Jackpot rolls over if there's no winner. Run throughout the state.
    Numbers - Daily drawings. Chances are continually drawn until someone matches and wins. Run within a 3-5 block radius.

    So this means even if you didn't win the numbers jackpot chances are someone around you did. This was why it was so popular. Because it was always your friends and neighbors winning. Which was pretty easily verified since they lived so close.

    The first Time Capsule was very much like The Numbers. You easily saw people you would meet every day with the various pieces of the much sought after Batman gear. Most people were finished with this time capsule within two months. Every Time Capsule after that is like the Lottery. Few and far between are those that have the more elusive pieces. There is also no guarantee there will be a big winner every day.

    But unlike the Lottery, money keeps coming in yet no addition is added to the prize you might receive. The winnings are static. While the profits are cumulative. For me, this is my biggest gripe about Time Capsules. The majority of the time you're getting a consolation prize instead of getting any closer to the prize itself.

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  19. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    In coming one of those replies...

    Top of the list is really bug fixes.

    People have complained and pointed out the areas with bugs far longer than PvP fixes.

    Another requested item was to make SP actually matter, which people fight because they either don't want to actually invest time in running content or just think that content should only be based off gear stats and and statue NPC's requiring no skill or little to no skill to beat.

    More challenging content was another, but considering that the game is based off of damage, safe to say that died long ago.

    Oh yeah...the CONTROLLER ROLE PASS.

    Please restore the stun duration to what it used to be based off of... Dominance.

    Really there are 3 things that are top for many on these forums.

    Fix the bugs
    Balance across stats and powers

    These 3 are linked to all others fixes. These 3 will go a whole lot further than any other things, other than putting makeup on a pig by just covering it up with anything else while these still remain.
  20. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I live and work in NY and have since the days you are talking about. They used to play a game called Three Card Monte on the streets. The "dealer" would shuffle around three cards and the object was to pick out the one he or she showed you before the shuffle. Everyone KNEW the game was fixed and yet I saw literally hundreds of people lose their entire paycheck.

    I never felt ANY sympathy for those people because a sucker deserves to be taken.

    As to the Time Capsules, they are more like gambling in a casino than playing the lottery (IMO). If you play the slots, the odds of hitting a jackpot reset with every pull. You are no more likely to hit on the thousandth pull as you are on the first. And everyone who plays knows this. The odds are such that you are likely to hit lesser payouts , just enough, to keep you playing , draining you in such a way that you slowly invest more money in the game. Time capsules are like this. People also tend to gamble because they like the "action" as much if not more than the payout. The same dynamic applies to gambling on Time Capsules.

    I always preferred to gamble on games that take some sort of skill or knowledge of the game(poker, sports betting etc) but even then the odds are always in favor of the house.
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