For those that Missed PAX stream - Xbox only get Vapor Aura

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Proxystar, Apr 24, 2016.

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  1. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    XBOne players will never get
    the TomBot....
    the Brainiac Serrvo Droid.....
    the Daybreak Emblem.....
    the BombShell anniversary poster....
    the Orrery of the Multiverse.......
    and a bunch of other stuff I fail to mention.

    So I can see the Devs wanting to give XBOne players a little something to make up for ALLL the stuff they missed out.
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  2. Jameztowerz Active Player

    We don't know that. It was once said that you could only get your mentors specific tiered gear that was changed. Then villains and hero's had specific styles based on faction and that has changed. Also villain as and hero's had their own instances and that has changed. We were also told that PC and ps would never merge servers but that too has changed. So who is to say that those items won't be offered later on via the marketplace for X1.
  3. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    No they break games lmao.
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  4. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    Not a bit of a slap, it's a huge fkn slap. These people haven't supported these people for 5 years like pc and ps players but they get exclusive crap just because they're on a different platform. Thanks NerdofPrey hopefully the rest of the population on the forums finally sees the truth. Ban me Mepps I don't give a **** anymore.
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  5. Bobburt Committed Player

    Cause then they'll have to give the exact same stuff to the xbox players when their servers go through all the same stuff.

    At least now they're giving them their freebies upfront. :D
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  6. Unida Dedicated Player

    for the benefit of the game, we need xbox to succeed.

    they are on their own server right? so if you arent xbox, you will never see them or their auras n emblems? if thats the case, this is even less than a minor issue.

    the main thing im looking forward too is the resources that were on the porting to be moved back into the main game team to help fix all the other stuff thats wrong. and lets be honest, thats a big job....
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  7. Korlick Loyal Player


    Theres a lot of these around here....
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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    make up for what? the game simply hasn't been available on the console, what exactly do they have to "make up for"?

    it's not really about the stuff anyway, it's more about the fact we're getting treated poorly, I mean this last episode was a complete failure in terms of implementation the servers died for about 2 weeks, constant down times and what did we get told.

    "keep paying and harden up".
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  9. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Well, you did tell me that not paying and expecting them to fix stuff was illogical. :p
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    haha, oh I keep paying, don't worry; but I'm going to cry foul every now and again when the developers throw sand in our eyes.

    yes, I'm contradictory sometimes. it's a colourful world we live in :D
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  11. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Ehhh, if you're sitting in the parking lot waiting for your buddy to bring you fries, you don't ***** - free fries is free fries.

    If I paid for the damned fries, I want good fries.

    Working the electric / nature / water / et cetera game imbalances into this metaphor isn't happening though.
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  12. BigE8908 New Player

    I love you basically answered your stuff you all have exclusive access to the game on the PlayStation 3 and 4 when it comes to consoles so I know you say its about the treatment of the loyal players etc but when it comes to where the rubber meets the road you have got exclusive access to the game on your console while we haven't had access to it on the Xbox consoles until this year which we are still waiting for it even though we don't have to wait to much longer hopefully I'm looking forward to kicking some hero butt lol
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  13. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Yeah, I'm sure if I still had a disposable income, I'd pay in spite of all the reasons I currently don't feel like budgeting for it. Hopefully I can have that option soon. I have a few high paying job prospects in the works at the moment.
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  14. coco Committed Player

    Now now, lmao you forgot our fireworks that make sounds but you can't see any fireworks, or our bootility belt that wasn't given, had to be earned. To the people that say oh but Xbox will never have these gifts that we already have please think about it what do you think will be their 1yr, or 2nd yr gifts?I mean sure we can't say for sure what they will get but still. I have a novel coming up next because I originally got on here to discuss the current state of the game & then had an epiphany coming across your thread. To stay tuned........
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  15. Proxystar #Perception

    Yeah, given how little motivation I've had to play lately, It's a surprise I still pay, I guess I just wish and hope.
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  16. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    But the original plasmic and original nimbus weren't given away to all PS/PC like this vapor aura will be given to all the Xbox players.
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  17. Proxystar #Perception

    wait those powers still exist? :p
  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Oh, you mean the 2nd year anniversary trinket, it is a sky rocket that explodes in a big "2" symbol, if you look up, just don't do it in the WT or metropolis, it's an exclusive gotham night time thing for best results :) lol
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  19. Lionxoft Committed Player

    All (or most) of which were paid for.
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  20. Eternal Realix New Player

    Okay, so this whole thread is just you complaining about 2 styles? Literally vanity items they can get on DCUO as an incentive to play.
    That's it? That's your problem?

    "Oh but w-we had to 'suffer' m-more!!! where's our s-stuff?"

    Cry me a river, this is the first time an xbox gets a daybreak game, especially one thats been out for 5 years, and to celebrate and welcome the new players, they're giving them a gift.

    You just sound like a little kid complaining about not getting the last cookie in the jar.
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