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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Balistical Ice, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    So this thread is for the Ice problems that Ive experienced.

    Theres really only two issue with Ice that Ive noticed so far.

    The first, being that Snow Devil doesn't deal extra damage to frostbitten enemies as it states. You can create this effect by casting Snow Devil and hitting a sparring target, then recording the combat log. And then repeat that process after applying Wintry Tempest or Impaling Ice, and then checking the combat log afterwards.

    and this second issue is actually really easy to create. Go into The Throne raid of Atlantis DLC on the Sea Beast, and cast Ice Boulder Strike. You'll notice it doesn't hit no matter how many times you cast the power.

    Thank you for looking into it and I look forward to these two issues being fixed. :D

    Also, can I add a suggestion? I feel as if Avalanche should also have a frostbitten power interaction. It just seems so more fluent instead of chunky and sluggish if that power interaction was added. Thank you in advance :p
  2. Batuba Developer

    I know we've had issues with Sea Beast and other abilities such as Mini-Nuke in the past, I'm guessing it's a similar issue. As for the pet, I'll take a look.

    As for the PI interaction for Avalanche, there is no plans at the moment to change how abilities work. :)
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  3. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Well thank you for the time to reply. The Ice Boulder Strike issue also happens when the ceiling is too low for the animation to play out. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work. The easiest way I could explain this is to go into the first boss of Titans Targeted Alert and move around the room and cast Ice Boulder Strike at different points in the room. Again, you'll see sometimes it hits, other times it wont.
  4. Batuba Developer

    As for Snow Devil. The PI extra damage is working properly for me (was getting 1050 average tick without PI and 1180 average tick with PI). However, I did notice that if target drops PI at any moment, snow devil stops attacking. I've gone ahead and fixed this so Snow Devil can properly see if it's target has PI or not and continue pulsing it's damage aura. I'm unsure if this will go out with GU 96 or the update after as we will need to do more internal testing. I'll look into Ice Boulder Strike next.

    Thank you for your reports!

    In regards to Ice Boulder Strike, after looking into the Sea Beast fight, this seems to be an issue with multiple abilities that spawn a projectile over the target's head. Unfortunately, due to the collisions in that fight, this is not something we can fix easily without changing how that whole boss room is constructed (which could lead to a whole bunch more bugs). It is on our radar for avoiding this type of issue occurring again in future fights.
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  5. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    A couple of other things with ice


    Ice Boulder: While possibly not a quote "bug" the way the power functions is not practical in the game. As you will see in the footage any sort of target that can't take damage will block the boulder throw (same with fire) so as highlighted Robot Sidekick which is not a targeted-able npc it will block the ice boulder and especially at range RS will frequently be in that type of situation, also ANY npc's from raids like in Atlantis we had King Shark and Mera, Ocean Master etc always fighting the boss and Ice Boulder will hit that npc instead of our target-able enemies. Not entirely sure off hand what can be done but any sort of projectile like this is useless because there will rarely be a time where something won't be within range to block it. Perhaps giving it a wider explosive radius and dealing full damage to the AOE to at least compensate because when Ice Boulder hits a target it can be quite a powerful ability instead of the 1200 dmg you get from a blocked hit.

    Frost Blast: The cooldown can lock on this ability because of the dovetail on Frost Blast, Fireburst is a similar ability in the Fire powerset but it has no such issue where as you will see in the video clip (while not recreated consistently) if I use my next power too quickly before the Frost Blast dovetail has completed it can lock the cooldown on FB for a few seconds before it stats actually counting down. You also don't get the damage from FB which is the other issue, compared to Fire's channel powers they don't have this issue with accidentally hitting the next power after Fireburst too quickly. While this is not a major concern it's still something that can happen.

    It just comes down to Ice being a lackluster power already and Ice Boulder, Ice Boulder Strike and Frostblast all have little bugs and those 3 abilities are ice's highest base damage abilities :(
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  6. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Honestly I completely forgot about that Chill. That's another small bug that gets quite aggravating. Ill sometimes clip Frost Blast too quicly, and end up keeping Frost Blast on cooldown longer than expected, and it just messed up my rotation completely. I am also the one who uses Frost Blast consistently throughout content and its a big part of my rotation. I also think that it should work like Fire's "Fire Burst" ability.
  7. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    So I’ve been having issues with Frost Blast having inconsistent cool down times. It says in the description it’s 3 seconds but 1 out of 5 times it takes 5-7 seconds if not out right locking out the ability as well as any power used after it. Also when I toss ice boulder at an enemy half the time it doesn’t count the damage but still inflicts frostbite. If you require video I can provide that. Lastly for some reason while wearing empowered channeling mod on my gloves I’m still getting knocked out of my attacks on occasion in DR by Etrogon.

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