For Batuba - Small Robot Sidekick Scripting Bug

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    When in "ranged" mode, the robot sidekick has no problem switching targets where its basic attacks as well as the stronger missiles will switch targets to whoever you are hitting. However, when in "melee" mode, the robot sidekick seems to be stuck on doing his basic attacks on the first target selected when he spawns and doesn't switch over to a new target. Weirdly enough, his occasional missiles when in "melee" mode will properly attack the new target despite his basic attacks still on the old.

    -Going to a range distance from the 3 sparring targets
    -doing single target weapon taps or abilities on the left sparring target until the robot sidekick attacks
    -switching to the right sparring target and attacking to see the robot sidekick switch after a few seconds
    -Despawn the robot sidekick
    -Go melee range and single target the right sparring target to get the robot sidekick into melee scripting
    -Switch target to the left sparring target and single target it

    Observed behavior:
    - Robot sidekick stays on the right side doing melee attacks on that target while shooting missiles at the left

    Expected behavior:
    - Robot sidekick flies over to the left side to start doing melee attacks on the left sparring target in addition to the missiles
  2. Batuba Developer

    Looked into the issue and have found a potential fix. Will see if we can get that out the door for EP35
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