FOOTBALL! Divisional Playoffs

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  1. Faust74 Loyal Player

    Saturday: Falcons vs Eagles & Titans vs Patriots

    Sunday: Jaguars vs Steelers & Saints vs Vikings

    I say all the home teams win this weekend.
  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    It's going to be interesting if the steelers and eagles go against each other in the Superbowl
  3. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    I sold my tickets for today's Eagles/Falcons game. Going to be too cold especially given my seats are in a wind tunnel. Had yesterday's unseasonal 60 degrees were today, I'd be going. Now, if the Eagles win today, we're going to the NFC championship game.
  4. willflynne Devoted Player

    On the NFC side, I think the Falcons/Eagles game will depend on how well the Eagles' QB plays and whether or not Atlanta can keep their mojo going from last week. Having to play outdoors in Philly isn't going to do the Falcons any favors. As for New Orleans and Minnesota, it's really tough to pick against the Saints right now. They're playing strong and inspired, and even with having to play on the Vikings' home turf it's tough to see them going down without a fight.

    The AFC side of things seems a little more cut-and-dried. The Patriots at home and in the post season are something to dread, and Pittsburgh isn't going to be messing around either. Even with the games both the Jaguars and Titans put on last week, I don't envy the tasks ahead of them and wouldn't be surprised to see both the Patriots and Steelers win this weekend.
  5. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    I know the playoffs are different but the Jags did blow out the Stealers in Pittsburgh earlier this season so it's not impossible for them to pull off the upset.
  6. willflynne Devoted Player

    Didn't know about that, so that is definitely some food for thought. Kind of backs up my thought about the Jags being a sleeper team this year, though. LOL

    Still, that loss alone could be extra motivation for the Steelers, never mind trying to get into the AFC championship.
  7. Redman_x Well-Known Player

    Pats baby!!!!!! Nice complete win yesterday against the Titans. Easy money all day. Just another tomato can to kick over on their way to the SB.

    The Falcons blew it against the Eagles. The Falcons haven't been the same since last year's SB. The Patriots break teams (just ask the Seahawks) and they sure broke the Falcons last year and they haven't been the same since.

    The only remaining team in the NFC that scares me are the Saints. But not by much. Saints and Vikings should be a decent game.

    As far as the Jags and Steelers go. The Steelers better watch out for the Jags. The Steelers are already talking about playing the Patriots next week, acting like they already won today, and they haven't even played today's game yet. You've got to respect your current opponent or they might run you over. Odds are against the Jags, but on any given Sunday..... anything can happen.

    Anyways.... go Pats.

    Hoping for an Eagles vs Pats SB.
  8. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    Well, as long as the Pats have the officials in the pocket, who can stop them? The Titans might have still lost but the officiating in that game was horrendous.
  9. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    Tickets in my section now going for over $500

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