Follow citrine mists?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by scotch74, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. scotch74 New Player

    In the wotl part 2 there's a solo mission where you need to subdue green lanterns then follow the citrine mist trail to its source...I follow the mists off the lanterns and they just dissipate eventually, not sure what I'm supposed to do...thx for any help
  2. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    wait where they dissipate, an armored Lexcorp guy appears
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  3. Enickma Dedicated Player

    It took me a while to figure this mission out too, and I hate it. I truly despise it. It's by far my biggest complaint about the DLC.

    Make sure you look around because sometimes the mist does a complete 180 and goes in the opposite direction.
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  4. Little Sister New Player

    I think pretty soon we'll be able to hold a target lock on the mist, so that should help.
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  5. scotch74 New Player

    Thx guys..I jetted too it now
  6. Taco Loco Active Player

    They got us chasing fart coulds =(
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  7. Little Sister New Player

    Ok that made me laugh :p
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  8. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Hell today i had 2 of em just up and vanish. No reveal
  9. ChuckLess New Player

    They should have called the mission "Silent but Deadly".

    That would have been hilarious!!!
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  10. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    How about Orange You Mist-ified
  11. Black Wren New Player

    This mission is not my favorite. I am going to avoid it at all cost.
  12. Sbel Devoted Player

    Try to land where it dissipates. I think sometimes it won't trigger because no one is close enough.
  13. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    grrrr@mist pathing. I've seen one robot appear out of 12 mists get'n stuck under the bridge above the water.
  14. Beard Maaaan Well-Known Player

    Playing old content will bring back old threads.
  15. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

  16. Mister Hando Level 30

    Thanks for the help ! Finally, I succeed the Mission. :)
    But, the mission is completely bugged. You can stay all the time in one and have nothing.^^
  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    BTW. There is a confirmed bug on this one.

    The mission is doable, but yeah, it's 1 in 10 at best, and if the smoke goes down over the water it's pretty much a dud. The best thing you can do is concentrate on the lanterns on the one side of lex tower (the back side?) that does not have water to increase the chances it won't get stuck.

    I actually keep this mission in my journal on 1 toon, to help anyone who needs the 128 mists feat, so having it un-completeable has never been an issue...but I can see how it would be.