Flight - whats the point

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  1. details26 Committed Player

    1.Not everyone in DC used vacuum bubble, maybe some dpses you've played with a while ago.

    2. You're right the devs do kind of make and oversight of things which could easily be fixed with simple solutions but is sometimes taken out of proportion.

    3. He mentioned the Pillars because your argument was about them using an exploit. An exploit in which you think no one gets damaged or hit because they are not in mele range of the boss. He mentioned the pillars because being that there is an explosive timer sometimes on them it would be a bad spot. Also the tank was still getting hit from that spot throughout the video. One boss even purple balled the group midair. Hes stating that it isn't as easy as some might have thought.

    4. You are right it did kind of seem like a hell yeah we did it, but that hell yeah got quickly shot down when half awake cranky people started viewing only set marks in the video and skipping around from beginning to end.

    5. Its not wrong because they were being attacked. They moved out of the bosses mele damage range but does not prevent immunity to ranged one shot block breaks.

    I am not much of a friend/supporter/member of OP, in fact I don't even think they know I exist in-game. But I'm not that blind or confused to the mechanics in game enough to hate a league for it.
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  2. cadaverhead Well-Known Player

    ^ This. It is obvious that this person actually took the time to watch the video in its entirety. It took a lot more than just fancy flying. Every boss has a ranged one shot move and even though we were flying we still weren't exempt from getting hit by these. We just happen to be pretty good at knowing when to start moving so that we can dodge them. The hardest one to dodge is the Warrior's red ball(s) of death; And the Ravager and Sentry both shoot block breakers which hit for between 5-6k which are also pretty difficult to avoid as flight (with SS or Acro one can simply double jump over these). The Oppressor has a relatively weak block breaker which only hits for around 2k but he does have an encasement move which does one shot; but this is pretty easy to avoid; you can see it coming and simply move out of the way with any movement mode (except flight now).
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  3. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Thank for you posting this, saved me the trouble. This guy is just another poster with only a small fraction of the story and even less of an understanding, yet who feels compelled to pop off in the form of broad sweeping claims, in an effort to further perpetrate the witch hunt against OP.

    And to add to #1, flight has been widely recognized as the worst movement mode during combat since the inception of the game because it is, without question, the slowest in combat of all movement modes, including movement modes turned off. What does this mean? It means it is the slowest at dodging attacks as it's not only the slowest at just moving around but has no movement burst like double jump, inertial flywheel or zipline. For those same reasons, it is the worst at kiting attackers and the slowest in moving to pick up downed allies. Hence an overall hindrance to one's own survival as well as the group, as compared to other movement options.

    Vacuum Bubble? You run that? See, you just don't even get it. What you really should be running is a super charge that adds group utility, like speed drain or word of power. These supply the controllers with more power so they can recharge you and the rest of the group, so as to maintain higher cumulative damage per second, not to mention the small tics of power you are adding directly to everyone. Your brief little burst of damage with Vacuum Bubble is far inferior to cumulative damage the group can put with with a power returning super charge. It also serves to directly and indirectly, through the trollers, refill the healers' power to prepare for incoming damage.

    Honestly, I don't even blame you for not knowing stuff like this, even after at least a year of playing. This game does a horrific job of laying out the element of battle for players.
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  4. xDecap New Player

    they say they are working on it, so all we can do is wait... flyers will suffer until this fix... you will die... you will be a liability to your group.... you will maybe not even get into a group... :D have a good day!
  5. TMadness Well-Known Player

    Who said I hate them? I don't think the deserve any of the stuff that happened, in search of the actual vid I found some of their other stuff and at least the videos they make and play style seem pretty BA, but who said I hate/dislike them?
    Wait...which mechanics...the broken ones?
  6. details26 Committed Player

    For the last part

    In my opinion which is different than others is that it was a legit run. The loss in agro you mentioned is bound to rotate each time due to the tank grabbing it from the group, and the times where the boss turns and uses range attacks at them. I keep hearing people say that flying gave people an unfair advantage in the raid when really you had to wait till your 6-8 seconds after using your weapon of waiting to get across the room or to a teamate is as fast as using a weapon and boom super speed inertial wheeling to the person nearest to you. Its honestly just not fast.

    I think it was actually smart to go higher than the mele attacks. They were all flight. There was no way they could stay on the ground throughout the entire time and get the same feat without there being even more problems. I probably would have been that flyer hovering two feet off the ground attempting to fly away from a two second roll right in front or me, instead of the guy who actually flew higher to avoid that crazy 1 shot. But again, just because that guy flew higher than me doesn't mean hes going to stay alive forever.

    My last post was general sorry. It just seems all the threads that were up and posts inside were merely bashing just to bash. It all seemed to me that it was like ''oh you got it, but I didn't'' ''Oh you decided to avoid a one shot **** hackern00b''.
  7. Flea New Player

    I hate flight when it comes to combat and frequently nerd rage when I accidently trigger it during a fight. It is to me unbearably slow. The reason both my characters are flight is due to the obvious advantages in finding collections, exo's, plus other non combat related things. So when they **** this movement even more it really makes me mad. I would be SS if the stupid Joker jet pack included supersonic if you had inertial flywheel unlocked.
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  8. TMadness Well-Known Player

    Nah more like the Dev's were mad and punished us cus o it. I sent a pm to 478874 I'm not about bashing people cus they thought out side of the box...but again the devs were not happy.
  9. Berretta9x New Player

    not sure why you talking just about flyers when being grounded effects all movement types from being used....pretty stupid thread in my opinion. Flying is boring end of story. you just float. SS is more responsive and faster and funner than just floating , once again my opinion im entitled to. I have all movement modes on all my characters. flying =boring SS=fun Acro=annoying.
  10. Savage Mind Committed Player

    No. It was super easy. Beat it first try.
  11. AgentX44 Committed Player

    From the latest fix (latest downtime):

    Paradox Wave
    ·Paradox traps have become slightly more stable and will ground less often, but will ground all movement modes.
    ·Also, all bosses will periodically ground players, in any movement mode, within combat range as well.