Flight - whats the point

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Dump Truck, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    Oh yah. it's all good. I mean.. yeah it's frustrating. I can see why it was done.. but I do feel there could have been better solutions.
  2. xDecap New Player

    Devs thought it was time for fllight people to throw them another ten bucks to play the game "correctly" :D

    and why do we need to pay ten bucks to keep switching a power or movement? if we pay ten bucks, we should OWN that movement or power we chose, and be able to switch to it whenever we please, expecially when people can change a movement as easily as throwing on a joker jetpack... but i get it, that doesnt keep a steady revenue stream, and its too convenient to the players :rolleyes:
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  3. TrueMarvel New Player

    In The PvP arena The Pit. The ceiling actually grounds you if you touch it....... so the mechanic is already somewhere in the game...
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  4. Anhur Committed Player

    I'd wager this hotfix (grounding flight) was their most immediate and easiest solution to the "issue" - I wouldn't be surprised if we see an update in the coming weeks with more refined adjustments that impact all movement modes - such as the grounding effects during the Brother Eye fight in Inner Sanctum.
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  5. xDecap New Player

    how about a trinket that summons a bad *** motorcycle to ride... beast!, but only for ppl who are flight, since we can only walk in wave
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  6. Killua19 New Player

    i just read through this and really?? REALLY??? THE DEVS THIS SUCH A THING? Ok seriously? are the people who made the xbox one are now behind hotfixes? BEcause oh boy this is a load of BS ?? Did they change that now? do they have intentions now?
  7. Flea New Player

    This actually blew my mind!
  8. ARI ATARI New Player

    flight is good if you avoid all combat and want to farm all day.
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  9. Savage Mind Committed Player

    Or role play. Imagine my xvSU93RM4Nvx as a speedster. That just wouldn't make sense.
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  10. Grime New Player

    Well said
  11. Savage Hood New Player

    To those asking why our whole team was flight I can tell you the main reason for it. We used flight and the pillar to our advantage mainly for the paradox warrior who shoots the purple one shot balls. If the tank tanked him from the pillar and had him close to the pillar then the purple ball would just go into the pillar and we didnt have to worry about getting one shot from it. However during one of our runs which i believe we had all the other bosses down, we were flying up in the air and the warrior was not close enough to the pillar which caused 7 of us to get 1 shot at the same time. By the time we completed the feat we pretty much stopped using that method for the warrior due to that. It was pretty much irrelevant at that point. To those who say that we flew in the air and took no dmg aside from the occasional one shot, you obviously have never done wave. Anytime any of them sub bosses hits a player that is not the tank it will be a one shot everytime with the exception of the block breakers the opressor throws which hit for between 2500-3000. This is why we run a solo healer every time we do wave not just attempting the feat. What is the point of having 2 healers when they are not healing constant dmg, its either one shots or nothing.
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  12. Coldasice New Player

    If down draft worked like it used to I couldn't care less about moving fast. With DD I can ground you and then being ice put you in slow motion... Teh Good ol dayz..
  13. Hendrix Well-Known Player

    Possible solution: Devs can issue a feet mod that grants super speed movement, or a hands mod that grants acro movement, every flight person can install that mod from their mainframe and no longer be so thoroughly delayed by the grounding in Paradox. The simplicity of this solution is that you must pay for boost to use it, you still get your armor bonus (unlike using the vault versions), and you can mod back over it as soon as you are not going to run Paradox. Easy.
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  14. Grime New Player

    Learn to read before typing nonsense like you always do. They're talking about Paradox.... ONLY Flight gets grounded in Paradox. That's why people are complaining.

    Some people on these forums never cease to amaze me.
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  15. Skyfall New Player

    "Lol yes, the hilarity of people wanting to use a movement mode. Darn those cheaters for using something readily available to them.

    And bless those devs who had the clear mental fortitude to not have their bosses aim up at fliers. That would be silly for a boss to attack whats attacking them. Ugh."

    Just gonna leave this here.............
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  16. The Kitsune New Player

    De cevu Cannot spell it. You know I think I saw this exact same post in this thread before. OH well. I agree with this.
  17. AgentX44 Committed Player

    Maybe someone should just issue a ticket saying that grounding in Paradox does not stop movement modes for speedsters and acrobats. If they come out and say it's working as intended, then that's that.
  18. Eminence Dedicated Player

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  19. Flea New Player

    No one wants any movement mode nerfed in this raid or anywhere else in the game. That would just add to the problem which is what they normally do instead of fixing the problem. Grounding movement is a weak way to simulate difficulty ie - those stupid adds in the Battle for Earth duos they aren't any harder just irritating.
    Flight is part of our powersets how can I use any of the powers related if I can't fly. Create content that supports using flight instead of just gimping it. If you can't, remove it as movement mode and give people jetpacks if they want to fly that doesnt use up a gear slot or skillpoints.
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  20. AgentX44 Committed Player

    You can do it like Oan where you are only grounded on the boss fights. or PB where if you fly, you get flying "pancakes". But if the devs are going to nerf one movement mode, nerf all to be consistent. It may make the game die because no one wants to play, but at least it's consistent. Maybe movement mode should be related to a powerset... like a Quantum toon that can bend space and time but can't bend gravity so that he levitates/fly is just weird.