Flaw with DLC 30

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ringz, Nov 16, 2017.

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    With the recent dlc launch I decided to come back and try dcuo again with the new episode. The duo and alert were very easy to beat sadly, but I decided the raids is where its gonna be at and thus this is where my title begins.

    Both of these raids and the elite version are insultingly easy, I mean no brain power required. I know the normals are meant to be "content friendly" but this is a new case. One guy from the raid made the comparison joke that " Its like playing a fps shooter and the enemy AI is literally in front of you shooting, but the bullets are are not hitting you at all" . Adds are able to be burn down so quick, and the sense of danger is nowhere. I stop healing mid way on my third run of Panopticon raid, just to see if someone would get K.O., and nothing. Same with Escape. Eventually we were able to complete Pan without a Tank and I wouldn't be surprised if we could for the other. I understand the reasoning for making these normals easier, but this feels like this raid is made for toddlers than what I considered a casual crowd.

    Ok fine, I know the drill., I read the forums. You want a challenge, well head to elite versions then, ya try hard!! So I did and I want to state this as clear as possible. More Health and 1 shot attacks do NOT equal elite. From the past raid design you guys have done rather old dev team or not, this is unacceptable for the caliber that you guys know you can do. There are too many good examples of raids that you guys can learn from to be creative with instead of sticking to a design like this, that to me is just lazy. Add some variety of mechanics that will add to the fight to make it tougher. Not Owlman being able to 1 punch shot my tank to death while he was blocking. And to your question of well is elite hard or not? It is also an easy elite too. This is what really killed it for me and made me decide on my decision to not returning to dcuo.

    For content that Im supposedly will be logging into everyday, today was not an enjoyable time with dcuo for me, with a 100% open mind, and me overshadowing all the negatives . I like the theme of this dlc. I like the areas chosen for this dlc both old and new, (being back in smallville was a flashback of good ol dcuo times). I like the cutscenes, for how people say they are long, STILL... that doesn't take away the excellent quality that was done for these cutscenes. But the gameplay itself is not there for me to justify playing again.

    I read somewhere that difficult content will be the new focus for elites and depending on the feedback will determine the outcomes but until then, to me this is not worth logging back on. Elite raids feel like normal, and normal yall might as well make them the tutorial for the new gens and teach them how to play their role in a raid setting. I hope my critque delivered some perspective on the dlc. Thanks for reading.