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    Flashpoint Time Capsule

    Universes are merging in Episode 38: Wonderverse. Not great - catastrophic, even - but there is one benefit. Styles from Flashpoint Wonder Woman's universe and beyond are blasting into our universe in the Flashpoint Time Capsule! This capsule, like all time capsules, can be unlocked with Stabilizers or purchased directly in the Marketplace. Stabilizers can be earned in-game or purchased in the Marketplace.

    Please Note: The Flashpoint Time Capsule and its contents cannot be traded cross-platform.

    Amazonian Conqueror Gear Styles

    Flashpoint Wonder Woman stands apart - fully armored, wearing trophies of her foes, ready to fight at a moment's notice. Check out the Amazonian Conqueror styles inspired by Flashpoint Wonder Woman, and suit up yourself.

    Remember, you will receive a random gear piece as a choice in your loot selection window for each Time Capsule you open. When consumed, the gear will become level-appropriate to your character. The Enhanced version of the gear will also appear in the loot selection window, and when consumed will also become level-appropriate to your character.


    Flashpoint Collection Rewards

    Complete three collections for universe-bending rewards. Find Future Flash's Cowl, the Lasso of Truth, and a set of Mandess Chromas.

    These styles are earned through collections, which will appear as a choice in the loot selection window for each Flashpoint Time Capsule.



    Flashpoint Emblems

    Alternate universe means alternate heroes and villains, with alternate emblems. Embrace a similar but not quite the hero you know with this set of emblems inspired by Flashpoint. Collect eight new emblems, along with eight more Enhanced versions. These will randomly appear as a choice in the loot selection window for each Flashpoint Time Capsule you open.



    Each capsule opened has a chance to reward the special Madness Aura. Plus, take home the new Amazonian-inspired Half-Up Ponytail hairstyle (for men and women) after opening just 15 Flashpoint Time Capsules.

    AVAILABLE August 6, 2020!

    The Flashpoint Time Capsule will launch on August 6, 2020. Log in and unlock yours!
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  2. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    It would be great to be able to preview a Time Capsule gear before choosing it, and to have the same name for gear boxes
    as the name of styles they contain to make the life easier on the broker, AND to include the name of reward of each collection on all of its pieces. The past ones are just passed, but it could be very helpful in the future.
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  3. Black Moon Rising New Player

    Those are some trippy and weird chromas, I kinda like em'.
  4. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

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  5. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    Yep - it appears to be based on Shade the Changing Man from his role in the Secret Seven during Flashpoint:


    His powers come from his reality warping Madness Vest


    They also recently did a spin-off focusing on someone who stole the Madness Vest from a museum

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  6. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    This is one of the absolute best comic book series you could possibly ever read.

    Do it now.
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  7. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    Whats the emblem at the first row next to aquaman? I haven't seen that one before,though mabye it's flash or something.
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  8. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    nevermind my question figured it out :)
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  9. GL ANGEL New Player

    New to forums. Hope this gets to the right person. Could we or will we get Greek letter emblems (regular/enhanced) sometime in this DLC?
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  10. timetrapper52 New Player

    I really hate how the pump out all these great outfits and trinkets and the only way to obtain it is by paying for it. Why dont they make this kind of thing an option to buy, these things should be earnable by playing the game the current rewards for raids and so on is so stale its ridiculous
  11. Vengeance Gray Level 30

    Their job is to keep you playing and make money off you. They gave us a way to earn it. Run the stabilizer event and open capsules. If you want it faster you pay for it.

    It's a business, they have to make money any way they can.
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  12. Stanktonia Committed Player

    Exactly, people tend to forget that money has to be made
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  13. Larizsa Well-Known Player

    Does double Marks week will come for Wonderverse?

    Would be awesome
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  14. GL ANGEL New Player

    First time in the forums... Hope this gets to the right person. Could we or will we get Greek letter (regular/enhanced) emblems with this DLC

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