Flashpoint is free and new membership update

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Oceanly, Mar 30, 2021.

  1. Oceanly Well-Known Player

    Ok Devs y'all got me on this one I'm not going to lie Flashpoint being free is kinda Amazing?
  2. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Lol we made the same thread together lol lol funny but yes I am looking forward to what happens. I will delete my topic on it.
  3. Oceanly Well-Known Player

    Oh Lmaoo I wonder what changes There making to Membership and how this will affect FTP players
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  4. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    I can't even delete mines lol hopefully a dev can but yeah I'm with you I'm very curious to know what's cooking over there with membership update.
  5. FiremanMac85 Well-Known Player

    Everyone needs to show more reservation in their excitement over this. There’s definitely a hidden trick to this treat right now, and they just haven’t revealed it yet. They’re going to do something to makeup for that lost revenue somehow and it’s going to tax the players wallet in the process.

    More often than not, when they devs unveil a great idea for us, there is an equally negative side to it. Remember free open world bosses that didn’t require replays and how incredible that sounded? Look how that turned out.
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  6. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Fair enough you make a valid point lol indeed even so definitely curious to see how everything unfolds.
  7. LightningEl_ Level 30

    Not so fast top tier content being free means nothing as top tier players are already paying memberships

    I am not praising this unless its all content that is Free, No gated content will be very much welcome if they can handle there monetization wisely

    to me this announcement is pointless does not mean much
  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm more apprehensive for the changes coming to membership than excited about the free ep, and I will benefit as much as anyone from that as I have several premium accounts.

    Let's look at some of the things we've requested (as a group...not you or I in particular). Free seals, free unlocks (or removal of them), more stabilizers (one guy wanted 1 a day...$30 value there). If we get ANY of it, AND the fact there is a very real chance they will lose subs over the whole 'free episodes' seeming move that's coming AND they know they will lose $10 x as many premiums who are NOT going to have to buy this episode....yeah, the only way that decision is made is if the income will be going up...and the ONLY place I see that happening is in the monthly sub price. I guess they could always bump artis to 220 or 240 to drive Nth/seals sales, but that would cause a lot of upheaval in the game balance...which is already somewhat precarious.

    All the additional free or 'included with membership' stuff is fine...we all want it...who doesn't like 'free' stuff. However as a business, DBG is not dumb. A game that lasts 10+ years might make some bad one-off content decisions, but sweeping MONITARY changes are generally needed to be a sure thing before anyone on the business side will sign off.

    My predictions, 100% free eps, Premium will cost a lot more to get to like $20-$40 (or be eliminated completely) and membership prices will go up a few bucks. In return members will get seals + a bit more either MPC or replays and some shineys like what we get from booster bundles (the '10$ value' stuff), each month. Some XP or Nth metal detectors or whatever (repair bots?). So on paper it will feel like we are getting our $17 or 18 bucks worth (probably more like 20 or 21 on paper)...but it will all depend on what you deem valuable as a player. Some love those things...others find no value in them.

    So not sure if that is a 'trick' as you say....but I'd guess they are not taking a bunch of guaranteed losses without having some guaranteed gains already planned. That's just good accounting.
  9. FullMetalTitan Committed Player

    Can I get back the ability to mail money please? Isn’t that a membership perk?
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  10. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    I'd settle for the ability to mail it to other characters on my own account. It's been over a year, with no progress on restoring that.
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  11. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Episodes Might be open for all and members will probably get discounts on cats for augments and maybe other perks and our monthly goodies I'm sure will get Adjusted.

    I think one of the Livestreams the PS/PC one Mepps respond to someones comment about EG7 and what they want for the game and Meppy said One of the things they want is more players playing the game .

    I think open episodes is in a way one way for that to happen I'm patient can't wait to see how all of this unfolds.
  12. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    Not really. I think they are finally attempting F2P and Membership benefits being awesome again. They have been kind of lackluster whilst Free Episodes have been ongoing.
  13. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    That was removed to attempt to address the marketplace issues, and in particular the $1B cap. You can still buy stuff at a slight loss and email that to your alts. Extreme Soders seem to have the least lossage overall - but only by a few $ ingame.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It was actually removed during the last money glitch (temporarily along with cash trades and broker access as well) as they were trying to stop the distribution of the bad money before implementing the 'tax' and trying to purge some of it. I'd guess it was left disabled when the rest were allowed back, because having to move money around manually (hand to hand) and with a 2B cap has got to be slowing down the gold sellers and would also slow things if a money glitch made a return.

    You can still do hand to hand trades with a trusted friend, but that does nothing to help with same account villain/hero moves. Yes, we need a bank 'cash' slot or way to move money around on the same account that is NOT moving through the broker or enlisting a friend. First off we should not have to pay the 5% listing fee 'tax' to move money to an alt and second, it's a hassle honest players should not need to put up with. I get why the change was made, just not how long it's taken to correct or replace it. I'm guessing something is coming 'soon'. Until then, yes I'd guess you'll still see very expensive stacks of soders in the vendor (I like ancient vellums as well) when people move money.