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  1. FlowerFly New Player

    If u have done it once normal way im sure there will be no problem to do it again and again so even if u loose yours items its not big deal :)
    There should be a list at forum of all those bug/glitch abusers and how many times they hide behind those doors coz i wana know ^^
  2. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    No, there's another glitch for a tank to stay alive the whole time. I bring it up as a bug now that the raid is down, in hopes that it gets fixed too. There's a spot on the left side of the map, between the two doors there, where you can walk into the middle of a background object. While hidden behind there, tanks can pull adds toward them without them being taunted normally. I tested that with Rage and Ice long range pulls. The adds will reset sometimes, as they go a little crazy trying to reach someone who isn't on a valid part of the map. But for the most part, you can keep the bulk of the adds rounded up around you there, making the burn easier for whatever else is going on. It's a good distance away from the east door that can be abused.

    I did not test the tank hiding spot in Throne Elite, because after seeing how broken the regular version was I stopped playing the raid. Banning or loss of gear obtained by Elite cheaters would be completely appropriate here. I don't know what's logged on the server side here. One way you might tell real players from the cheaters was how much damage in they took relative to damage out.
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  3. MyDpsIsBetter Dedicated Player

    Anyone with that feat should be suspended and gear stripped of all 101.
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  4. Cypher3000 New Player

    I agree with those of you stating that realizing there is a glitch and exploiting it... is cheating. No arguments there. But... And playing devil's advocate here... Is it possible the developers deliberately created the glitch in the hopes that players would spend money to change powers, purchase replay badges, total recovery kits, etc., etc. to increase net returns?

    I mean... A glitch to me refers to a technical issue that hinders the game play. The Thrones glitch clearly affected both regular Thrones and Thrones Elite... Which I found interesting. And... The glitch in this case seemed to benefit players as opposed to hindering their ability to gain 100 or 101 gear, and the potential to obtain the Mask of OP.

    So... I ask... Seeing that there are 5 CR 116 players and 95 CR 115 players... And many more players with a hybrid of 99, 100 and 101 gear who are CR 114... And add that the new AMAZON FURY PT. II DLC has only been out maybe a month... is this truly a glitch... Or was this DCUOs way of enticing players to spend cash once they realized the "so called" glitch made it easier to beat both versions of Thrones in an effort to level up faster than I have ever seen in my four years playing this game???
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  5. King Smoker Well-Known Player

    if they are thinking of banning people banned every1 since the prime glitch.
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  6. apocalypsegodx Loyal Player

    I said the very same thing but mod 04 removed it. I find it very odd that one door out of four was able to be passed thru. It's also very strange tht the door happend to be the one near the boss fights .
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  7. MyDpsIsBetter Dedicated Player

    glitches go back to the first raid and black adam.. All we can do is address the issues as they come, the only way I can see you saying something like that is if you honestly did the glitch.
  8. Drloveglove New Player

    No one likes a snitch. Good luck playing with any group of people. Glitchers or not. You people so worried about glitchers when the devs haven't done anything in the past. They will do nothing now. Because from a legal standpoint. A lawsuit can be filed and they don't want that. People who glitched spent a lot in replays. I doubt this new game company wants to be forced to give those back. When you don't take action the first time and let this keep going on and on it sets a legal precedents And Thats why they won't do anything . Plus ya know two of the 6 116 players on PS are GM's So you people can get on with your lives.
  9. Drloveglove New Player

    No one likes a snitch dude . good luck finding a group to play anything with now
  10. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    so doing justice makes me a snitch ? Smh
  11. Joemomma421 New Player

    No but being serious when tallking like that makes it seem like u have a very loose grip on reality doing justice this guy
  12. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    Glitching is cheating , it must be reported in anyway possible and u can't change that at all .