Fix the group making for the love of God

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  1. Bomb New Player

    Seriously what is the point of making raids requiring players in specific roles, and then giving you a DPS from group making when you need a tank or healer to win and only have 1 free space?

    And why make the minimum CR for raids lower than it needs to be to actually win when on top tier raids?

    The amount of raids that have been disbanded because some 170 DPS joins a raid and refuses to leave when you need a 180+ tank to win (for example) is seriously frustrating.

    I spent 5 and a half hours trying to do olympus elite yesterday and each time somebody left, it would take 4 or 5 attempts at invites before you could even get a player with the role you needed.

    Then some idiot either refuses to leave, or disconnects instead of leaving the group, and hey presto you all have to disband because you can't even kick them for 3 hours or so because you already kicked the last idiot who d/ced or refused to leave....

    Fair enough once higher tiers are unlocked its less important because high levels will just walk lower levels through, but for top tier raids this desperately needs fixing.

    If we need a heal and a troll for rip in time elite for example, then we shouldn't be grouped in a group with 3 other DPS's. If one of them leaves the group, then give us the option to invite say 'healers only', or even 'CR X+', so that we don't get stranded with a group that can't win.

    All the system at the moment does is cause strife when lower players or the wrong roles join raids they can't hope to win and end up receiving a stream of abuse from the people who have spent however long getting as far as they have and want to actually go on to win.

    It really shouldn't be complicated to have an option to 'open group making to role x or cr x+ or even SP x+' and it would make the experience of top tier raiding far more enjoyable. Another way to do it could be to give the group a vote on whether to accept the newly joined player where we can see their CR/role and vote yes/no to them.

    I tend to find that if a group can carry a weaker player, they will happily do so. When they can't then at least give the option so they don't need to worry about that.
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  2. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    The alerts have a functionality so that folks can only get the "right" roles... granted just because they queue up for something doesnt mean they have the experience, the gear, or the ability to actually do that job.. but at least it can help.
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  3. Bomb New Player

    what functionality is this? I joined rip in time elite earlier for example as a DPS and got lumped with 3 other dps's. None of them had gear for their secondary functions and none of them had selected the secondary function as a role they could play.

    When one was kind enough to leave so we could find a healer (which is 100% needed for black adam), we re-opened the group and got another 3 dpsers who joined and left before we decided to call it a day and disband.

    How would i make it so we would only invite/receive a healer without having one online to invite directly?
  4. Tilz Loyal Player

    Just don't randomque if you hate it. Many ppl run endgame Content and it shouldn't be hard to get into those Groups form LFG
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  5. Tilz Loyal Player

    some thign to add:
    If you miss Support roles. .Play support
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  6. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    You wanna random question alerts and get all roles? Goto settings and make sure role optional alerts is off.
  7. Bomb New Player

    I have a support role.... I'm dps/troll. That doesn't help when I need a healer/tank.

    Also LFG isn't a solution to the problem. I random que because I'm not going to spend ages typing and retyping a msg via my ps4 controller while looking for a group for multiple alerts/raids. This is what most people do afaik and it should work in a way that makes sense.

    And it's often the group who reopen the instance for matchmaking regardless of what I want. It's not like I personally get to decide for the other 6 players on my team how they vote and most will vote yes long before I can type a msg telling them to vote no (assuming I've found time to check my league and friends for the role we need, seen they're on and checked they're free before).

    Literally you are just saying LFG/friends/league as if I didn't know these are options available. The problem is if I don't have a friend/league mate who plays the exact role I need online and sitting about doing nothing at the exact moment I need them, then that is a useless solution. Most of the time I don't and neither do other members of the group, hence re-opening the instance.

    Also what the f are you on about 4 dps being able to beat black adam. Of course they probably can after 100 tries or whatever, but its making life unnecessarily difficult for everyone involved when any sensible person would say get a healer. Frankly you should be grouped with a healer from the start for it, because it's obviously essential. It's actually a very easy boss. The hard part is when you don't have the right roles, or people don't know what they're meant to be doing.

    Regarding my ideas about how to address the problem, it's great that you feel happy to shoot them down, but I'm simply brainstorming possible solutions I can see to the problem. Obviously CR isn't everything (when t7 came out we beat the first raids with a team of 113/4s), but that didn't mean that we would accept 113s who invariably sucked once everybody was reaching cr 123-6.

    Regarding CR, it's less to do with ability and more to do with whether they have run the raid before/how many times. Most low CR joining elite raids have simply been carried through the normal version and are looking for a team to do the same with elite. By the time they are hitting 188ish for example they will have run through it a few times on normal, have a better idea what they're meant to be doing and are generally able to contribute better to the team effort.

    You talk about elitism, but if a team of 188s fail dwf repeatedly, one leaves and a 166 replaces the 188 do you think the group now has a better or worse chance of winning than before with all 188s? This is where I think being able to set some kind of guidelines for the player you want randomly invited should come into play. Obviously when the group is formed, anyone should be able to join, but when you start filling vacant roles, it's important that you are improving or at least equalling the team you had before that failed, rather than the team getting weaker and trying again where the stronger team already failed.
  8. Bomb New Player

    How does that work if we want a specific team?

    Say I want 2 dps and a troll and a heal for rip e, or even 3 dps and a heal, how do I make sure thats the group I get rather than 1 dps, 1 heal, 1 troll, 1 tank?

    Most alerts/raids don't need a setup with every role equally represented, which is what it seems to me that setting encourages?

    Also would I then have to switch it on/off every time I want to do lower tier content where Idgaf what my team is like because i can solo it all anyway?
  9. krytine Loyal Player

    Have you paid attention to what each player in your group qi
  10. Bomb New Player

    What does 'qi' mean?
  11. Menelaos Dedicated Player

    First and foremost, you are not wrong. There is an issue with the way it currently works but it is not based on what the devs created but rather on what the players do or don't do.

    If you have played this game any length of time you are well aware that there are players out there that will Q-up as both roles but have no intentions of actually using the support role. All they care about is that their person Q will move faster if they do this.

    In the older days there was a quick fix to this...we kicked the person who was meant to be <insert role here> and refused to change.

    As far as those telling you to use LFG, I use it regularly and I can tell you that for current content, its not much an issue. But try to shout for T6 or T7 and see how long you sit there shouting. Its not practical and its certainly not helpful advice. I either ask the League or I Q-up when running through that with my smaller toons.

    I don't think there is much that can be done about it tbh, using the Q-up is random and possibly meant to be that. You can end up with a group that is brilliant or a group that has no bloody clue!

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  12. Tilz Loyal Player

  13. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Que In. wut he qued for is it show both roles he also qued in for the other. if he just picked dps it will just show a flame but say he picked tank too it will show the tank symbol underneath as secondary role and that means it's the players fault not the system.

    The one guy had it right under setting click the role optional setting.

    noobs que in both roles when they can't actually play them.
  14. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Some people that are just dumb do too.
  15. Supremo BR Well-Known Player

    This game was not made for scrubs. A scrub run is 90% of the time a fail run. Just saying.
  16. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Dcuo have the worse lfg i've played. In ffxi you could see who was looking for content and the could type what exactly what they wanted once you clicked on their name. Lol the main 2 things was "no NA" or "Japanese onry". I don't think the Japanese have a L on their keyboards, but anyway you get what i'm saying
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  17. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    This is one of the most casual ganes on the mmo market fyi. So "scrubs" is exactly who dc was made for
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  18. Bomb New Player

    Ok, I get where you're coming from here Tilz, and don't actually disagree with any of what you said, but I think the difference between us is that I think random que should be equally viable as LFG to create a winning team (once the instance is underway), otherwise whats the point of having it as the main automated feature for team-making?

    While you can take the attitude that since there is LFG, it doesn't matter that random group making is (generally) completely useless for top tier raids, I'm of the opinion that they should try to incorporate the benefits of LFG into random group making, so that it is an equally viable choice as LFG teams.

    When you do LFG, you have complete control over every aspect of the team. You can decide min CR, SP, role reqs, etc, etc, etc. I fail to see why aspects of this can't be incorporated into a basic tick menu, or group vote for times when you are inviting random players to the instance.

    In LFG, you might say for example that you want 185+ heal with 200+SP for GOMe and then manually invite that person when they get in touch.

    I'm saying it would make more sense if instead, you set these as your parameters for team finding, then leave it to the computer to pick this player out of the pool of potential candidates. Basically an automated version of LFG, which the inviters could make as specific or vague as they like and which the computer would then act upon.

    If like you suggested, a bunch of 160s decided they needed a 188 healer for a t6/7 raid, chances are they'll have a long wait to find that player they are looking for, because they have unrealistic expectations, whereas if they said they needed a 160+ healer, there would be a bigger pool of players to choose from. DCUO could even cap the max level you can ask for, based on what tier of raid it was to prevent people trying to game the system and get completely OP players for low tier content in this way.

    Ultimately I don't see how what I suggested is anything other than an automated version of LFG, which is why I find it strange that it is something people could disagree with. It's just automating a process that people do manually all the time, and making high tier raids more accessible by making groups have a better chance of actually finishing the raid, once it gets underway.
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  19. Bomb New Player

    Yes I do look at this then and am aware of the idiots who set both roles when they can only do one.

    The problems I've had tend to be when we have say 1 tank, but want 2, or have 1 healer, but want 2. At top tier, sometimes players just aren't good enough to solo these roles well, but we can compensate for that by adding an additional player in that role and losing a bit of dps to balance out the player count.

    This is where random group making really falls on its face in terms of getting a winning team together.
  20. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Then you build your own group with LFG

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