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  1. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Id go with the end-gamer, so it be more like this [IMG]

    The blue and yellow car would represent players who are along the Cr gearing path. The red car is the endgame player, they would merge onto the path with them for a few miles...Except it be somewhat reversed as the red car merging would have to temporarily slow(bracket) down to merge with the blue and yellow car. After a few miles the red car will take the merger off the back into the bottom lane(with a goodie bag or something). In my theory it would work something like a cog system
    With 2 you can ssay the one on the bottom is the un-bracketed which would be moving at 70 miles per hour while the top line moves at 30 miles per hour

    Ill try editing this one abit
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  2. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I see that all the same people who are against stat clamping have showed up to the thread. Im not sure how that counts as "majority don't want stat clamping" when its been said time and time again that the forums represent so little of actual in gamers, so lets not talk about who really wants who. What this should be about is what this game needs.

    Funny thing is, this game is already in favor for yall who like to feel powerful, but how has that been treating the game? Or better yet since stat clamping? If dcuo wants to be rich in content then some form of incentive to get players in low content needs to be placed (like how the catalyst system was before they changed it) and instances needs to be clamped for more participation for the new players and so they can actually learn a damn thing about the game. This will make the game better overall. Besides, I've seen dedication tested in this community. Not like yall gonna leave anyway lol.
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  3. Proxystar #Perception

    1 . Equally so the same people have found there way too this thread who advocate for stat clamping, the same can be said of them, one in particular who barely plays the game anymore.

    2. If you run with the argument the forum represents a small minority of the community then your argument or position is equally invalid and the status quo must prevail.

    3. I didn't realise your position was what was best for the game? Why because you and a few others say so? Ignore all the people opposed right... The game has been functioning perfectly for what 9 years with stat clamping not needed a change is unnecessary.

    4. If you want to take low cr people into an instance then form your own group in lfg, you already have the tools you're just too lazy to use them, you'd rather twist and squirm and try to force people to play with you through compulsion.

    5. The reason you need to compel people to run low content at level is because you know it's not what people want, if it were you wouldn't need to compel them in the first place.

    Form your own like minded groups in lfg it's what is there for and stop trying to force others to play the game your way, if you queue random then expect random results which is exactly what you're getting

    This game is designed for us to progress infinitely not be locked within a sideways moving progression window for each tier or dlc, that isn't even true progression.
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  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Hi. I am against forced stat clamping in any form in any tier content with the exception of seasonals and events. Thank you for your time.
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  5. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    honestly the reason lower tier (and even a sizable chunk of endgame players) don't learn is cause we got the TRASH bottom of the barrel players no other game wanted. just ran silent school and the troller left right at the start of the faceless one final fight skipping out on a perfectly good run with no deaths. we get the most: ignorant, self serving, morally dead, narcissistic people a game could have. most players i see fail do so by their own incompetence, it's neither the high CR players' faults nor entirely the devs' (though a tutorial would be nice, but hey, they had to NERF the simple one we DID have because "learning the basics was too hard."). when do we stop trying to blame our failures on others? when is it right to? only when you see those mistakes repeated, and i've seen some truly stupid stuff across several runs. now i wish i could insert a video of the sergeant from a slap on titan to vocalize a few of my more *ahem* livid thoughts on the utter failures i've seen........
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  6. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    Hello.. I am against forced stat clamping in any forming any tier content with the exception of seasonals and events. Yup. In game people like as is sirs. Thank you for your time. Have fun.
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  7. Dene Devoted Player

    No No .. Thank YOU lol

    agree 100%
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  8. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Ohhhhh but it is the same thing. It's just not plastered all over the place. You are in what some people would call denial.

    Can players go into Event instances over geared by 2,3,4,5 tiers?

    Whether you want to admit it or not. Stats are capped in the events by the gear. Once you max out your gear. You are maxed out on your stats unless you do a few feats but even then its minimal stat increases at best.

    The only difference between the DLC Events and caps being put on lower content is that these events are capped at the top end not at the lower end. The events are still capped at most 1 tier above difficulty.

    The new players get to play with the older players without the older players being too over geared.
    That's the whole idea behind caps being put on instances.

    The naysayers have been outsmarted by the devs but they have not figured it out yet. Sorry but the LOL is on you guys. :)
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  9. Proxystar #Perception

    It's not denial because you're comparing apples with oranges.

    It's not stat clamped content, it's stat buffed content. The players at the top end are not clamped they're simply running at relevancy and under geared players are buffed, clamping stats is putting in an artificial ceiling where that ceiling otherwise wouldn't be not buffing people to the below the ceiling and then letting end game players hit what is naturally the ceiling in the game; that isn't the same thing so again your comparison is disingenuous.

    Stat clamped content is like seasonal event content where you're buffing the low players up but you're also ripping the high end game players down to create an artificial ceiling that can never be exceeded. (that is the key difference between that and actual clamping, you're ripping away actual existing progression people already possess, not allowing people to just naturally progress to a ceiling.)

    The reason the event DLC isn't ever exceeded is because the event content disappears, however if it were to remain place, there would be nothing stopping that ceiling from being exceeded just like regular content as the devs clearly haven't put a system in place that clamps that content at a ceiling other than the DLC's maximum CR, you're actually twisting the reality to fit your narrative that there's a pseudo clamp going on when there really isn't.

    Notwithstanding that obvious difference.

    1. event content isn't compulsory it sits apart from the normal end game content. I don't believe there's that many top tier players frequently running end game event content at all and in fact that's evidenced by the fact most people are scaled upwards, in fact the few times I have gone in there I've been the only end game player not scaled up.

    2. With that being the case and with all these players being present supposedly at lower CR's I'd assert that the players complaining about high end players ruining their experience is nothing but hyperbole, because if all these low CR players are present in new event content they're probably also queuing low content at tier right? If not, why not?

    3. If all these lower CR players are playing the game why are you failing to form LFG groups of other lower tiered players? I would assert you're not even trying you're just blind queuing out of sheer laziness then complaining about the random result you then get after the fact. Don't random queue if you don't want a random result.

    4. No one is really opposed to optional stat clamping the problem arises where people differ in:
    (a) it isn't worth the devs redirecting resources into a secondary game difficulty that won't be used or will lengthen the queue
    (b) has to require a level of compulsion to attract higher end players thus no longer being optional dependent upon the "carrot".

    5. If the event content is already stat clamping in disguise like you assert then what is your problem? Haven't you already got what you want....

    This all stems back to the fact players just need to deal with the fact if they want to run at tier content with at tier players they should make the effort to form the group, if they're not prepared to do so accept random.

    If the developers want to create some sort of clamped content, that's purely optional i.e. has no element of compulsion, then they can go right ahead, but I think you'll find most end game players won't use it and when you're stuck having to spend hours waiting for a queue to pop, you won't use it either.
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  10. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    simple ...going in...if you accept clamping...then you get marks current to your real cr...after fought enemies your lvl...if you get gear and styles that might help you get feats...get to do things that give you feats that at cr players would find difficult to a plus to them they get all the team feats your super cr triggers...everyone on the team gets the team you might steamroll through content but they get things just following...and you get the big numbers your high cr should give you...but clamping should be voluntary and give you real payment and incentive for doing should never be your strength is determined by others or simply neutered for nothing reasons...
  11. cravex15 Dedicated Player

    Not this again. We have been through this like 10 times over already. We did do that suggestion then we went back on it, then back, then back again. The consensus was no. Us OGs want to blaze to old content.
    If it means anything though I personally do try to hold back sometimes when playing old content if we’re doing something particular like a feat or if I feel like I’ve taken all the glory away from everyone.
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  12. El El Committed Player

    JUST NOOOOO because of people like you they messing things up. If they do that 90% wil stop they wil probably stop playing all together. Really Really bad idea.
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  13. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    To be fair it keeps coming up because while the Devs and the majority of the community (depending on who's baseless assumptions you mindlessly follow) think there are solutions/work arounds, they are not not explained in game, not easy for a new player to learn and still for 99% of people who might think this is an issue, the Dev endorsed work around is simply not a solution.

    As long as the devs leave the current system as it is, expect these threads to keep popping up until this game finally sunsets, it's cause and effect.

    For all the crybabies who get triggered by this topic, you know you could just ignore the threads? You are not compelled to read or respond to anything:confused:.
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  14. 01 Cantore Level 30

    more than 3 hours with the servers dropped
  15. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Not to get too deep in the financials of the company (for which we can only speculate without any hard data), but this isn't an issue of what they can's a prioritization issue. All of the things you pointed out only support what i'm saying here, which is that the focus is on staying as lean as possible while maximizing profits (company mandate, not Dev agenda).

    If it's feasible and leads to improving the game while opening avenues for near future revenue, it gets implemented. In this case, there's very little to be gained by implementing a feature that will eventually go unused...and if we can see that, so can they.

    In the case of this "problem", there is an immediate remedy...form your own group. This is an MMO, where socialization is encouraged. If there really are that many people feeling this way, why are they not banding together to solve their own problem?? Now if the answer is that there's not enough people to form groups with, what would creating "optional clamping" do to solve this??? That'll just keep people away from that content with groups wanting people to be clamped. In the end the problem doesn't get solved, and the Devs wasted time programming something that would be quickly abandoned.
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  16. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    the irony is that players seem to think they're not learning the mechanics cause an endgamer burns everything................... news flash, any raid/alert/duo i've ever been in where the "mechanics" actually mattered said mechanics actually had to be DONE BEFORE one could actually burn down the boss/mob npcs. here's some examples: the FOS raids, khandaq, DWF, darkest night, league of assassins, atlantis raids/alerts/the solo, demon's plan, age of justice, riddled with crime, amazon fury (all THREE OF THEM), etc, etc. there are literally mechanics one HAS to follow in order to finish in EVERY tier of this game nearly, just not all of them in raids/alerts. who's to blame if WE don;t follow them? definitely not someone who may or may not have legitimately gotten themselves up to end game by following those same mechanics that's for sure.
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  17. Ringz Dedicated Player

    The game definitely hasn’t been working “perfectly “ for a straight 9 years lol. To be fair, the incentive is standard mmo practice, its rewarding you for your equal level of being in the lower content. We saw a glimpse of ideas when the devs had the catalyst system.

    As for as the 9 years too, well if the game was at the same level of content and player base 5 years ago than I would’ve definitely not made this argument. But times change. Dcuo degraded in content quality and the player base is more anti-learning and pro give-it-to-me-now than it ever has been. You can tell by the standards of back then when the majority of the player base asked for harder content vs the player base now asking for easier content from a game era that’s already easy might I add. And I truly know this stance because I’m always the on the side arguing for hard content nowadays and it always seems I fighting against a majority. Some may argue that’s the game fault for breeding those type of players.

    But standard content settings needs to be clamped for lower content for high cr players. Idk what rule they’ll make but when a dev is ready then we’ll talk on it. If high cr players what’s to retain the powerful feeling then they can lfg for a group. Right now the default system cannon be what it is now not is it helping the game current situation.
  18. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Well something has to happen. As people think the game is in a perfect state now, that’s a lie. They only tried only stat clamping once and it was a complete joke and a half ***** update released, It punished you for going to lower content and it’s scaling was completely broken. That update was utter trash and needed to go back. But just because the update was trash doesn’t mean they can try again, this time with the actual community input in this for once to help.

    Is it good that there’s players holding back from ruining a feat run or asking politely if they mind you blowing through the content. Yeah. But let’s be real here, we know there’s like 99.9% majority of kids out there who had a bad day from social studies class and they dgaf about low cr players lol.
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  19. the solowing Unwavering Player

  20. the solowing Unwavering Player

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