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  1. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    That right there should definitely not happen and is something that should be addressed in the future. Channeled sc's shouldn't be able to get interrupted.

    I agree that Gadget is by far the most fun power to play when it comes to might due to its ability to not rely on channeled abilities entirely. However, like i've shown, its still possible to play it that way, just not with the most effective artifact "abuse". ("Abuse" since the artifact is balanced to be cancelled at 10 stacks and everything beyond that is on your ability to manage your health/powerbar or the healer keeping up with your shenanigans.)

    Just because you can't play a power to its former full potential doesn't mean its broken.
  2. FixMyPower Active Player

    I’m sure none of this would’ve happened if people didn’t post the neo-bunker exploit (wasn’t all that great btw). They made this power worse for no reason. Devs always do this. Instead of bringing the other powers up, they bring ones that are deemed OP by people on forums down.

    The loadout that you posted is pure Single-Target and in a raid like TTe where damn near every boss fight is AOE, that’s just not gonna work. To be able to put out great damage you need lernea’s. I’ve tried multiple non-amulet loadouts and they just cannot perform like other powers and it’s not even close.
  3. FixMyPower Active Player

    Everyone is aware of the risk reward thing when using lernea’s. But my point is that the risk has now doubled. Pre-nerf you would die maybe a couple times in a raid or you just wouldn’t ,but now death is a certainty. Even when using 100-200 power cost moves. The suppressor clip is just that deadly. (Go from around 400k hp to 240k only by popping ST on 10 stacks)
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  4. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    So, your solution would be - give other powersets free clips? Lol... The best way to stop exploits is with more exploits? You must be an American... Power creep is a thing. Look it up. Nerfing one over-performing power is easier and better for the game, than buffing 14...
  5. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The effect is the same if you nerf one power or scale all other powers up. The only thing that changes is the overall balance of damage and how fast instances are completable, which the devs obviously don't want to increase, since rewards are tied to completion times through Omnibus.

    I agree that TTe has almost only AOE boss fights, although the amount of players dying through reflection on static is horrendous and that allows me to keep damaging Rocket while others take a 10-second break. The 2nd boss is only AoE if the group doesn't pay attention to pools but I get your point overall and I have to admit that I can't stand Might AoE damage. With any powerset. It's only ever viable with instant damage which is mostly or entirely mid-range/ melee which I absolutely hate. I simply play Hybrid with shuriken storm and might clips for AoE to at least keep up in hallways. It will never match pure prec AoE dmg tho.
    But yet I'm still not here asking for all powersets to be reworked to allow for ranged burst AoE dmg just to be able to be a Top-tier Aoe dps. Nor asking for shuriken storm to be nerfed.
    I just accepted that it's not viable and the playstyles that are, are not for me.

    I get that it's frustrating but it's something we have to accept. Just like nature Dps' had to accept the form-change changes and rolled with it. Opposed to nature, however, I actually see an increase in Gadgets might players rather than a decline, like nature experienced it. So overall the issue, although understandably annoying to you, is not big enough to stop others from enjoying the powerset.

    If the next upcoming allies turn out to be equally strong to Poison Ivy, we possibly see an ally that decreases power cost at some point, which will aid you with your current issue when it comes to Gadgets paired with Lernaea or Ebon. (Not that I support expensive allies for each powerset that further cripple the player's ability to play whatever power they want unless they have that ally, but that seems to be the way to go.)
  6. Dev72 Committed Player

    The suppressor clip was putting gadgets in a spot where it was causing balance issues with other powers and accordingly was adjusted. I understand the frustration, but you may be preaching to the choir on this one unless videos can be posted to show the affect of the adjustment with the artifacts being used. It may be that the amulet can't be used with certain power sets due to how fast powers can be used...especially with gadgets....maybe it is necessary now to use the finisher more often.
  7. appocolyps Committed Player

    Yes when you are using them to reset cooldowns and gain an advantage based on an effect that was not designed, that is exactly what an exploit is.
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  8. FixMyPower Active Player

    DKS issue with internal cooldown was pointed out during the testing of it and yet, was still released. Don’t blame players for using something available to them, blame the devs if you think this is an "exploit".
  9. FixMyPower Active Player

    Posted clips of difference in damage before and post fix. It's ridiculous.
  10. FixMyPower Active Player

    I get your point but I don’t want the answer to this to be a 200$ item. I want you to understand how absurd the difference between the nature nerf and this is. Nature was the best at everything; adds in hallways, single target boss fights, multiple bosses in one fight or adds with boss. It didn’t matter because nature would outperform everything. You also had the healer role wolf form thing. The fix they gave nature was over the top as no one plays that power anymore (maybe buying a legendary ally will change that). This is so different. Gadgets (might) is definitely not as good as nature was and this "fix" just makes 0 sense when I see other where some other might powers stand. I feel like this fix was really targeting precision and might just caught strays. Suppressor using power only affected might (as i showed in the clips i posted) and precision literally is the same. The revert would only really benefit gadgets might and make it useable again with its BiS arts. Maybe i should just give up because i feel like no one knows how bad it really is and that I’m talking but the mic is off.
  11. Dev72 Committed Player

    Ok, not seeing the posted clips, but I am not entirely sure what you are hoping to sustain without being wholly unrealistic. Expecting 4 mil and higher consistently on a 10 sec parser is a bit unrealistic and exceeds top tier.
  12. FixMyPower Active Player

    Page 3 all the clips are there. Not unrealistic in a raid will all the buffs available nor does it exceeds top tier.
  13. Siramez Well-Known Player

    theres the issue in your comment, you can make any power great if you include tac swapping. atomic might dps without any of those (tac swap, eog, etc). its not that great. I think its unfair to judge powers if you're including those stuff, it just skews the results and not everyone will be doing those stuff for min-maxing.
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  14. Jaden Law Well-Known Player

    Devs, read this thread please. It's time to do something with art swap that breaks game apart. Or time to rename DCUO into Artifacts Swapping Universe Online... Let people know in which state the game currently is. And release EoG fix already, thx.
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  15. you and me we got this New Player

    No offense but if ur point is talking about power interaction with artifact (which i really dont think its an expliot ), then its just a good idea to find a way to make the power work with ur intended play style as stritched said . the point of St nerf was to make it risky to spam use it for cliping, as again the power was made to be like a pet the aids you in fight and not a clipping machine, the nature nerf and why nature was op is cause Dot damage didnt split but rather just multiplied over adds , so they had to nerf the whole power. (was it a good decision, i dunno , i dont like it , and certainly there was other ways to fix stuff , and totally i didnt point it out during testing that time , but who listens).

    As a fellow coder \ Media engineering technology major , i can tell you, these devs try their best to find solution , but at the end of the day , it all comes down to the tools they are given / how things are coded , this is a problem with all balances in all games , and you will never find a balance that will make everyone happy, i know the struggles , and i know how annoying it is for your favorite power to get nerfed.
  16. Dev72 Committed Player

    It is and my bet is that you are also running Ebon Art. Regardless, there is a difference in running an artifact smart...and just abusing it, simply because it is that important to maintain over tier parsers.
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  17. FixMyPower Active Player

    Literally said I was running gemini,trans and amulet but ok. Over tier parsers? Please tell me how it's op I would love to know. Devs want to balance powers and look at where it got us. Heat vision - Finisher - Robot sidekick - Neo venom; those 4 abilities are in most loadouts (might). Is this is what balance looks like? So fun.
  18. FixMyPower Active Player

    Exploits... People on here really loooooove that term. Who said anything about free clips? Just buff powers/supercharges and take us away from this monotonous channel meta. Power balancing is needed. People were initially attracted to how fast the combat system is on this game and now we are drifting towards the worse possible direction.
  19. FixMyPower Active Player

    here, 0 swaps. Gemini has been the meta for over 4 years, of course I’m gonna include it.