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  1. FixMyPower Active Player

    So I've been playing gadgets for years almost a decade and this is at the worst state it's ever been (might, not precision). Ever since the 6th dimension dlc game update (when they nerfed hologram clipping and bot clipping) suppressor turret now uses power when clipped (summoned but jump canceled). This has hindered immensely the power as it's now the most power-hungry in the game and makes it unusable with lernea's amulet. To do actual damage with the powerset, running the lernea's amulet is mandatory. Unless you are running 2 healers and group shields, dying to the effects of the artifact is almost a certainty. Usually, the damage isn't bad and is manageable even by a solo healer because most abilities used were 100 to 200 powercost. But now that suppressor turret uses power when clipped, it also damages you and it has a whopping 300 powercost which is basically half your HP. So basically, one rotation on 10 stacks and you are dead without a Page of destiny proc. I would like to know if reverting the changes made on gadgets is a possibility because as it stands, gadgets is no longer a hybrid power, only a precision one.
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  2. FixMyPower Active Player

    Just wanted to add that even with the new ebon artifact it’s hard to use, because of how much power gadgets requires without it.
  3. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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  4. FixMyPower Active Player

    No lernea's, suppressor in stealth, no battle display and not properly weapon tapping... get in any good group you are getting butchered
  5. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Still one of the top powers in the game. Just removed some of the gimmicks that allowed it to be op.
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  6. FixMyPower Active Player

    You have no idea of what’s op and what’s not
  7. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I usually do and i perform very well. :)
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  8. The Anxient Loyal Player

  9. appocolyps Committed Player

    Strichcode is an extremely good dps and very well respected player at endgame on the EU server, gadgets is in a very good place for might, perhaps you need to look at your own performance.
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  10. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    As a gadgets player, I'm firmly against this. If you change ST clipping cost you will break the powerset once again for precision players. Causing all manner of people that are DPS-illiterate to complain.

    Even though i was initially against holo trinket being removed, I've learned to adapt and am better off for it.

    This is the correct answer below.

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  11. FixMyPower Active Player

    Apparently the bar in the EU server isn’t very high... I posted the loadout he’s using during the BOP dlc on youtube and that’s probably where he got it from. Mediocre loadout for ST considering powers like Ice, Elec, Atomic, Fire etc..
  12. FixMyPower Active Player

    I am currently gadgets precision on DCUO and I have no power issues if i'm running with an end game troll. Apparently nobody has an idea of what they’re talking about, what a shame.
  13. you and me we got this New Player

    love how you complaining about a power that is still the best power in game. well i guess if u having power issues then ill probably tell you what you doing wrong.

    1- using lerena as a precision dps
    2- Fix ur spec , no one in end game talking about power issues
    3- check ur base mods and white mods
    4- stop crying about gadgets power and maybe go try another power that actually needs to be fixed maybe Nature or Atomic or Water , with nonexsistant Dps builds
  14. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    Maybe fixate less on yourself and consider the general playerbase. Just because you can do something that takes skill doesn't mean everyone else should be given a free-pass even if they couldn't do it before.

    Honestly, I don't even believe you here either tbh, if you play as obnoxiously as you speak to others then you're probably outta power before the first stealth clip.
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  15. FixMyPower Active Player

    What do you mean by free-pass exactly?
  16. FixMyPower Active Player

    Maybe learn how to read. This post is clearly about might not precision. You think that gadgets is the best power in the and its not. Precision is maybe top 3 but might isn’t even top 5. Ice and Elec might are better than gadgets prec could maybe even argue atomic. You thinking atomic is bottom shows how little you about dpsing.
  17. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Hey if we just asking for the op stuff back lemme clip outrage into outrage again /shrug
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  18. FixMyPower Active Player

    Fixing something that was done unintentionally isn’t bringing back something op
  19. Red Wáve Well-Known Player

    The power cost on Suppressor Turret was adjusted with the launch of Ep 43: Dark Knights, not 6th dimemsion.

    You thinking Elec Might especially, and any Might in general is top, shows what kind of people you run with (at least untill EoG nerf kicks in)
    The *only* thing that matters on the Scorecard for me is the 3-4 digits in the top right corner. In order to get that as low as possible, it's the 2nd column of damage that matters, not the 1st. Sure, Elec has one of the best Supercharges in the game and Elec Might gets big numbers in the 1st column, but really tends to struggle in ST.
    You get half a point for Atomic, it's not the trash that most people seem to think, but still bottom half in Might ST.

    It was done to remove the broken aspect of Gadgets being able to clip anything and everything with Suppressor Turret.
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  20. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    I was pretty clear, especially if you claim to know the powerset as well as you do.

    If we revert the changes on gadgets in terms of power cost & holo trinket clipping, people will be mindlessly spamming their rotation again, using the quad clip after clipping into stealth etc. It removes an element of skill and allows anyone to do it. Which will cause a tidal wave of complaints from players who aren't gadgets.

    If you haven't been keeping up with the forums, there's already a tidal wave of said complaints by the less-informed on other aspects of gadgets.

    No thanks.
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