First-Playable: The Stats Revamp (READ THIS FIRST)

Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Dec 7, 2016.

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  1. CHUD Loyal Player

    Okay....never mind. After going through the character creation and having that natural progression from start to finish.....I think it gives a bit of a fresh perspective on things as to what to expect.
    I'm working on my first character (Ice) and just got off the ship. I'm now kinda looking forward as to how things work out.
  2. CHUD Loyal Player

    Mepps - see my reply to my own post. After stopping and thinking about it.....I now know why for going the route that's in place right now. So for real complaints.....

    ....aside from I miss having the Penguin and Teekl in my lair.... an extent,'s the cleaning up after they make messy on the carpet......
  3. mexmex Dedicated Player

    Awsome news, getting ready to download test server, this time guess I will jump into the test servers far more than live, especially with my three top powers in it
  4. CHUD Loyal Player

    Okay. In any case.....I do like the idea of the Stat Revamp so far. I'm just wondering how the rest will work out (only got to lvl 8 on my character).

    But....I'm just putting this one out there. I don't know if it's me or not but every time I see the Ice Boulder fall down from the sky,....I'm seeing Wile E. Coyote on the other end trying to cushion the blow with a parasol.

    beep beep
    zip tang
  5. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Oh lord... If you are just going to change the powersets so dramatically I think I am going to pass on playing DCUO for any serious time. I don't really have any time now to test/give better feedback, so I'll just say I LOVE how DCUO plays right now. All of these changes really do allenate me from the game and I am not at all looking forward to what is going to be dramatically changed about Nature either. All I ever wanted to be honest was a damage/stat retuning. That's it. I don't see the need to change everything so dramatically.

    I took one look at the Mental changes and questioned the decision of every single change. I read the Ice changes and questioned why a Tank built around shields has... less shields?! I looked at the Electricity changes and wandered if it is actually suppose to be a DoT powerset?!

    Again I can't test so that will be the extent of my feedback, but damn what a way to alienate a long time veteran player. :/
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  6. Here2Help Devoted Player

    @Devs Can you guys please care to explain why you guys made the changes to cooldowns and why so many powers received cooldown increases? I'm seeing a lot of posts about them across various threads and it would be great if you could just share the thinking behind it and where you want to take the game with increased cooldowns as you don't really mention it in any of the threads. Thanks!
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  7. HarryHell Well-Known Player

    Sigh.... this power revamp seems to be making a 2011 mmo feel like a 2001 mmo, feared this revamp as hell, descriptions kinda confirms my fears.
    Controllers barely controlls, pot is nerfed (WTF). Forcing people to play support wont help (cooldowns seem to be aimed towards that), nowadays we are glad to master making a 5-1-1-1 group, i dont think the power revamp will make designated dpses wanna support, even though support role dmg will be brought up. Sorry for the negativity, but the descriptions and feedback on cooldown, kinda make it feels like you gone to a system where you hit your power, hope for the best while not being able to do much, to hit your power again after lenghty cooldown... major step backwards imo. Will download test on my poor laptop again, and hope the lag will be minimum, but not positivily enlightened by changes so far.
    AM worked, and for those powers it didnt it would be easily implemented or fixed, if not for the stubborness of some.
    Making a troll less of a troll, heal less of a heal, or a tank less of a tank dont make them dpses in other roles, it just slaps their face when a challenge actually occurs.

    BTW i do all roles, mostly dps, but do em all, i often have to fill the missing support role as lfg lacks the one we need at that time, buffing dmg and making support less support wont make a surplus of these in lfg and make 2-2-2-2 groups supereasy to make. Maybe for a week or 2, but not in the long run.
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  8. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Mepps, despite completely abandoning the live server just to test the content of the test server, I think that only a weekend is a very small period to have some real notion of the game and that we can make some deep contribution!:oops:
  9. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    AM´s output damage was out of control, the mechanics were super easy (press four buttons in sequence, or even worse, let your pet do the dmg), i´m digging the overall feel of the revamp, as the content itself while leveling was challenging at times and make me play aware of threats, my own power regen and health (i´m playing as a Electric hero).

    With that being said, i think that some numbers need to be looked at, for example, some cooldowns feel too long, my dmg Supercharge (Megavolt) didn´t feel "super" at all and some weapon combos as well need some revision (Flip Slash hits harder than Smoke Bomb, even if it takes less time to perform the combo).

    As a final suggestion, and i don´t know how problematic would be this to be implemented, but it would be nice if we could have the option to switch between two hotbars (like nature DPS´s do running the shape-shifting build) because it´s a bummer for me that we have to pick 6 abilities between all the options that we have, but right now i think its mandatory to have a Shield (Flux), Weapon Buff (wired), Electrocharge (power regen) on our tray, thats half of our loadout with just utility stuff.

    I mean it is that complicated to create an ability that would let us switch back and forth between two ability trays?, just an honest question tho, not traying to insult any developer or something.
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  10. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Both AM damage and Damage from absurd Pets no longer exist! As for a rotation of 1234! If the player wants to use this option I think it should be possible! Even if she was not the one who caused the most damage!
    What matters is how it was said, give the player the freedom to make their own way to play!
    I, for example, like how it works! And I would not want to have to use a gun in the quantum! In fact he would loathe! Probably would stop playing with my Quantum toons because of this!o_O
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  11. Chiemara Well-Known Player

    This looks awesome!

    I'm excited!
  12. mexmex Dedicated Player

    If we would need to have, a dps buff + shield + power regen + supercharged, we will only have two slots to choose the abilities we want, isnt that more restrictive? Unless you provide more abilities with these buffs, it will end up far more restrictive than what we already have.

    One solution is to have some innates for power regen, and dps buffs at least, instead of being forced to get those from our abilities, that way we can really create more unique loadouts (otherwise remove those buffs completly, so people dont need to worry for those). This innates might actually work with SP as the rest of our stats too. So people can choose to invest in more than just one stat.

    It is also a good idea to have more option viable for POT or debuffs instead of being forced to use only one for such purposes, lets say for example that Terror tendrils can cast an amount of POT but since it also might work as a stunt too for some adds, the POT should be lower than resonance which will do nothing else but POT push, even a third one option for instant power to the three more in need telekinesis but this one can stun one enemy. This is what I see as variability and players can choose the better way to go. And it also can justified the longer cooldowns
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  13. Infamous Hacker Active Player

    My initial testing to level 22 in mental makes me miss the option to have power without a controller present. I feel like with mental there is a detrimental lack of power interactions, the cool-downs for some of the powers are FAR too long, and when i do activate the 1 or 2 options i have for a power interaction i have NO power left to do anything else. Psychic Resonance doesn't give enough power back in dps role, and i dont want it on my main load-out bar because before i just got power back automatically. It works ok in Mental because they have access to another load-out through the use of Invisibility, but this will not be ok with Quantum or any other controller power that doesnt have a second loadout to access.

    Im not asking for the AM damage back, and I feel like the other changes to the game as a whole are fine, but I personally dont like using weapon attacks on some of my toons like my Quantum and Mental ones. This update so far is forcing you to do that. I dont like having to rely on weak attacks to refill my power HOPING I DONT DIE until I have enough to fight again.

    We should have the option to get power back AT LEAST through the use of Power Interactions, and for Mental more of the effects caused by powers in their tree need to be involved in their Power Interactions. I may be in the minority for liking the 1234 power refund set up, but id like to at least keep that there as an option, or a suitable alternative.
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  14. Soul ReaperX Well-Known Player

    Can you Imagine a celestial user swinging weapons!?!?!? The slow animations AND low power, One interruption and I'm useless lol
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  15. Ichiro Loyal Player

    Just curious did any try pvp with these new changes?

    Did anyone make it to a raid to try there?
  16. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    Yes I'm all for 2 controllers and 2 healers back on the team as it should be....but if you gonna do the POWER REGEN P.O.T. then make it tick THE WHOLE 12s COOLDOWN so you can know when to throw P.O.T. back up......simple.....with the whole cooldown ticking the CONTROLLERS can focus on buffs and CC and to keep the power flowing.... let the other roles carry their own POWER REGEN like a controller recharge in sync with P.O.T. at their own leisure...that way CONTROLLER only have to worry about P.O.T. and the dps healers tanks can get their power flowing by recharging themselves with a POWER REGENCY power in their loadout....
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