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  1. FiremanMac85 Active Player

    Welcome to the Official First Edition Recruitment Page! Here you will find out who we are, and our approach to what a league should be Please see below for more information about the league. If you are interested, we would love to hear from you!

    • The leaders are long standing group of friends that met in a previous league in 2013, and formed First Edition in 2014. While some took an extended break; Captain Novaris held onto the league hall, and waited for the opportunity to rebuild the league.
    • This past December, that group of friends decided to come back to DC and rebuild the league into a great league again for players who enjoy friendship, getting feats, and running nightly.
    • We have over 70 active members (some alts), and have roughly 20+ people on NIGHTLY in the evening.
    • We have a great mix of people from different backgrounds, and we gel together like a group of friends that have known each other for years.
    • We currently have the majority of the league around 450SP, but will help those who have less. Everyone matters!!
    • We spend our nights laughing, running content, and getting feats for whoever needs them.
    • Our focus is directly centered around one school of though. FUN, FEATS, AND NO DRAMA.
    • The leaders believe that every great player started somewhere. With that being said, we will take players with lower Skill Points, and build them into monster players.
    • Our Leaders and Officers have an extensive knowledge and experience playing the game, so whatever feat you may need.... we can get it. If there is a chance that we may not, we will research it and make sure you have it before you sign off.
    • While Captain Novaris remained active, he bounced around from league to league looking for a group that could help him when he needed it. Like many other players, he was promised that if he joined, he would get help, but didnt. That is why if you join First Edition, he promises that he will 100% form a group and get you the feat you need. All you have to do is ask.
    • 18 years and older.
    • USPS/PC (preferably North America).
    • Uses Microphone in game.
    • Uses Discord to stay in touch with members outside of the game.
    • Has Adult sense of humor, and is NOT EASILY OFFENDED.
    • Is willing to learn how to use both roles.
    • Is hungry to get feats and grind Skill Points.
    • We do have a Discord page, and the easiest way to contact the leaders on there.
    • Cap#8771, Smash#2942, HollyPop#8109, Trancemunke#6620, and Mr Monopolizer#0559 are their names!. Feel free to contact any of them!
    • Please send one of us a message, and we will be sure to send you an invite to the league server!
    • You can also comment below, or send me a direct message here on the forums!
    Thank you for taking the time to view this page, we really do appreciate it. We hope to hear from you, and have you be apart of this league! Below you will find a couple of examples that show how active we are, and how we focus on feats for our members!
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  2. Sailno New Player

    My ingame ID is Nolisa, and I will do my best to group up, or chat with you personally about joining the league. It's not a very hard thing, just want to talk and see what your thoughts are on the whole thing. I look forward to meeting any new recruits.
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  3. SmashInkd New Player

    We grind we grow. Monsters in here.
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  4. VictoryMC98 Dedicated Player

    Last night we had 20 ppl on for a Monday, all working towards the same goal. Getting more feats, which lead to more SP.. Which leads to feat chasing which leads to more SP.. Everyone here is willing to do from T1-Lastest DLC content if you need a feat. (Unless its the reaper feat, then I won't.. :p) . We also offer cat puns..
  5. Boston Phantom Well-Known Player

    Hey, I'm looking for a league that likes to have fun, run raids, and hunt for feats. I have two toons - a Munitions Troll and a Fire Tank. My troll is Massachusetts Knight. He's currently 326 CR and has 547 SP. My tank is Serena Prince. Her CR is 324 and has 545 SP. I'm very active, love to play this game, just need a stable home. I am on discord too. If you'd be willing to take me on board, I'd be very appreciative. You can message me here, pm on my PSN at williamr75 or look for me in game. Thanks for you consideration.
  6. PrimeSwitch Active Player

    Hey myself and a friend are looking for a league, read your post a m d figure I'd hit yall up. We have experience just been on a very long break but we run both roles and just want a solid environment to come back to.
  7. VictoryMC98 Dedicated Player

    Hey folks.. come on over and give us a try.. Feats are good..
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  8. Anti Pumpkin Well-Known Player

    Hi. I'm looking for a league for myself and my brother. I'm a dps/controller 323 cr and 193 sp. He's a healer 321 cr with ~150 sp. Our accounts are only 3 weeks old as we had to restart. Both of us like to feat grind and are looking for an active league that runs content. In game name is PantlezzPumpkin.
  9. Xanaba New Player

    Would love to join your league. I am an old/returning player. I started over from scratch and right now my CR is 86 and SP is 46, been slacking off in that area. Mainly I have just been getting used to the game again, checking out some of the newer events but haven't done too much grinding yet.

    But i have been looking for a fun group of people to play with and you guys sound like a ton of fun. My in game name is Xanaba
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  10. allen405 Level 30

    Are you still looking for players? I have 317 sp, toons name is Sorceress Patra. My name is allen405, I'm usually on in morning by 9am central
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