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  1. EK1975 Well-Known Player

    As fast as the devs think the animation is, it still needs to be faster. Other powerset's moves are done by the time Fireburst animation is over.
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  2. Saami Loyal Player

    Fireburst would be better with faster animation and damage could be nerfed little bit. Overall damage would propably still be better than before.
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  3. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Agreed! I hate the fireburst animation. It's like you have to rub 2 sticks together to make the fire before you can throw it.
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  4. Saami Loyal Player

    Rofl. Animation actually kinda looks like it.
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  5. Pults Loyal Player

    No. Burst powers are already rampant in any content. Accept your risk factor if you want to maximize damage.
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  6. Infyrneaux23 Dedicated Player

    I hate fireburst but I have to use it if I want to be effective as a dps. The really sad thing is, they significantly reduced cast time with that fire update a few months back. I never used it before so I can't imagine how long it used to take.

    But yeah, the only way FB could compete with, say, Ice's Arctic Gust would be to reduce cast time even further. Better yet, bring Mass Det back and give it the Time Bomb treatment - i.e. OP as heck.
  7. Miserable Committed Player

    Isn't the cast time 2 seconds right now? That's pretty fast. If anything, they should leave the cast time but increase the damage a bit to account for the fact that the damage only comes at the end and you lose more DPS than other powers if you get interrupted (as opposed to Ice where you have a steady stream of damage during AG and Av's animations).

    Actually, even if you could never get interrupted, AG spam does noticeably more DPS than FB spam.
  8. Proto1118 Committed Player

    I love Fire Burst. Yes, other powers will kill adds faster because of their quick burst but once you're in a boss fight, FB kicks major ***.
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  9. comrade sonya Committed Player

    DC 2nd boss:
    Uses burning det
    starts fireburst
    lunged fireburst canceled
    get back up start fireburst
    boss does aoe pull
    fireburst canceled
    use burning det
    start fireburst
    aoe pull 2nd wave pulls you in again
    fireburst canceled
    start fireburst because blue aura is up
    finish casting fireburst low damage because you didn't actually have the blue aura even though it was there visually
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  10. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Have you played a
    ny combo power? Fire is stoneground than any combo power as fire am can still be active where as combo power lose the am and have to start over.

    Fire is fine imo.
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  11. Dro Level 30

    No fire is not fine! The damage is great but either it needs to be sped up or fire burst should be added to the mod that doesn't allow u to be interrupted I usually just hit burning determination, fiery weapon,fire burst the set up with inferno is so long most adds are dead by the time u fire burst smh #hateisadrug
  12. Dro Level 30

    And for some odd reason if u go burning determination, inferno ,fiery weapon, flame cascade to keep the am going and then fire burst it's take the am right off u
  13. EK1975 Well-Known Player

    Next update stated that Fire powerset damage will be increased a little.
  14. AnonymousEUPS Dedicated Player

    Fireburst takes 2 (maybe more?) seconds to cast and I wouldn't advise casting straight after being interrupted, there's more than enough of a chance that volatility, thermal absorption and burning PI may well have gone by that time, so there's another 1 second+ to refresh the AM.

    Rages AM is instant now. HLs activates after 2.5 seconds in combat, I assume Celestials activation time works the same as HLs at worst? Just because Fire AM may still be active after an interruption doesn't mean a thing, if there's no Fireburst popping off there's no AM damage whatsoever. Standing around just popping Burning Determination every time it's off cooldown ain't killing a damn thing lol.

    So we have instant activation for Rage vs. 2.5 second activation for HL (maybe celestial too) vs. 3 seconds+ for Fire... You tell me which is better.

    But still, having said the above, at least Fires AM does half way decent damage compared to HL and Rage at mid-max range. Not sure about Celestials damage at any of the 3 ranges, haven't seen as many Celestial DPS as I was expecting, if any, since the update. I guess I can take my own conclusions from that.
  15. Xibo Loyal Player

    Fire doesn't need to be fast, need to be more strong.
  16. spack2k Steadfast Player

    no being more strong wont help, fire is doing good VS bosses.. needs to be faster cause fireburst cant touch adds :p
  17. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I have a fire toon it is better than celestial or HL where interruption ruins the am 100% where fire you may still have the am active. Fire takes less of a damage loss than combo powers.

    I support a change where all powers lose the AM damage bonus if interupted. For instance, fire would lose the flame, ice chill effect, gadgets battle display, munitions bullet frenzy, etc... This would make the game more blamed. Why is it ok that ice can hit the enemy just as hard after being interupted, but HL or celestial has to go back to square one to get its damage boost?

    Ice also does not require a target to activate the AM actually most power fall into that category, but celestial and HL cannot.

    Changes like these should be coming with mid range updates.
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  18. Dro Level 30

    Celestial is actually doing nice damage since the last update but I just feel the reason fire may not be the best dps power is not the damage it puts out but some simple tweeks targeting,and firebird cast time,and the fact that it gets interrupted so easily sometimes I move and instead of fire burst going off I start winding up for no reason all over again
  19. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Again, fired AM may or may not be cancelled after an interruption. Celestial and HL AM is cancel 100% when interupted. Tell me how bad fire is again compared to powers where interruptions cancel the AM, but fire it may or may not? Fire, like Ice continues to have the AM damage boost. I know that an interruptions does not allow fire burst to do its damage, but with the AM up you get the bonus damage for the next Fireburst or Mass Det used.
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  20. DCspawn87 Well-Known Player

    This is partly true. It feels like Fire's AM is bugged. Sometimes, when I was fire, I would wind up getting ready to unleash hell on my targets with fireburst only to miss them altogether because my toon was facing in the wrongdirection. From my very extensive experience, no other power has that issue while being locked on to a target. Also, I feel that the blue flame indicator is bugged because even if it is visible, there is a chance that you are not getting your power refunded.

    Now. The problem with HL and Celestial is simple. BUFF THE DAMAGE. With all the tap/hold sequences you have to do with Celestial to get a combo out, it should be the hardest hitting power in game. It should hit like a runaway Mack truck with venom laced in diesel fuel. Even though it pains me to say this but HL and Rage should be the same way. Funny thing is, all the powers that are prec based seems to be the ones lagging behind. Hmmm.

    Oh yeah. If you are a Fire DPS and you are using Mass Det.
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